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  Aug 23 Eli
The eyes speak on what mouths cannot say
Eli Aug 19
Through the airplane window,
Eyes are staring.
The face closely pressed against the glass,
Feeling the great vibrating rumble of the plane.

They have never seen this view of the sky before,
A view in which everything is just within reach.
Hands itch with desire to pry the widow open,
To gently touch the deep blue sky.

Clouds all white and puffy,
Floating slowly on by.
They look like cotton *****,
Suspended by invisible string.

The sun is right there,
Slowly waking...slowly raising...stretching out her limbs.
Pulses of warmth flowing throughout the body,
All the way from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

And the aircraft continues to slowly rumble on by,
Drifting past the suspended clouds and sun.
A diorama display showcasing a whole another world....
Or a puppet show that one moves with their fingers.

Tis' a marvelous sight to behold.
Eli Aug 18
You and I….
We performed surgery together.

Placing our hearts out on the table,
The two of them beating side by side.

They’re out of sync,
A melody severely out of tune.

So you stripped away all the wires, bolts, screws, and gears.
Filtering out all the bad and replacing it with all the good.

And I, too, did the same.
Yet, all that tinkering did nothing.

These heartbeats won’t tune themselves out.

And so we concluded:
That our hearts are not compatible together.
  Jul 31 Eli
I would never turn away
And just let you die...
I would never leave you
In the middle of your night...
Silent angel
Sad blue eyes
I will hold you
Beyond the light!

One last poem
Beyond despair
In the morning
I'll still be here!
Traveler Tim
Ode to my Girlfriend!
  Jul 8 Eli
nothing makes me happy anymore

it’s like
i miss the tasteful touch of the sky
bluer, than all the seas and oceans

i miss the cloudy feeling on my forehead
my curls conflicting with the air
but i admit
i was happier than i have ever been
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