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 Feb 2020 Lizzy Sharples
I lay on the green meadow
Watching the cotton candy clouds
Sailing by
Changing shapes at the will of the winds flowing by
Some of them looked like people I know
Some looked strange as can be
But one of them looked exactly like you when you gaze at me
Surprised I waved my hand
And it’s hand waved back at me
How did you manage to do that
Dear Lord am I living in fantasy...
I am living the dream
Living my churning, yearning, ambitious schemes
Childhood castles in the air
Become a winding staircase to who-knows-where
Always higher, always more
Always a wish to beach another illusive shore
And yet, as I look upon what I possess
I feel one very sharp, painful absence
The one thing for which I crave most
Is still far from me, on some undiscovered coast
Eros, that love most fair
Still hides from me, though I sense her presence in the air
A dear and kind friend have I
To whom I would willingly give my heart's supply
But love (or its *******) is ever blind and blinding
And so his thoughts for me I have no hope of finding
And since Eros must live both ways
If he ever leaves, I will never have predicted him to stay
So I shall simply sigh and turn away
And live the dream while my favorite wish stays at bay
This poem is meant to express a momentary, melancholic lapse of a single lady, not to be bitter or resentful towards the "friend" in question. Quite the opposite! I am so very honored to hear him call me a friend that I (quite naturally, I suppose) wish for more. But I do not believe in sitting idle waiting for an answer to the heart's many questions. Instead, let us women pursue our passions and find love in the journey. Cheers!
 Apr 2018 Lizzy Sharples
Once I was
On top of the world

Winning at a game
That I didn’t know
I was playing
As I was cheered on
By eager fans
Boosting my ego

Skipping through the fallen leaves
And slipping recklessly
Through the dangers
Life handed me
That if I tripped
Someone was there
To catch me
Before I hit the pavement

But all at once
I fell from the nest
Feeling lost
When I scraped my knee
And nobody was there
Holding a band-aid
Ready to fix me

I wondered
Why it had been so easy
To fall hard
With no broken bones
Or ugly bruises

But nobody had told me
That when I used to fall
It had only been
From Dad’s shoulders
I'm astonished I'm not getting grey hairs
I'm stuck in the cross hairs
I thought this would wind down
As each step unfolds
But it just expanded the road
You think I stress out too much?
I've been apart of every hand clutch
The most used crutch
This has taken a toll on me as well
You aren't the only one stuck in a well
Not everything is as swell
As people make it out to be
The pain just stays silent
As the thoughts grow more intense
These scenarios are getting more violent
As the time treadmill goes on
Fervent headches
Should be a thing
But I hardly get them
Lucky me
Throughout my good fortune
I can only find the flaws
Everyone else is dealing with
And it might add a restless spectacle in me
Insatiable as they come
I might be somebody's bottle of ***
Beating the problems out like a drum
Whether you're from the big city or straight out of Krum
I can redeem you back into it all
It'll take some work
But it's nothing I'm not acquainted with already
Keep those positive thoughts steady
And the activity heavy
You don't want people thinking you're petty
I miss the days of Tom Petty
We're all trying to survive in this great country
Some live in the country
For that exact reason
To decompress
To wind down
From the hecticness that humanity brings
I hear the phone ring
Who could be up at this hour?
 Nov 2017 Lizzy Sharples
Did you know
I have tiger stripes?
I'm actually a jungle cat
Waiting to pounce
Did you know
The lines around my hips have deepened
And so have the crinkles around my eyes when I smile
I have bruises up and down my legs
From my bedroom carpet
And wooden floors everytime I have fallen

On Que
I ask if I can go in front of you
and I flick across the floor
The same way I did inside my living room
But one misplaced toe
One thigh not turned out
And I find myself on the ground
I have done this
Over and over
I haven't fallen for so long
I've built over years had kept me off the ground
And then it all came crashing down
Did you know?
Because you do not know me
You do not know the blood sweat and tears
You can not pick me apart
I am a work of art
But I was made by a 13 year old at three in the morning solely for self expression
I pick myself up and ask to go again
Because I know I can do better
Because I hold myself to an impossible standard above all others
I push myself
And my body betrays me
So I do it over and over as soon as I get home
Did you know
I stopped counting the stretch marks

Don't  worry about my legs looking 'bulky' as long as they support me
The day I found out i can only rely on myself
I did not cry
I built muscle
I gained tiger stripes.
Ballet is the only thing that is concrete for me.  So it is what I invest myself in, instead of people. It is the only form of self expression that has always meant the most to me, the day I quit therapy, I started ballet religiously. It is the only thing that is constant.
The moment you forget.
Mind wanders with regret.
Eyes blurred, lose focus.
“What’s my current purpose?”

Is spontaneous enough?
Chasing a dream, tough.
As a child we rushed,
what was all the fuss?

The lost moment finds.
The lost moment unwinds.
The lost moment reminds.
Messes with our minds.

In that moment there is clarity.
We connect with our reality.
Understand humanity.
Endless possibilities.
Test our comfortability.

A chance to breathe.
Rebirth and see.
Are we where
we want to be?

Take that lost moment,
to reset your focus.
To find yourself and
your new found purpose.
People power people, and pick their equals.
Ideas, decisions, and what becomes real.
Whether we stand in a line, elections.
Decide who continues on, selection.

The rich become rich only from people’s contributions.
Using their products, services, or through admiration.
Social media, likes, comments, a way to get attention.
Striving to break from conformity, this world’s automation.

Scream, shout, acting strange in public.
Shoot, attack, people turn on each other, frantic.
People become desperate, run out of options.
Detectives try to figure out motives, using caution.

Joker said it best, why so serious?
Wasting time on the small things, getting furious.
When you can turn it around, hear how they feel.
Truly care and help them heal.
Be a friendlier face, selfless.
To those hiding in their shells, helpless.

Maybe everything seems right for a while.
But this world is in chaos, and in need of smiles.

Why so serious?
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