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Nov 2017 · 1.1k
'Precautionary Whispers'
Mystic904 Nov 2017
Label the worldly desires merely a necessity
Live the purpose, just float above this sin city
Sparks of the coils attract into their electricity
Here lies all sadness, it's nothing a felicity

Forces the other coils into mutual inductance
Draws closer if not expressed reluctance
Easy is to fall down when the body's dense
Dodge hazardous wires and move, hence

Consume the meat of their fashion raw
Sharpen the focus, copy their fierce claw
Effective becomes spreading embodying the law
Judge not others, first clear up your flaw

Scrape the soul into a clothing translucent
Devilish whispers dissolved by 70 percent
Introduce oxygen and begin your ascent
Fumes off such reactions diffuse a smell pleasant

Preserves the body, such that as formaldehyde
When the soulless is buried, just to hide
Acts out instructions in his four day ride
Or at least for the acceptance once had tried

Faith feeds through placenta of the heart
Birth, a destined process, transformation a start!
Nov 2017 · 1.6k
'Tribute to Allama Iqbal'
Mystic904 Nov 2017
Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer sai pehlay
Khuda banday sai khud poochay bta teri raza kya hai

Raise yourself to such heights so before every destined act
God Himself asks His creation, what is it your desire

Kee Muhammad (S.A.W) sai wafa toonay to hum tairay hain
Ye jahan cheez hai kya loh o kalam tairay hain

If you are loyal to Muhammad (S.A.W) we are yours 
This universe is nothing, the Tablet and the Pen are yours

(Allama Iqbal)

May it be Saadi
Or may it be Sherazi
Mansur or Sachal Sarmast
May it be Rumi or Shams
Rabia Basri or Ganj Bakhsh
Bhatai or Baba Rehman
Ghani Khan or Allama Iqbal
All these God-gifted saints
went by giving the same message
Spreading the same thought
The one and unique
The message of the Truth
Under a million veils lie
The one and only
Nov 2017 · 540
'Mystic (X)'
Mystic904 Nov 2017
Positioning oneself in the path of the Divine
Lets seekers decipher how to witness the sign
One who comes out, shall as though forever shine
Know these hearts, greatly rewarding is this line
Nov 2017 · 6.7k
'My Foreign Heart'
Mystic904 Nov 2017
Left myself behind for Thy sake
Modify me through soul's remake

O' Lord! can't be more of a betrayer
Still though, I yearn for a divine remake

My heart is in Makkah
My heart is in Makkah!

Eyes can't bear watching, but none bothers
I ask for protection, for me and my brothers

Extreme suffering, such a cruel massacre
I ask for Jannah, for me and my brothers

Over our heads have we turned ******* n waste
I ask for purification, for me and my brothers

None cares for the sufferers as though not human
I ask Thy attention, for me and my brothers

My heart is in Palestine
My heart is in Palestine!

I plea to be bathed in the divine henna
In the home of the Prophet, madina madina

In the land of peace, make me offer a prayer
For me, my fellows, in the heart of madina

Revive once again the brotherhood amongst us
Like them ansaris and muhajirs of madina

Can't wait but for a chance or an opportunity
Offering myself forth, take me to madina

My heart is in Madina
My heart is in Madina!
Nov 2017 · 863
Mystic904 Nov 2017
Sipping black liquid
Thinking in my lone closet
The coffee tastes good
Oct 2017 · 809
'Mystic (!X)'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Spend away the world which ye most admire
Demands from thee, nothing but a sole desire
Impress Him, waking midnights in remembrance
For thee, shall thy soul be dipped in fragrance
Oct 2017 · 623
'At Peace'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
For Everything
And for nothing
I struggle for peace
We all do
Die each day
In the march for peace

It's nothing but disaster,
Stress and chaos outside
I tend to remain quiet
In this distress, I remain quiet
At least I try to stay calm
Causing no trouble, no harm

I struggle to stay at peace
But know what,
Peace doesn't exist
No, it doesn't exist in struggle
It resides within us
Within our arteries and veins
Within our heart and soul
Just within us, it does

I can't say or explain
It's something distinct
Something insane
We find it as a medicine
For our soul,
to be bathed in sane
The more we crave
For it, we all do
But the ones who achieve,
Do not crave at all

It exists in the prayers
In loneliness and isolation
It's a sensation
Buried inside us
An emotion,
Deep nor shallow
Wanting to crawl out
At midnight. A thought overflow lol
Oct 2017 · 454
'What do you say?'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Did I just hear that right?
Always there for me you say
Showing your relentless might
Then why forbidden is your tray?

Confused? Just grip yourself tight
Well, speak the truth if you may
Pushed me from that beautiful height
There am I buried yet here I lay

But didn't you know I'm a knight
Grew stiffer in the inferno this clay
Dont worry, I have found my light
Mendacious were you, so was your bay

Hope none collides with your deceitful kite
Lacking no love, but for you ill pray
Boasting thy selfish sacrifices with pride
Bewilderness lies, now in your hay

Off the cake of wisdom, take a bite
For your actions you will have to pay!
Oct 2017 · 2.8k
'One Path'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
In love with the forgiving trait of God
Falling for the immense light of His boat
The world isn't for me, nor is it's applaud
Soothes the sinning souls, that one Quranic quote

Polluted image indicates not downfall
Unity unshakable if kept intact
Recitations, revive in the great hall
Then will spread the message of the compact

If melodious young voices be raised
Absorbing the love, ignoring the hate
In the court of Allah, shall then be praised
Returning back home is never that late

The pillar of hope, all of us be bound
For the sake, placing my head on the ground
Oct 2017 · 498
'Cloudy' (Haiku)
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Clouds wrapping the sun
Repressing flow of spectrums
A delightful play
Just a haiku try...
Oct 2017 · 645
'Mystic (V!!!)'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Quills be dragged over young tattered pages
Until dries off red ink, trapped in the cages
Stop constructing walls for the ocean's siege
Let flow, before witness thy dam's breach
Oct 2017 · 8.4k
'Harnessing Emotions'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Ye won't comprehend what I mean
Unless acquire the eyes to have seen
Emotions by their true image
Do you know what I mean?

Once harnessed power to play with emotions
Impossible seems revival, work no potions
When crawl back half alive
Anaesthetised images, walking drunk motions

That deep sorrow, sadness and pain
The efforts and struggles all in vain
Isn't what you cry for and say?
Ask thyself,
Who drove you into that lane

Pitch dark corners of thoughts arouse the feel
Four stanzas including this one's just half meal
Clouds of this kind circle forever
Pressing the haunting words, in time I'll heal
Presence of happiness none sees, a pity
As we surmise, there does exist a Deity
For a reason, all this emerged
In everything, there might be something pretty
Once gripped that strange feel in the prayers
Shall form over body, invisible protective layers
Addition in tons, not kilos
Of sagacity, on each climb of the stairs
Life devoid of expectations isn't the option
The mindset's worthy enough for adoption
Great expectations pave dirtiest of roads
Too precious to be displayed up for auction
On Him can we lean and must firmly believe
Direct contact's the medicine for mind's relief
Affordable yet unaffordable jewels await
For the closest beings in His regard to receive

F.A teeri
Oct 2017 · 2.4k
'Mystic (V!!)'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Learning never ends
No matter how deep we dive
No one comprehends
A mystical path, everything's alive

No ordinary tends
Before has not abjured the hive
Exists a grave in each bend
Meat from the fat one may rive

Scarcely a trend
At the end, shall he then thrive
Time, no one spends
In the state, one in a million may arrive
Oct 2017 · 706
'Real Warriors'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
They were warriors!
They were conquerers!

Their innocence was their power
Faith in the unseen was their tower
They were stiff and brave
Facing those dangers grave
Fierce, bold, 60 in strength
Through the arab's length
Against 60 000, wasn't fair competition
Victory, Almighty's will is final decision

Nothing but death could undo them
Mountains would shiver before them
Loud majestic slogans filled with sheer belief
Their cruel battle wounds would bear relief

Extreme loyalty to the mercy of the world
The firm faith had their paths all pearled
All merciful and kind
Brotherhood had them bind

Closest of all to their master
Clenched tightly to the rope
Revived the prestigious chatter
Struck the hearts, rays of hope

Courageous, brave and bold
One enough to stun the enemy lines
Today, sword's in Umer's hold
Leave them drying, bottles of wines

When became, came with eyes the shame
Free heartedly gave away dinars in tons
For aware were they of secrets of the game
Amazed others with their attributes and stunts

Father of quotes, vast oceans of knowledge
Came to personal revenge, fell the spear
Spent sweat n blood for Truth's
Dark halls crippled, when slogans they'd hear
Spreaded love, devotion, examples of loyalty
No one is superior, turned to ashes royalty
Left others impressed by their decorum
Transformed the world for good in totality

_F.A Teeri
Oct 2017 · 692
'Mystic (V!)'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Ashamed when put their mistakes up
Flour needs water to strengthen it's parts
Hardens the belief when it bakes up
Appreciated is pure struggle in the carts
Oct 2017 · 5.8k
'Towers Fall'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Grand edifices, seem pretty nice
Hoarding up money, such a heist
Pockets full, everything to boast
All that luxury, all that toast

Curtains of wealth, over those eyes
Trapped in such a state of vice
Stockpiles of silver and gold
Deal, a sign, everything sold

Wealth in reality, zero a price
Counting em, this year x thrice
Pretending to be above n bold
The stiff heart you couldn't mould

Crawling over body, ants and lice
Scorpions too, it's nothing nice
Shivering with fear and cold
The pain, agony, all foretold

In the grave, horrendous mice
Game's over for the rolling dice
No one to tell, weren't you told
To that paper now grab a hold

May it be Burj khalifa, all those malls
The huge tall towers, everything falls
Sabotag shall suffer those proud walls
The vast stage, superior than all halls
Oct 2017 · 531
'Satanic Mimics' (!!)
Mystic904 Oct 2017
All them devils at you, shouting out boo!
Im responsible for that too now, who?
Requesting the liar to spill the basket of truth
Suppose ye have answers, what could you do?

Alone in the darkness, picking what i threw
Light you're not grasping, how stupid are you?
The funny part is, I'm blinding you too
Lots of people dragged, untouchable are few

Asking why act like this, like you never knew
Been doing this for ages, it's not that new
Trying to get out? many couldn't do
You're late now, the date is due

The time's running, run now shoo!
Save my kisses now, I'll miss you too
Shuh! You came to me for a place in the crew
Don't cry now, screaming 'I don't want you'
Oct 2017 · 444
'Satanic Mimics'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
A mere Mimic, full bad, here I go
Reputation, like nothing, I throw
Mere soldier in the army I failed to brew
No use to me, you're better off shoo!

Thrashing the blade in your heart now too
Didn't realize, you were part of the crew
Was it me you were trying to sue?
A little pain but, got the red dew 

******* black blood, what a bad view
Never was invisible, now has it seen you
Focus at the mirror, its me and you
Mould your mind, some fire there too

Its your choice, but here ill tell you
In your thoughts, blades in and through
Nightmares are me, my creation too
Polluting heart's my work, yes that too
Here is some stuff, busy nowadays, no time for poetry lol
Oct 2017 · 1.9k
'Mystic (V)'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Dil em tang shuda azi dunya awlay che kunum
Purson maikunum, ini aale now ra che kunum

Naona ika thur nako da chaye janum
Aftiden da chaah, maigin awlay che kunem

Heart's feeling full of this life, what to do?
Asking hence, with the newbies, what to do?

Dip not fully the self, hey dear you shouldn't!
Drowing in the well de despair, crying what to do?

c. Teeri
Sep 2017 · 637
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Feeling the lovely cool breezes
Cracking jokes, can't hold sneezes
Magical touchy scents the wind releases
Healing the hearts, broken into pieces
Drizzle drops splashing over the faces
Aromas like jasmine savoured by the gazes
Millions of things to enjoy if one traces
So lost, just eyed the wet inked pages
My pen aside, staring the lovely horse races
Laughing, conversing like never in the ages
Dancing the winds, roaming around places
Gazing with smiles at what the rabbit chases

Weights off the chest, lying in solace
***** doltish thoughts all erased
Humor spread in the roots of the heavenly place
Just the perfect definition of a colourful space

Watery turf in palms with tight brace
The period's short, no time to waste
Mystic904 Sep 2017
This one I agree with you
Mind's playing games with you
Baseless plans to maneouvre you
Utterly nothing, know that too

Why do we all suffer heartbreak
Why always put our life at stake
Save drowning people by the lake
Why do we have the victim's take

Weird questions again and again
3-Butyl-5(3,4-Diethyl Pentyl) decane
Like this, they're driving me insane
Take a breath and please try again

Solution to the problems found
Sherlock just got astound
White eyes all browned
'Not natural to be bound'

Stupendous ideology just created
Mental efforts all appreciated
Sensitive topic well debated
A golden reward now awaited

"Topics like these dont really end
None of the two in reality apprehend"
Human Reflection
Sep 2017 · 529
"Human Reflection"
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Man: (to his reflection)
Advise me! Tell me! Help me!
Not sure what I'm doing to me
Want out of this prison, help me
Tremendous spiny walls held me

Responsible but not strict
Positives in time are a hit
Think of the negative as ****
No charges, you're free to sit

Scars over my face
Can't properly tie a lace
Habit's becoming this craze
Trying to fill in and embrace

The problems are virtual
Complaints all perpetual
Dear this is conceptual
Happenings are all eventual

Close to your perspective
But misery isn't elective
All minds aren't receptive
Not all efforts are effective
Human Reflection
Sep 2017 · 440
Mystic (!V)
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Metals when combined, turn into alloys
Men with exceptional perspectives visualize
Retinas uncover hoaxes, merely fake toys
Say witnessing the mirage, awakens realize
Sep 2017 · 414
'Cycles of Life'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Fate's killing, taking my life
All of them reasons to despair
Just burden, no reason to strife
Teach me how to disappear

Do you call it life
Had me all going mad
Desires of a caring wife
Pockets just so bad

At death's stake I put my life
Papers, assignments incomplete
Thirsty for a glimpse of triumph
Flawless targets now incomplete

Riding the cycles of life
In the dark wells some of us fall
Stabbed at the end by a knife
Goals we once thought tall

Blades spread over the road of life
Clouds indicating angry storms
Pages torn in my book of life
Travellers don't tend to walk norms

Unimpressed by this unfair life
Remains breath in these cells to strive
Never will I lean on this untrusty life
Venomous are they, bees in this Hive
Sep 2017 · 1.3k
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Dare to tell others of their capability
Do their hearts receive the required facility
Ask them, hurdles in their way you'll know
Not the slightest clue of their ability

Do you reside in their brain or what
System's present in the frontal lobe but
You're not from the cerebrum are you?
If not, then just keep your mouth shut

They're able but most can't show
It takes time to cook the dough
Lack of Confidence or fear of insult
But people like you just don't grow

It be the others or may it be you
Concentration will lead them through
Quite capable and filled with potential
Grow hatred or love, they'll respect you too

One good deed,

Grant free tokens of knowledge from your shelf
The changes in life, you'll witness yourself

Capable am I and so is everyone!
One who believes, may it be anyone..

c. Teeri
To all those doubters, you cant beat the spirit!
Never give up and work for your goal no matter the hurdles.
Sep 2017 · 2.8k
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Chaos, demolition, destruction
controlled through supervised instruction
no end to slaughter, no reduction
have their own ways of seduction

On that throne, they sit and stare
The one which is called the 'chair'

Nation's green honour gone abrupt
you say, you're still not corrupt?
no one points at you, while you deduct
waiting for the world to erupt

Just about everything, you'll see here
Roots all clung to the evil chair

In which those so called governors sit
organisers, runners of this lovely bit
performing tricks for the show to lit
prepared for them is a special pit

Looters and criminals, all have a pair
Of gloves to keep stain off their chair

Don't believe their words, bark whatever
bamboozle us, truth from our eyes they sever
residing in those large structures like hever
could write three books upon their clever

Dreadful reality transferred heir upon heir
Criminals need not legitimate relations, just their ****** chair!
Didn't want to end it, but you know everything comes to an end at some point 'except' corruption. lol
Sep 2017 · 324
'Forgive me'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Don't know what to say
It's all upto my dismay
Of being reckless and a sinner
Forgive me! I'm not what I say

I'm a disobeyer, Forgive me!

Do all that and forget
The sayings I forget
Don't know what it is
The prayers I forget

I'm a violator, Forgive me!

Don't want any of that
Why do I do all that
The end only chooses good
when I know all that

I'm on the wrong, Forgive me!

No one can save me
Only can God see me
In Him I believe
And He is the key

I'm a sinner, Forgive me!

The things I know
Isn't it enough to bow
What happens to them
That's the truth, I know

I'm not human
Again if I disobey
Even when I know
The few rules I must obey

I seek repentance
Forgive me!
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Khalka kayi tanz che pukhto ke shaeeri na kowlay shu
mung musafiran dighaina ilawa sa kowlay shu

Khalko ta owaya che dagha khabara na da
Shaeeri khpl yuba wayi che dee na baghair sa na kowlay shu
People believe us not of acquiring Pashto poetry ability
We travellers inherit no other talent or capability

Tell the people tis not what it seems, it's nothing
Expresses the poetry itself, without us it's nothing
Some fresh Pashto poetry:)
Sep 2017 · 467
'True Faces'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Those happy and the lovely faces
Like brothers we roamed around places
All those good times together we spent
those memories now aren't worth a cent
At least their true faces they showed
The glamorous garden at heart they mowed
So much in my mind for them had I planned
Criticized me, left the blame in my hand
Didn't see the glimpse of how much I cared
All those useless and useful things I shared
Forgave and forgave because I don't mind
A point just came, had to say am not blind
I may have left marks but never the scars
Had I been hurt, still do I see them as stars

'Toleration' is what people lack
Tolerate, wait, take a step back

c. FATeer
With respect to the former best friends.
A common sentiment, but remember; this world isn't  your friend nor an enemy, it's a place of toleration(sabr) and a place waiting for people to make it a better place :)
Sep 2017 · 2.6k
Mystic904 Sep 2017
See, you hear this word and shiver
While some of us get problems of the liver
yup! Exams are what I'm talking about
The reason pupils start howling about

Oh exams! What do we do with you

As it approaches, students be like
A reaction no one ever seen like
In our dreams like a monster sneaks up
Within our soul like Death creaps up

Oh exams! What do we do with you

That one night before exam burden
Reminds me of the war of verdun
Only if had books borrowed or lend
All night were the eyes to suspend

Oh exams! What do we do with you

That, to be murdered day arrived
Of peaceful sleep were we deprived
When the exam hall were we to enter
Shot a bullet shrapnel in the center

Dead were we when we turned the paper
Those questions turned us into vapor
Students like us had two or three attempted
Handed over those 2 sheets and left all exempted

Oh exams! What do we do with you
You're welcome, now to hell with you
Exams, exams, exams! Student problems.
People are afraid of demons sneaking under their beds while Students fear exams sneaking to show up ;)
Sep 2017 · 466
"On your knees"
Mystic904 Sep 2017
The burial isn't worth to pour our hearts in
A place to learn lessons, not an exhibition to live in

Down your head for the Truth and dive in
Why afraid? committed a greater sin?

Take the chance, relax and sit in
Shy? In front of The Lord ye believe in?

Its okay to make mistakes the time period you live in
Go down on your knees, pray till you breathe in

Cry till create floodings of sin into the trash bin
The chest shall open then to let the light in

Repeat and repeat the process to feel in
Divinely power which the veins fill in
A step closer towards the Eternal Truth...
Sep 2017 · 368
Mystic (!!!)
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Even if ye land in that deep river down
Be careful, don't let those clothes drown

The murderer's blood on my hands took a gaze
That blood like henna I spurred on my face
Sep 2017 · 311
Mystic (!!)
Mystic904 Sep 2017
The Master who's servant betrayed
Care to take a look what he lost?
All of that trust in tuft betrayed
Look again He's there, you're lost
Sep 2017 · 237
Mystic (!)
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Mystical knowledge isn't what ye think
More it is than what is seen in a blink
Much is the need of action, less to think
That effort to trace the sparkle's link
Sep 2017 · 556
'Green and White'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Full of wonders is the land of pure
Offers which to all a dose of cure

Mesmerising colours, the white and Green
Came into being, for destined to be clean

To all which spreads, love and joy
Overfilled love for my country oh boy

Yehi surzameen meri jaan o abroo
Mushtamil hai jissay ye mah e roo

Showing the potential all in one wag
Followers and the others, all in one flag

Will I sit on the dirt of the pure, my lifespan
The one which I love to call, my Pakistan<3
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Soul: (to the deceiver)
Tis' not a whining contest
hiding that tongue of the ******
forgot, couldn't get more honest
Now go and come back in August

Deceiver: (to the soul)
Nowhere are you going with that
******* on you, my devilish cat
eventually will I control the brat
simple is that, not a problem of SAT

Good,Good! Do what you want
swaying towards hell is what you want
funny! something even you don't want
you dear, are nothing but filled with haunt

So now you're too gonna mock
once was I the most valuable stock
all were under the reputation of my sock
then fell down to a crow from a Hawk

Soul: (to the self)
Work, bring to feet the crime
poetry isn't worth a dime
Listen, listen! It's pray time
Eternal's gold better than fake lime
Deceiver gets slammed ;)
Well, this is the end to it. Maybe I'd come up with more some other time. It was fun to write it. Enjoy
Sep 2017 · 522
'Soul vs Deceiver'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Soul: ( to the self)
If you'd just let me in
you'd know what I've been
through, on and in
lower a bit that chin

Desires need be kept within
silent stay, don't you grin
nothing heard, dropped a pin?
Remember these just to begin

(Devil) Deceiver: (to the self)
Know that's you, you're the king
above your head lies no string
Evil? What's that a thing
There's no bad luck to bring

What keeps you so running
know that he's bluffing
he ain't that cunning
See, the dark's quite stunning

Graspeth, the light before ye fall
the boogy knows how to crawl
before makes he dark the hall
Hurry! answer the Devine's call

(Deceiver) Manipulator:
What? the dope's back again
manipulating you to refrain
being dug under my crane
Apologies, allow me to start again
A conversation with the inner self or soul and the Devil himself
This is the part 1 of the original whole poem. And it gets more amusing in the upcoming part. Soul and Devil talk face to face;)
Sep 2017 · 332
'Provoke Rhymes'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
No hope found in the heartless boat,
Thinks it can't handle a little load

Waiting for a sign to make realise,
That it can slaughter that little goat

Some witness the potential in this toad,
Which couldn't see the big weapon float

Get thyself a little kickstart smoke,
Inversely which gets to heal the throat

Hath been long since been used,
Time to get that gun a reload

Just switched itself in that lazy mode,
Gotta get hasty on this $hitty road

©  Faisal Amin
Sep 2017 · 371
'The Lost traveller'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Do you really think you're never gonna die
The day shall come, you'll know this was all a lie
'Tis, a four day journey
Two days of desire, two days of pie

No one knows what's gonna happen in the grave,
Once the man's put, nothing wakes up the dark eye
The punishment he pays for, is not seen but felt
The wealth he gave his life for, is nowhere at sight

His life was just the same as of a potato blight,
When he was asked to look at the beneficial light
But he didn't bat an eye at the given advice
Nor did he take a look at his hair full of lice

Everyday he would eat a full plate rice,
Still no sign of thankfulness, despite
Was he deaf, or was he blind
Even the disables are not as lost as he was at night

The whole story seemed like a joke to him,
But sorry, it's too late to make everything right (while being placed in the coffin)
Anyways it's too late to write,
Let me have an apple to bite
Sep 2017 · 275
'Depression by Oppression'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
There, come the sounds of shrieks and shriek
And here, comes a newly prepared tweet

For how long will we remain silent,
Goes another ambulance with a loud siren

The missiles are again ready to ****,
Loaded with a thousand kills, a bill?

There's goes another missile with the millionth ****
Here are we, ready to take another pill

God, be the judge of the tyrants
Neither are we going anywhere still
Sep 2017 · 394
'The Perfect Space'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Birds and bats fly at the same pace
Lads claiming been to outer space

Some just cant find a trace,
Of the truth that lies within their space

Some laugh at the poetry of craze
But a driven mind always slays

Trying to find a single trace
Of a mere fault in the perfect place

Managed everything so fragile,
Two words and a never ending space

Though some cant tie a lace
And some just cant embrace

The truth of life and the short race,
Striving to comprehend the confusing space
Sep 2017 · 228
"Some words for you"
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Anyways how good are you,
hear them thoughts about you
wanted to lock em up, so
everyday could pass em through

Wished you knew what,
thoughts in my mind but
windows are closed
Memories drowned in blood

The agony, the pain in me
those eyes couldn't see
maybe they didn't care
you'd cry, I guarantee

Always hath the desire,
that you would admire
all that I was stuffed with
witnessed only the buyer
Sep 2017 · 474
'Blurry thoughts'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Thinks the man made of clay,
The world is a forever's stay
When everything he worked for, is slayed
That's when realise whispers the deaths play
Nothing can he do to click the replay
Still can he repent while he's got the stay
Fear of death has far been vanished,
Without wondering in his bed he's going to lay
Nightmares! Only things that wake him up
Nightmares that he can't delay
Sep 2017 · 468
'House on Fire'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Carefree like a house on Hire,
Tis how I like, a house on fire
Melody of a song, the great red attire
Resemblance of which, like a house on fire
Drowning deep in the loathsome shire,
That's how thorough is the house on fire
Confusing's the smell of the burning tyre,
Rewinding the cruelness of the house on fire
Soothing's the sound, sweeping the tire
Ingesting the frequency of the house on fire
Down goes the crown of the red tide steady,
That's my room in that house on fire
Sep 2017 · 306
'Selfless thoughts'
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Visiteth, buildings those workers constructed,
Foundation lay which the heartfelt knitted

Ask them, those beside who're seated
Which rugged path the old man leaded

Look, those who just went on speeded
Saying, was that accident needed

Ever asked the lad on the hill so steep,
How much was that school boy beated

Never judge one by the front that ye witness,
By none, can their destiny be readed

Fix thyself, upon the loose ***** should you focus
Then will the fate, have a right message tweeted

Don't let nothing become the cause ye receded
Then shall desire fulfil the path ye pleaded

— The End —