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Geri Lewel Nov 2017
the moon that hides in the dark
accompanied by thousands of stars
an old man with a pack of cigars
laden with scars and craters

always changing but, ever the same
he once said, for you, the moon i'll tame
I once believed that it was a bless
the moon is cursed to light the dark

day or night, it does not matter for him
there is no life on the moon
as I realized there is no life in him
the moonlight is the best thing i had seen

as smoke filled the air and blurred the moon
the rays beamed through it, though soon
zephyrs passed, were cold, and smelled of~
the old man smiled
Geri Lewel Nov 2017
I wish I met you sooner
my heart knows no love
I wish I met you sooner
so my heart knows love

my soul was empty
yours too
my soul was empty
yours was too

I loved to write
you loved to draw
I love you
you love me

I was afraid
you were scared
we took a gamble
look at us now

— The End —