Cloud 2d

It happened.
Sunset in 3 minutes.

Perhaps it wasn’t as beautiful as yesterday
Maybe because serendipity was part of it
Well, not anymore since I already kept it in my treasured heart.

Cloud 2d

What do uou associate
“beautiful” with?

Beauty was a room
With bookshelves
And a boy staring into space
Watching the sunset out of his window

The music in his silence
That not all understand
Or can even listen to
Because it can only be heard with a dreamy soul

Cloud 2d

October 17, 2017
3 in the afternoon

One of those simple
Childlike skies

Just blue, white

And they’re moving
Like unmanned ships

Searching for the dreamers
To come aboard

For those who choose to look up
Even in raindy days

For those ships have fought
In thunder, lightning, and in rain

Just for the next rainbow
Of tomorrow

Breezy wind
Childblue sky
Lying on my right now
Such sight barred by railed windows

“Jesus Christ
Can’t save me tonight”, sang the Lumineers

Oh and guess what!
I’m waiting for 5:36...
Before Mr. Sun departs and
I have to say goodbye to these Clouds

But not to worry
In hopes that the stars will
Come out tonight
Because hope only exists if one hopes.

Cloud 3d

October 16, 2017
Mark this minute for me
All you angels who watch us

Such magic
Orange rays of light

I was lying down on my mattress
Flat on the floor
Like Aladin’s magic carpet
Until i saw magic

Lying on my left
Head watching the untouched books
Arranged in such a unique, messy way
And dancing in the marmalade orange rays

Just 3 minutes
No word spoken
But just written
While John Mayers sang beside me

Of gravity pulling my dreams
To the black dullness of life

I gazed at the suddenly glistening spines of books
And wondered how long has it been
After that dreaming boy’s death?
For months, i haven’t writ.

I don’t care if people like this poem or not
Or if this is even a poem, to begin with
But i only write of the 3 minutes that brought
Light again to my dreaming soul
And showed me the way of poetry

This is the fourth minute which i now write
Of what the sun showed me.
That tiny ray of light
Against the curtain

Is what grabbed my blue heart
That has been drowning
Anyways, mark this moment for me please
To all the souls, ghosts, angels, and demons who are watching

For i met Life again.

Cloud Sep 13

What will it be like
70 years from now
Will I regret
Or smile that I lived and loved?

If I was then, would I be wishing
To send a message through time?

And to think that I received
A message written in 50 years,
Will I follow what I wrote to myself?

A minute ago, the sky was bright blue
Until puddles started forming mirrors
On the road
In a minute, there is time
For a hundred decisions and revisions,
Prufrock said.

It is now.
At this moment
That I ought to wake up
From sleeping dreams.

But im a coward,
How sad.
I do not know what I'm bidding,"Goodbye" to.

Cloud Sep 10

It feels nice
To cry in the rain
Because you know you're not alone
When Mr. Rain brings you His tears
To let you know
That you are understood and loved

Cloud Aug 29

Escape reality
Embrace fantasy

A pen to hold all the tears
And a paper to smudge all the smiles
A reality written in fantasy

Where am I?
I keep escaping
A world I sleep in
Where Music's lullabies
Mend the tears in my fabric heart

I can fall alseep all I want
Stuck in this dream
But soon, even the lullabies
Won't be able to mend the heart
It may hold on but
it isn't Music who can forever knit back the pain.

Escaping relieves the pain
Funny though.
Because we never want to hear the truth
The truth comforted by lies.

But the truth will set you free.
And isn't it beautiful to dance in the rain?
I don't know what else to say.
I locked myself away from everything.
My dreams.
People didn't believe in the boy.

Still the rain called out to him
For a dance and a song
A song of cries
And a dance in the tears

Surely, the rain knows the tears of thousands of men
Who came to cry and share their tears

The rain knows all our tears
There is nothing to hide
When dancing in the rain
People will never know
That you were crying
While dancing

It was the rain who
Made your tears
A dancing joy

Oh, don't forget.
The rainbow will come.
Very soon.

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