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 Mar 2021 starchild
Riq Schwartz
 Mar 2021 starchild
Riq Schwartz
I fear I've become
formulaic and dishonest
though honesty has never
flown freely when I bleed.
I instead inscribe
insolence, decadence
dolled up in demand and
hand picked participles
to show my snappy wordsuits
down this two dimension catwalk.
I've tasted the fraudulent freeverse fantasy
and washed out what I've done
years past, former lives,
servitude to scheming rhymes
and tracking down the feet
meter by meter.
I own the jargon,
jot it down freely
with a casuality undeserved.
Read carefully, cause herein spouts my effort.

Slink back to default,
once in whiles,
show them that you
got it still.
Baring teeth or
gleaming smiles
differ at souls'

And simply so, it seems again
like pox against my aching skin
I simply substitute some time
to rhyme and let it all begin...
Sometimes you need to
 Sep 2019 starchild
Beckett Green
Pick me up. Read me.
Fan my pages. Break my spine.
Make notes. Place bookmarks.
Try to learn and understand what may not make sense to you.
Skip ahead and then go back.
Take me in.
Dog-ear the important pages.
Feel the weight of the whole volume.
Do you have questions?
What are your favorite parts?
What do you wish to rewrite?
Or do you only wish to add?
Pick me up. Read me.
love you is a lie
i love nothing
but i'd love nothing more
than to have you stop
trying to make me love you
it's been unsuccessful
thus far
 Aug 2019 starchild
I'm falling for you
But you only see me as
Your sisters best friend
How do you deal with a guy that's way out of your league?
 Jul 2019 starchild
Lesson 4
 Jul 2019 starchild
there is no forgiveness
without redemption
despite the flower
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