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Dlusionl13 Apr 12
It's a haunting melody, something unheard
In the echoes of scorching words
And the ringing memories of violence
In the sound of shattering dreams and broken glasses
It's the trembling sigh of a soul undeterred
Like the searing quietness of a cry perturbed
In an aftermath of the storm
Its a silent silent world

It's the demise of love, an illusion
In the game of duties and responsibilities
As the world hanging on by lies burns down
A poignant smile of content blooms
On the lips of a crumbled spirit
And amidst the destruction
A vindictive soul stays
Maybe it was not affection or concern
But just a sweet sweet retribution
Dlusionl13 Mar 22
If you want to ride with me
You have to drive this car my friend
Because if I am going to drive
We are going to crash
And this is going to end

Tell me if u are going to drive
How much longer can we go on
Before you get tired of everything
Before you think you chose wrong
Before this ends?
Because you drive too fast
And we both know that this will never last.

So, find another ride my friend
For we are doomed from the start
You drive too fast and I too rash
If we end up in the same car
We are bound to crash.
Dlusionl13 Feb 8
I curse you
Everytime you see blue
Be it a word or a hue
Be it the sky or sea
You will be reminded of me.

The grey world you are trapped in
Made you blind
To the colors of the ones who care
The coldness that you radiate
Clashed with the fieriness of my blue flair
And now we are strangers again
Like everything was in vain.
You said you wouldn't leave
Another fake promise I believed
How come all my friendships come to an end
With no chances to amend..

Your silence hurts more than their words
It's raining in my silent world
You aren't there
But I will stay here
With a curse of blue songbird.
Dlusionl13 Aug 2019
It's not a calming greeting of gentle breeze
But the harsh touch of violent wind
That serene smile of relief in your eyes
At the expense of my dreams.

It's not the warmth of moonlight
But the scathing burn of raging sunlight
That sated feeling you radiate
After changing the lane of my life.

It's not the silence of a calm sea
But the loud gurgling of an untamed river
That joy u seem to glow in
As the roots of my passion slowly wither

For you it maybe a dream
You want to see me in
For me it's a nightmare
I am going to be trapped in.
Dlusionl13 Sep 2018
I am waiting here
In this dark mirage of oblivion
To see the end of you
I am smiling now
Amidst the storms and thunder of betrayal
At the sight of fearful you

Welcome to this absolute destruction
My dear long lost friend
I am the Satan
And this is my hell
I am it's ruler
This dangerous, vicious universe
It's my world my pain
It's an enchanting curse

In that sea of tears
I want to see you drown
In that fire of hate
I want to see you burn
Trapped in that land of nightmares
I want to watch you run

I want to see you terrified
In that forest of fears
I want to see you lost
In that city of drear
I want you to experience
How it feels like to lose everyone near

Beware of that vengeful storm
Fear the wrath of that suffering hurricane
Shattered pieces of trust in that rain
Should be enough to **** you in pain

Experience those frightening hallucinations
Feel that self hatred
Admire that volcano there
It's not only anger but also dread

I want you to feel everything
I have felt for years
I want you to see the world
I have lived in for years
This world is not intimidating only to you
It also holds my worst fears

You are trapped here now
There's nothing you can do
I am not  the only evil here
You my friend are too
For I may have created this hell
But the reason was you
Revised and republished
Dlusionl13 Sep 2018
It’s a bond formed with thousands and thousands of hours
It’s a friendship adorned like a bouquet of flowers

A cluster of yellow roses
For the companionship that bloomed
Or a bunch of chrysanthemums
For the wholehearted support during the adversities that loomed

A few irises
An unsaid message of dedication
With some violets
  A proof of everlasting devotion

And pink carnations
A promise to never forget each other
Plus some hydrangea
A gratitude for being understood in spite of our soul bearing different colors

Some blue tulips
For the genuine loyalty
A vow to never leave
And of course ivy
A promise of continuity of the wonderful friendship
That we will definitely achieve
Dedicated to my best friend
Dlusionl13 Jul 2018
Standing alone in the screens of darkness
She is the only witness
As her world spirals down in the void
She is the lonely one drifting away in  nothingness

Running away from the shadows of the demons, she hides
She is the slave of blissful lies
As she is slaughtered by them
Her mind is fading away in her silent cries

She is living in that hell
Death she cannot claim
Because for her the reasons to live
And the reasons to die are all the same
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