Oct 9 Raz

You are the moon in my deepest night,
I’m just a shadow of your light
You are the color of my sight,
But I’m invisible to your eye.

I’m a droplet of your cloud,
You are the rainbow to my shroud
I’m a thunder to your ear,
You are the music I love to hear.

You are the stars, you’re my galaxy,
In your space, I’m a dead energy
You are the sky, you are my universe,
I’m a cluster of hollow matters.

You’re my “everything,” I’m just nothing,
I’m your fall, but you are my wings
You are the blood of my heart,
But in your heart, I have no part.

You are the rhythm of my word,
I’m just a lost line in your board
I’m a poet in my own lost fight
And you’re the poetry I write.

  Oct 9 Raz

And it's moments like these
where you stop moving and the world
And your body feels so heavy
like rocks, like mountains,
like the whole world is pushing down
like you're drowning
in gravity
like none of the rules of physics apply
And it's like quicksand
there's no bottom to the pit
you've dug
and no ladder, no stairway, no handholds
you're falling
And you feel like you can barely breathe
barely blink
barely live
Depression isn't something cool
not a fad
or a trend
it's a sentence
a death sentence
and I don't know whether or not I can lift it
because somedays,
like today,
it's just too heavy

  Oct 9 Raz

even though the love is soft
it comes at such a cost.
with bruised hips and bloody lips,
will it ever stop?
foggy eyes and napalm skies,
i feel my lungs crying blue,
with quiet words and seldom heard,
what a sad and lonely hue.

a lil random something i just came up with
  Sep 20 Raz

a. we are the wild youth.

with lungs full of ocean water and ribs stained red with sunsets and roses

b. we have lilacs and honey dripping from our frozen fingertips

with watermelon smiles and candle wax eyes, we pull at our star dusted skin

and howl to the moon.

c. and with heads full of midnight and our veins swimming in twilight,

we dream our big dreams and pull down the stars, begging for our wishes to

come true

thank you for the daily! im so thankful and in awe of all the lovely feedback, i cant thank you all enough
Raz Aug 12

One day
One day I'll write you
a poem

I'll write about your
The consuming curves of your mouth
The twitches (sudden, sharp)
in your muscles

I'll tell the world
[empty rooms that read (mock)
my fractured whispers]
of how your chapped translators,
snuck past the
raw fissures of mine

I'll lyricise
About (ghostly) words that
were mouthed
across my skin

In (dazed) familiarity
I will (won't) recall
nights like this one
Nights where I felt.

I felt.

I'll write about
a love I've never
with a faceless
person I've never met,
only Alive
in the evolving
depths of (my) dreams
Through dwam
and deep sleep

One day
I'll carve into saturated sand
(under waves that will
greet me with the same fondness I have when I recall you)
all these
that can never exist
(how can they if
you don't either?)

— The End —