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Whisper Yes Oct 2022
Jelly fish sting in the day
Awakened in the night
I'm going to die
Guilt coursed through me
What if I die and he reads those messages
He would be heart broken
I couldn't live with that
That is no longer who I am
Truth, Love, Liberation
Is what I stand for
What I embody
It was a gift showing me where I was out of alignment
In the light of day the mind rationalises
In the dead of night
The truth rang blaringly clear
Whisper Yes Aug 2022
Am I where I am supposed to be?
Am I on the right path?
Am I serving those I am meant to serve?
Am I loving who I am meant to love?
You think there is a right and wrong child
There is no right or wrong
There is moment by moment alignment
Moment by moment alignment
Feeling in this moment does it feel true
Not oh is there somewhere else I’m meant to be
Someone else I’m meant to be with
Those thoughts takes you away from NOW
Right here, right now is the place
Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be
Commit to each moment
Commit to this place
Love all in
Show up fully and watch as your life becomes an offering
As it becomes what it is meant to become
Meet each moment
Meet the being who is in front of you
And love and laugh and dance
And do all the things that bring you joy
Let go of worrying if you are where you are meant to be
Let go of worrying about am I reading and writing enough
Truth is you love to read and write
It won’t go, it can’t be lost
Even if it’s clouded over for a bit
It cannot be lost
It’s right there
When you can you’ll come to it
Trust the process
Trust it all
Everything that is happening
Everything that has ever happened
And everything that will ever happen
Is in service of the greatest good
It’s bigger than you can comprehend
Trust in that which you cannot see
Whisper Yes May 2021
She reached out her hand to him
Her inner child
Reaching for his
Come with me
We’ll adventure and play  
We’ll dance and make love under the stars
Give me your hand
I know you’ve been hurt
Let me love you
Let me show you how good it can be
There’s nothing to fear
Only fear itself
Let love lead, let love lead
Whisper Yes May 2021
I don’t know how to be happy
How do I reach that place
Of peace, of contentment, of purpose, of love
You have to feel it to create it
I don’t feel it
And I don’t know how to
I’m bored with feeling this way
Like a trapped animal
Desperate to get out
But out to where I don’t know
I feel trapped
Trapped inside myself
Sad and confused
Lost and emotional
What is my why
Love, love is my why
I’m in service to love
**** it’s hard to hold onto that
Keep going
Through it all
Keep going child
It will get easier
Whisper Yes Feb 2021
The time has come
On this Aquarius new moon
As my blood prepares to flow
My tears tell me so
Time now to draw a line in the sand
To no longer carry the weight of the past
The time is now
The future is calling
Draw a line in the sand
Be free, be joyful
Kiss what was and set it free
Honour the love and the lessons
Written on my soul
Carried in my heart
Forever grateful
Forever changed
Whisper Yes Nov 2020
I speak
I really want to listen
To hear your heart
What it needs to feel safe
How it’s been hurt
And what it needs to heal
Turn toward me in the dead of night
Whisper your secrets
Let me learn you
All of you
To hear what you don’t say
Whisper Yes Nov 2020
My mama
gifted with a gift
dream weaver
deep seer
her soul called into the night for a long time
with no promise of retribution
her longing has been met
in the most beautiful, surprising, life affirming way
the mystery that she has so bravely courted and opened to
is now welcoming her home
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