full eyes of pure quicksilver moonlight
dance across the star-struck sky
doors open and close in the house of my heart
empty rooms so full of fading light

crumbling, faded autumn leaves
blow in through open windows in my mind
night whispers songs into my fractured heart
as I leave the light behind

translucent veil over my eyes
falls softly down around my head
church bells ring like hollow lullabies
as I pass over the bridge of death

some things can never be complete
I guess I've always known
that through my mind has lost its way
my heart has not yet flown

I've tasted the warmth of the world,
The ice cold freshness
Of its burning heart
I've slept beneath its most beautiful mysteries
Hid myself far away
Between the shades of its art

The mountain is my protector
The wind is my guide
The trees are my family
The rivers are my eyes

The path through the forest is my gospel
The birdsong is my choir
Every step I take is inspiration
That sets my heart on fire

The Mother is my protector
She is my truest guide
I feel her breath in every breeze
That coasts across the sky

The Mother is my family
And I see through Her eyes
For She sees deep within me
To the soul that lives inside

Here is a prayer to the Great Mother that I made. Please use as you like, but remember that I wrote it. I'm not trying to preach a new religion, just a fresh spirituality. Enjoy lovely children!

Dreams of misty forests
Keep me walking in my sleep
Searching for the answers
I find only with my feet

Songs of old religions
Sultry scent of old perfumes
Strange fires burn within me
I dance to their ancient tune

Memories and voices
Echoing through my mind
The truth is far stranger
Than any fantasy I may find

Dreams of dancing figures
Haunting every step I take
These songs will keep on singing
Until I am awake

Greetings my Beauties! Thought this would be proper for the time of year, so enjoy and Happy Samhain! :)

I fell fast
and I fell hard
your night-stained hair
veiled my glowing heart
I fell through
the floor,
through my feet,
leaking from the
tips of my toes
seeping through the
cracks in the boards
like shadow
like light
my soul was
in flight
as I tumbled
way down
still further
to the ground;
but there is no ground,
no, none I can see
for you always reach out
just to catch me
but no matter
how tight
you hold me to your heart
I just keep falling

you shut down
you lock all your doors,
turn off all your lights,
cut all your phone cables,
maybe even
burn everything
that reminds you of them
except for that one picture
that one piece of clothing
they gave you for your birthday,
that one thing
you just can't bring yourself
to feed to the flames,
to throw away

you open back up,
unlock your doors,
start turning on the lights,
stop sleeping on the couch
or in the closet every night,
you stop lighting fires
on everything that hurts,
think twice
about emptying that bottle
of stone-cold moonshine,
and one day,
you see someone passing by
and they'll say, "Hello"
and just like that,
they save your life

there's something that I sometimes want to ask you
and sometimes I just don't
because sometimes you move too fast for me
to even start to speak

there's something I want to tell you now
I just can't find the words
because I've always wanted to tell you
what I don't know how to say

there's something I really want to say
but you can't hear my voice
it's not because you aren't listening to me
just that I'm too far away

there's something I really want to whisper
want to make you feel my voice
as though our lips were brushing
but we can't feel a thing

because the thing that I've been wanting
so badly to say to you
is the simplest thing in all the world:
I just really want to kiss you

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