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  Oct 2017 Mystic904
Elizabeth Squires
the folly of chasing
an impossible dream
drained the fellow's
limited money stream

invoices stacked high
in a towering pile
the paying killing
his lopsided smile

a snow queen sending
unending requests for powder *****
an addiction dependent
on the cash cow's stuff

the ledger outgoings
to the province of York
extracted more than a few
rashers of prime pork*

in time they'd wipe out
every shilling he had
which was an expense
of a destiny so sad

there he sat grappling
with the long years of loss
all fanciful ideas
*smothered by moss
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Spend away the world which ye most admire
Demands from thee, nothing but a sole desire
Impress Him, waking midnights in remembrance
For thee, shall thy soul be dipped in fragrance
Mystic904 Oct 2017
For Everything
And for nothing
I struggle for peace
We all do
Die each day
In the march for peace

It's nothing but disaster,
Stress and chaos outside
I tend to remain quiet
In this distress, I remain quiet
At least I try to stay calm
Causing no trouble, no harm

I struggle to stay at peace
But know what,
Peace doesn't exist
No, it doesn't exist in struggle
It resides within us
Within our arteries and veins
Within our heart and soul
Just within us, it does

I can't say or explain
It's something distinct
Something insane
We find it as a medicine
For our soul,
to be bathed in sane
The more we crave
For it, we all do
But the ones who achieve,
Do not crave at all

It exists in the prayers
In loneliness and isolation
It's a sensation
Buried inside us
An emotion,
Deep nor shallow
Wanting to crawl out
At midnight. A thought overflow lol
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Did I just hear that right?
Always there for me you say
Showing your relentless might
Then why forbidden is your tray?

Confused? Just grip yourself tight
Well, speak the truth if you may
Pushed me from that beautiful height
There am I buried yet here I lay

But didn't you know I'm a knight
Grew stiffer in the inferno this clay
Dont worry, I have found my light
Mendacious were you, so was your bay

Hope none collides with your deceitful kite
Lacking no love, but for you ill pray
Boasting thy selfish sacrifices with pride
Bewilderness lies, now in your hay

Off the cake of wisdom, take a bite
For your actions you will have to pay!
Mystic904 Oct 2017
In love with the forgiving trait of God
Falling for the immense light of His boat
The world isn't for me, nor is it's applaud
Soothes the sinning souls, that one Quranic quote

Polluted image indicates not downfall
Unity unshakable if kept intact
Recitations, revive in the great hall
Then will spread the message of the compact

If melodious young voices be raised
Absorbing the love, ignoring the hate
In the court of Allah, shall then be praised
Returning back home is never that late

The pillar of hope, all of us be bound
For the sake, placing my head on the ground
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Clouds wrapping the sun
Repressing flow of spectrums
A delightful play
Just a haiku try...
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Quills be dragged over young tattered pages
Until dries off red ink, trapped in the cages
Stop constructing walls for the ocean's siege
Let flow, before witness thy dam's breach
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