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Nira Dec 2017
If I collected my tears in a bottle, left it to the sea's mercy
Would you search for my tears among all that water?
Or would you just laugh with your liquid eyes
And lend me some milk and honey, milk and honey
The constellation of freckles mapped on your nose
Remind me of our milky way galaxy, of milk and honey

My eyes are leaking milk
My lips are drooling honey
Me eyes and lips leave behind
Milk and honey, milk and honey

Sometimes my words seem as empty as your promises
And that tears me apart worse than your love ever did
Limb by limb, ***** by *****, kiss by kiss
you dissected my love till I had nothing left to prove
Now I'm left wondering who made mistakes
Who sent me this bottle of milk and honey, milk and honey?

My eyes are watered by milk
My lips are touched by honey
My eyes and lips are flavored with
Milk and honey, milk and honey

Why do your cuss words sound like milk and honey?
You might be pathetic but oh what a pretty liar
Promises dripping with the water from your liquid eyes
If the symphony of my love ever touches your heart
Send me some milk and honey, milk and honey
Till then, I will l lie among the fallen pinecones

My eyes are turning into milk
My lips are turning into honey
My eyes and lips are now simply
Milk and honey, milk and honey

~If I ever wrote about milk and honey
I would write about you~

- n.g. // my fingers are sticky with your milk and honey //
Nira Oct 2017
I'm sorry but i fell in love tonight
And it wasn't with you
He just passed by, and even in a crowd
I had eyes only for him
And my heart skipped a beat
Everything around me paused
So cliché yet so lovely
He looked like he'd been crying
After all its new york city
Where everyone's dreams are crushed
By stinking feet in a scented atmosphere
I'm sorry I couldn't love you
But here in new york city
I fell in love tonight and
It wasn't with you

-n.g. // i wish you'd forgive me //
Nira Oct 2017
On Friday,  it was a rose
Intoxicating her with its smell
Playing with her weak heart
She was building her private hell
It's thorns pricked her fingers
Drawing blood as red as
The lipstick stain on his shirt
She was fooled again, alas

Yesterday he gave her a daisy
So simple and so dainty
She had never hated a flower more
A symbol of her naivety

He gave her a forget-me-not
Vibrant blue like his eyes
He planted it in her soul
Like another one of his lies
She would never forget him but
She was already fading from his mind
Like the forget-me-not dying
In a vase, after biding it's time

Sunday brought a tulip to her door
A symbol of their undying love, he said
Then why was he making out with
A redhead on their bed?

He got her a flower everyday
Perhaps apologies for his infidelity
But flowers can't fix everything
Flowers can't cure her jealousy
He got her a lily and an orchid
A sunflower and a bloom
But all she saw was the redhead
With the lavender perfume

How was he stupid enough to think
That flowers could fix everything?
Did he not know that her heart
Broke everytime he got her flowers?

Many more flowers came her way
She wanted it all to go away
Images of him and that redhead and these
Dead flowers would forever stay
Each dead flower was kept by her
In vases filled with cold water
A futile attempt to save their sinking ship
But they were deep underwater

Now he's gone, leaving these flowers
Vases containing dead bodies
He's gone, but what about her
Held on by memories?
Each flower was a pretty little lie
A blue eyed boy gifted to a girl
So many flowers died for them
But in the end he left her


— The End —