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Kaija Derycke Mar 2018
It is harder to write when you are happy
because we tend to feel that these good emotions,
overwhelming and terribly intensely sweet emotions,
are our own,
and indescribable
Kaija Derycke Dec 2017
May the blueprints of your being
find the pencil in your hand
and leave a sketch or marking
that your soul can understand
Kaija Derycke Nov 2017
Wonderland , oh wonderland
you've got a hold over me
Oh, wonderland
I wonder
where on earth could you be..
Kaija Derycke Oct 2017
I've been tricked
I've been deceived
You see I came here to receive
To bend my mind into willing debate
To wonder and wander
into oblivious state
to roam the street of wicked ways
where i could laugh, and sway away
sway my hips into a trance
Dance with anything
and everything
just by chance

instead Sir, I really must say
you took my morning headache away
and with that the pleasure of the night
when you said
     "My lady,  
       there's no ***.
       No, not Tonight."
Kaija Derycke Oct 2017
We all have motives that drive us,
the means to the end,
that whats behind us.

But how can the view be defining,
if the world only lets you see,
as far as it's horizon.

No one sees the end of a long road ahead
We only know, of what we thought of in bed.
Because we take decisions,
and we make them as we go.
We don't have map
and we don't know where we are going to go...

So what use is defining, if the molding's never done.
you never sell a canvas
if the painter'd just begun ...
Kaija Derycke Oct 2017
There's a lot,
That's a little

There's life,
that's a riddle

And then there is Me
Kaija Derycke Oct 2017
Spin silk threads trough the labyrint that binds me,
Over, under,
around and beside me...
and in the end

Come find me
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