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ED Greene Dec 2020
Always there
Changing each day
Exposing and hiding

Illuminating or guiding
Constant cycles in perpetual circles

Orbiting just out of reach
Though it seems
Never too far

Emerging just when I need him!

Lonely mortals hang onto longing never giving credit

Forgetting how many times they've found salvation in the moon
ED Greene Oct 2020
Agree to the terms and conditions....
By sighing
Eye rolling

Terms and conditions


Of love.

Of love?

That's not love.

I'm love and that's some *******.
Modern love
ED Greene Oct 2020
Better Jeff
Than Jeremy

Follow the ship
Not the raven
Bats flutter over
Hanging butterflies

Her belly of forgiveness
Swells with the squalls

Bloated sores
Born from despair
Ignore guilty repairs

Shrink into survival
Hide your emerging  denial

Feed her fever
ED Greene Oct 2020
Put it in
That ***
It's silver

That top
It'll simmer

Heat it
And opt
Not to watch

A love tear
Boils the fear
ED Greene Sep 2020
Imbibe me
Divide me

Spill over
Then cover

Leave here
Bleed there
The rule of three
‪Put under a spell‬
‪The essence of a smell‬
‪That scented sweet aroma‬
‪You know I know too well‬
‪Whenever I’m around you‬
‪I instantly can tell‬
‪As your perfume consumes the room‬
‪In the home in which I dwell‬
‪Your fragrance so intoxicating‬
‪In love with you I fell‬
ED Greene Sep 2020
The shiny golden granules of time.
Arrange them how you want. They're not uniform but they are beautiful.
They are always given not gotten. So valuable because you can't make more.
Never show me your budget only your calendar.
Your Arrangement is your only control.
Life is judged by those granules spendthrift.
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