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NEELAM Oct 2017
I could not decipher the signals from unknown origin

They bombard the system with superfluous flow

The impenetrable database was corrupted and the possibilities to revive the program was hopeless

The projectile was hijacked by neophytes

Codependent program was hacked by overflow of stimulus

Storage space unit were curtailed by frivolous edges

Surmounted by enormous data feed

I couldn't remember how far I have come in treading the possibilities

Ergonomic simmer break new frontiers
NEELAM Oct 2017
Those are precious elements

Created at the heart of distant stars

They are fireballs of molten metals

Hiding the treasure at pressured cores

I am holding the dust from Andromeda

A living being pondering on the mystery of life

Looking into her physical composition

Finding her origin at distant galaxy

Discovered the missing piece among the grainy sand dunes

To this dust I will return

To be revived on next birth
NEELAM Oct 2017
Words are insufficient to describe your being

I can't stand the electrifying effect of your glistening eyes

Your eyes are the glimpse to your beautiful soul beneath

Age may wrinkle your face but the light of it remains forever

You trusted my capacity when I have lost faith in myself

When depression consumed my life essence and degenerated my mind , your smiles redeemed me

I chased you in my dreams , never wanted to wake up

Your gentle words ignited my soul

Your presence in my life is a gift from God
I don't know whether this can be considered as a poem.....
NEELAM Oct 2017
Poverty is a curse....

Undermines our existence...crushes our spirit

Drives us into paranoia and desperation

Inequality : is it God's creation or the natural law?

Religious beliefs proves vain in the face of adversity

We are measured in terms of bank notes we own

Those who has less of it are condemned to animalistic existence

God chooses to endow some with wealth and starve the rest of the world
  Oct 2017 NEELAM
Mustapha Akhoullou
From the very first glance
I was seized.
O woman of no choice!
You are the focal of anima!
You have been created
In God's image
In me.
You are the archetype.
O woman of inevitability!
I have no choice but to love.
And from the very first glance
You were seized.
I am a man of no choice!
I am the focal of animus!
I have been created
In God's image
In you.
I am the archetype.
I am a man of inevitablility!
You have no choice but to love.
NEELAM Oct 2017
Be a finite particle in an infinite universe

Be a droplet in the vast ocean

Transcend the time

Travel to unknown dimension

Be the ripple in a pond

Be a child in the face of eternity

Evade the oncoming traffic

Unfettered by space

Unbound by  gravity

Stop the flow , break the limits!
Get up! Break the cycle of mediocrity!

For this is the way to live in this grandiose world
As the soul is borderless!
Inspired by Sirvan Khosravi's "Khoshalam" 2017 (Bimarz)
NEELAM Oct 2017
A female is a prisoner of conscience

Overridden by guilt for being rash at times

When all is expected of her is to be dolled up with excessive make up

And hide her pain and anger behind the fake smile

She must remain silent when strangers ***** her body

She must be obedient when her husband batters her

She must bear the excruciating childbirth without a grunt

A female is there to be used , abused and discarded

She is the decorative item

To be displayed everywhere and nowhere to be had

She is the laboratory subject

Men study her for eons and yet failed to grasp a fraction of understanding

A female remains an object of scrutiny in this shallow society

What a disgust for rational beings primed for intellectual prowess

To be treated as primitive primates!
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