Why did the darkness
Want you so badly?
Why does the light
Need you still more?
Why were the shadows
Screaming your name,
While shafts of moonlight
Whisper deep within your soul
Words that shatter you more
Than the ghosts ever will?

How did the angel
With wings of light
And a heart of darkness
Find you so easily,
Though you'd buried yourself
In long-lingering secrets
So perfectly?
Why does she ache
To carry you away?
You belong to the shadows of night
And the light of day

Unable to have one
Without the other
Following you
Wherever you go

The infant Earth
Ripens in Her womb
Warmth of connection,
Sigh of full birth,
A crystal drop of moon
That night she did consume

Laid out upon
Her bed of dreaming flowers,
Legs spread apart, in openness,
Giving and receiving,
With each calm, awakening hour,
From the eternal canals of Her love

Her breasts were full
Of milk and glowing ashes
Of long-remembered stars,
Combined to form
The sweet mixture of vitality
She freely gave to all Her daughters
With Love and overflowing bliss

Her long, flowing hair
Whispered in the wind
She'd woven for us,
Glistening as the sunlight
Kissed Her head,
Smiling down upon
The new-born babe
She held securely in Her arms,
Eyes full of wonder,
She laughed and Her laughter was the rain
And as Her child
Suckled Her ever-burning heart,
The sun faded into Moon and Stars
In Her eyes,
And the twilight sky sang an evening song,
The trees held out their arms
To hold their overflowing dreams,
And the earth held Mother and Child
In its arms
As the Goddess lay down
And closed her eyes
To sleep.

my heart burns within my chest
yet I hardly know how the flame was lit
I try so hard to hope for the best
But his breath rekindles the heat within

I cannot conceive of why I cry
when I think of your tears raining from the sky
I don't understand why the stars seem to speak
They whisper the secrets of love that I seek

these words are too pitiful,
my heart is too weak,
and yet I won't let myself
crumble or break

my mind screams within my head
for the smoke in my chest blinds all that I've said
I try so hard to hope for the best
But this spark rekindles the dream within

Wind in my bones
Clouds in my eyes
Cold in my heart
Fire in the sky

Turmoil within
Writes words on my soul
Feel the breath of my skin
Frozen tears in my throat

Aching sigh in my chest
Crystal sparks in my core
Dreams of fire laid to rest
In the place where I was born

Thrice I, with words
Of light, bespoke
This autumn evening
I do invoke
The powers of
The ancient winds,
Song of my soul
This night begins

Thrice I, with dreams
Within my heart,
Reach out to touch
The brightest star
By light of moon,
Our Mother's eye
I do invoke
The ancient Light

Another wicca wonder for my readers, please enjoy and may the ancient Light shine on you all!

My scars show
Through my see-through clothes
You can see them
Peeking out
From beneath the tears
In my dress
Playing hide-and-go-seek
Hoping the world will find them
Hiding behind
The imperfections
In my skin
They lie in wait
Seeking solitude
Seeking air to breathe
Waiting to be found
But they remain invisible
Camouflaged against
The backdrop of my blood
No one can see them
Yet they shine like neon lights
They scream like children
In the dark
And no one has been hurt
But me

A forest of scars
Behind my eyes
An ocean of regrets
Within my core
A silence
Then a cry
One way
Or another
My scars
Always find me
In the end

The smell of smoldering
The sound of empty
Still lingers
In the air

The wind
Carries them

They brush against
The trees
Stir the clouds
Kiss the
Vast, blue sky

They find themselves
In the strangest

Float into the kitchen
Of a housewife
Causing her to
Close the windows
In increased irritation

Touch the soft,
Of a blind man's

They even swirl around
The bright,
Silver eyes
Of a laughing baby

But only for
Mere moments

Before they know it
They're on their way
On the air again
With the ever-late wind
(Which seems to always be
In a hurry to get someplace)

They are drifting
Among the tips
Of the city
Mingling with
The busy footsteps
Busy lives
Busy noises
Of the people
That live and thrive
In the gray city

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