Cloud 4h

Was it my guardian angel
Who blew a dream
With his trumpet
In my sleep

What stirred in my subconscious world?
Stars and oceans?
Trees and clouds?
Ships to fly or to float?

God wrote my story
Encarved in my soul
And put crying ices in my heart
For me to melt and Him to collect my tears

Thank you God
For the dreams.

Cloud 4h

there was a poet
Whom the stars were calling
Telling him to write
Their dying light

Cloud 4h

I am a man
An element of this planet
Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, whatever.
Universe's child

Chicken and eggs
Blight and disease
Where else can we find food?

I can do that for you
Because I think I see a trail of stardust
But the ocean is still vast in its mysteries
As blurry as the black canvas of stars and galaxies

So what?
Will I stay for the deep blue?
Or dare to go to the stars?
Carpe diem.

Cloud 1d

I didn't listen to music for a day
It was enough to hear the silence of reality
And bring me back to my feet

How stubborn I am
I know I can't fly with the clouds
I can only follow where they go
But not see what they see

Cloud 1d

We drowned the light of the stars
They ran away from our sky
Running away from their responsibilities
To be our guardians
Maybe they forgot the poets, though

Cloud 1d

i want to ask you
how many times have you seen this cloud?
how many times has this cloud loomed over
wandering eyes

it had to rain itself
give its feelings
to the poets of this world

it rained much on some
not a lot on others

just a drop on my forehead
to tell that
yes, it was crying
witnessing man's sin
it had something to say
until it gave away its last cry on my soul

i still watch the clouds
wondering when i can meet that cloud again.
did you, by any chance, see this cloud again?

Cloud 1d

how i wish i could sing with them
in all their glory
once held by angels
who sang all their praise to God

how i wish i could sing with them
the tears of mankind
and the merry joys in our hearts

are they too waiting for a pair of hands and a lip?
do they hear the silent singing in my soul?

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