6d Medusa
"Tendrils embrace,
Threads reaching,
Nigh snapping, to meet in a knot...

A kindred spirit knows its own
In time,

          Across the distance,
          Fingers entwine...

From Time

       ­                       From sister silk,
                              And scattered."
  Nov 12 Medusa
Johnny Noiπ
This Aphrodite Paradise magical income,
dark general, club, club, attack, language,
the, empty, married, floor, ****, sand, healthy,
teeth, sitting, light, buried, gypsies, burning,
shore, birth, smoke, from,                                          the boy, the church,
the abstraction, the idea, the monster,
the painting,
the city bar revolution color kids expecting            |
patrons to kneel
waiting for the child to birth a child
wait for the birth of a child wait for the birth
of a child wait for the birth one child
you wait for the knees of the kids when
kissing the guys waiting for the kiss
of the time of the ability to swallow
the whole steak, the winds will be the living ***
how to keep her lover has weakened the Algae's ||
Society, having a variety of locations such
as the garden of the sea is broken,                             and free in its voices,
a light yellow onion, Edmond, photography,
police and security. James James James Ex-Fighter
of Movies Social Networking Talk Community
Help Battle Fresh Food Good For Good
And Good User Intent User Of The Project
Big Tips At Night Hair Problems;
Instant Beauty Beauty 500 Increase the Poverty
Series The Joy of ****** Magic;                               Price On Return: Death,
dark ESC corner of India, Satanic language,
eyes ***** married only **** Sandy Healthy Portland,
sitting light Blurred glory of Banana Place;
the birth of smoke from the boy's temple lets
the abstracted monster painting idea interrupt
the sacred uptake of the witch,                                  Google child in pieces
The crowd waits for the child to eat
more tolerant at the bar of color
revolution concert kneel down to urban problems;
waste all the daughters married to cops;
**** ghost
***** **** and cool enough for silly love love
love love's falling shadows
Medusa Nov 11
perfect men listens to us for hours
on the phone and he wants to kiss our


perfect man isn't prince charming:

Perfect man is Prince Fascination

Who amongst us could accept true adoration?

Because, really?

This adoration I got now is just flat out killing me.
Medusa Nov 11
Wanting more and more
Got me here, where

All I can see is deep red blood
Splashed on pure white snow

A vague sense of guilt,
Sudden revelation:

I did this! I caused this wreckage
I am to blame. I am the Murderess.

It grows late tonight.
Nothing much on, and

All I want to do is get out and
Splash the walls, paint the town

nothing really personal, just ripper thoughts, I'm the least volatile of souls you'll ever meet
Medusa Nov 4
Yeah, sometimes the gang
They call me that name.
Just a name.
Medusa Nov 4
Hey Man
You got me
Like You Always
Had me

It must be written in Stone.
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