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never repeats
but human nature
When your mind is not
in agitation, it's in meditation.
  Jan 5 Megan Parson
Deb Jones
I am packing a suitcase
Filling it with my dreams
Gossamer strands
In the palms of my hand
Placed so carefully
The memories of us
Folded so neatly
After being caressed
So sweetly
My tears are unrelenting
My regrets unending
But still I am
Packing my dreams away
posting poems
on Hello
has become

for as I got to press
the save
will invariably

would seem that the
server isn't
and that it might need
a little
Megan Parson Jan 5

The rosy bride didn't pace the hall,
Nor was there a wedding ball.
No bridesmaids, no flower girls,
Nor did I wear my mothers pearls.

For without the groom,
Playeth not the loud bassoon,
Tis the words that played,
While my heart like thunder relayed.

Melancholy, like Caesar, did I feel,
Piercing eyes, put forth the deal,
Closer to a faint, did I reel,
And like Calpurnia, I now kneel.

Hoping you'll read this through,
Hardly ebbing the feelings, i grew.

Hey guys! Back after a looooong break & writers block. This poem was inspired by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an all time favorite ❤️
  Jan 5 Megan Parson
Maria Etre
Social creatures living in an anti-social world
is a recipe for depression
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