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durreshehwar Oct 2017
His cruel nature,
Once encaged her feelings.
And turned her into a timid bird,
Ready to cut off it's wings.
Ready to give up all her dreams,
Just to pursue his dreams.

Now after a year,
They're so close to each other,
That their hearts fly together everywhere.
Because of her patience, and endurance,
She is now the one and only queen of his heart.

The warmth of her love melted his heart the day she started fighting with all the fears that once consumed him and all his insecurities
And made her, the only love of his life.

No one could tame him,
Because nobody ever loved him
The way she did.
Oct 2017 · 125
durreshehwar Oct 2017
Filthy hands
touching the little girl
as she walks in the hallway
of traumatic memories
A new painful scar
with their every perverse touch
24 words.

— The End —