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Victoria's feet soaked deep down
Shuffled, wrecked under the alcoholic trail of thoughts
As the crevice of pane pulled
A chariot, enthralled was she
The resplendent charioteer hailed
The chandelier, glowing and gorgeous
Embraced and embarrassed as were they
Victoria leashed the chariot
The magnificent chariot boarding chandelier
Departed from the crevice of the pane
Pulling a trail of thoughts and beaming
Victoria growled and dreamt in peace..
Lazy Sundays on my porch.
A cup of lemon ginger tea on the table,
A novel in my left hand.
My legs lay crossed, up on the rail
While the birds sing their verses
And the flowers sway in the breeze,
Releasing their fragrance
For my nose to enjoy.
Two bumble bees hum
through the bushes.
My mind wanders,
Perhaps they are friends?
Wishing this could be my life.
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