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 Jan 2019 Mystic904
bicharhny ka gham nahe mj ko
bs yaado ki brsaat yad atti hai

fursat ki b khushi nahe mj ko
bs baato ki rawaani yad atti hai

judaey to waisy b satoon-e-mohabat hai
pr kia kru dasht-e-tanhaey yad atti hai

rishty to bht hn yaha likin
us rishta-e-bai naam ki yad atti hai

ik yad to bht barhe cheez hai awais
gham khwaar-e-dill ki hr baat yad atti hai

my this poem is in urdu actually this is about that people to which we don't have any blood relation but of care that's precious....
was an idea
became a dream
was a fantasy
became real
was fading
became cleared
was a fear
became pain
was a distance
became closer
fall asleeped
was watched
was a person
became worthfull
was an idea
became a dream
eyes opened
became destroyed
the idea was worthless
خیال تھا ... خواب ہو گیا ...تصور تھا... یقین ہوگیا ...دھندلا تھا ...صاف ہوگیا ..... خوف تھا ... درد ہوگیا....فاصلہ تھا...مٹ گیا ..آنکھ ہے  ...دیدار ہوگیا....ایک شخص تھا... عام تھا... خاص ہوگیا...خیال تھا .... حقیقت ہوگیا ...آنکھ کھل گے .... فنا ہوگیا .... خیال اک فضول تھا
 May 2018 Mystic904
 May 2018 Mystic904
Hell hounds
The buying of souls
I once met the Devil
Down at the cross roads
Deals were struck
In poetic prose
I rhymed myself
In to Hell's hold

And now whips of flames
Await my last breath
Mere songs and word
The demons all laugh
Eternal flesh laid to waste
The Devil wears
   A friendly face...
Traveler Tim

Actually I'm atheist!
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