What is your name, sweet lady?
drips of river rain from your fingertips
fall upon my warm face
fragrance of potent blossoms sorrow
follow when you leave this place

Here to watch over me in sleep,
protectress of young girls' dreams
I felt you in the stories I tell my daughters
unborn and ever ascending
from some dark place of deep despair

Illusion proclaims you presence
night and day hold you in their hands
songs of warmth and water cold
alight upon your tongue like snow
from the stone faces of drowned angels

What is your name, sweet lady?
I burned to know since I saw your face

She speaks,
I am Ophelia,
the dream that you cannot escape
darkness seeps into my deepest bones
shadows drown the light within my eyes
sorrow falls like rain over my hollow body
snowflakes whisper secrets of my sleeping soul

what have I become, where have I gone
wilting flowers floating in the river
where my dreams were wont to swim
but I can't feel them as they brush against
my cold fingers

time is frozen as I sink below the waves
empty hands release me, I am not afraid
something comes to claim me as I slip away
the deep is now my home, my body here to stay
Swimming home
I catch my breath below the cold surface
call my name
help me pretend I'm not insane
feeling high
even as the water drags me low
coming home
so far away from all I've ever known
there's nothing like the shock of sudden cold
rushing through your blood
stealing your breath away
white flowers at my fingertips
light as feathers on the wind
rippling waves of soundless melodies
fill the spaces between body and world
wakeful nights
when you showed me the world
in your eyes
sleepless dreams
where you touched me so deep
I could feel it inside

all the faces
within my darkest core
tell me that I'm lost
but I've never felt so found before
all the eyes
watching me from inside
call to me in the light
but we thrive in the night
His body felt
So safe against mine
So close
And yet so far away
So deep
And yet so high

His eyes were
Dark within the light
His heart
Beat fast inside my chest
And for one breathless moment
We entered into endless night

His lips kindled sensations
All along the surface of my skin
Igniting emotions
I didn't know I'd hidden within
His hands touched me
Deeper than my flesh
Stirring cold fires
Flowing through my heart
Give me everything you are
Give me your name,
Give me your fear,
The light in your eyes,
The dark in your tears,
Give me everything you hold,
Your secrets I'll unfold,
The ruin of your heart,
The shipwreck of your soul
I'll build a home within your light
And keep you safe
As your darkness softly dies
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