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Silently shrill
a scary chill
has run down the spine
of our blue planet windmill
So many deceased
Too many ill
mounting and surmounting
the healthcare bill
Breathing for many
is like climbing uphill
or like panting on
your home treadmill
And it's frightening when
there is nil a pill.
A minute invisible
virus doth **** .
Pray to God for mercy
bow and kneel!
Many are dying
without a will
It's safer to stay home
by the window sill
The world seems to have come
to a standstill
You now have time to sharpen
your poetic quill
In lockdown pray
and ink still spill
You may hone
your poetic skill
Until the virus
has had its fill.
Corona they say feels like drowning
like a fish without a gill
for we can't breathe
like the eel or krill.
In mouths hot water
flush and swill
Exterminate this virus?
only God can and will.
  May 19 Megan Parson
Dezzie Hex
I am done with this game you play; alas, we can't all have our way.
I'm more than a toy you choose to enjoy at your leisure--
Do you think this brings me pleasure?
In a moment's time, you are both mine and not, never were, or will ever be!
Do you like fooling me?
You bait and tease and fill me with unease,
But you have a love to appease you--I do not.
I never have, and may never know that ease of heart.
Do you even care that it tears me apart?
Am I wrong to feel this way?
Yes, and no, I suppose.
I respected your wish, and gave friendly hands,
But compliance can't even meet your demands.
A friend comes with no expectation; and yet, a friend knows when the game is done.
You can't offer me heaven only to drag me through hell.
Oh well, I sigh, and blow a kiss.
You confess to know this--
This halfhearted bliss!
But the game goes because you know I won't win.
Go back to your comforts and leave me to rot within.
  May 2019 Megan Parson
Nettie Schulte
I'm so tired
Can I just go to sleep?
Just           a      k
          w                   e       up
to a new morn
and new problems
while the old remain undisturbed
  May 2019 Megan Parson
Erian Rose
All I see
Are our frail memories...
  May 2019 Megan Parson
Özcan Sh
I never believed in magic
Until she held my world
In her tender hands.
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