when I'm sad
I fill my body up
with words
until there's no room left
for tears

when my body cracks
under the weight
of the world
I paint the colors
of the sun
under my skin
so that when it breaks
it shines out
from inside

when I can't speak
I close my eyes
and whisper softly
to the thoughts
in my mind
Let me be the writer of your soul,
my love,
let me be your ghost poet
I'll sniff out the flavor
of your effervescent vapor;
Let me pluck your
silver strings,
find the lost chords
of the chorus of your beating heart,
let me be the painter of your eyes,
my love,
let me inhale their beauty
until I'm full of life again;
They spiral into my mouth,
carving a sacred path
from my throat, to my tongue,
to my stomach, to my feet
where they gaze up at me,
sad loneliness
with a lingering whisper of laughter
your breath is sweet and tender
like rain upon my skin
your eyes carve out a river
flowing from the ocean within

with every kiss you draw up
another dewdrop of desire
I'm so scared that I'll wake up
and have to live without your fire

your fingers taste my
brittle flesh
your movements speak of
life and death
I've lost you somehow
in the fading stars
but you're still with me
in my healing scars
I'm not sure if I've posted this one before, but I just came across it in one of my journals and felt like I needed to post it now regardless. Enjoy my lovelies!
each muscle in my body
fades like fingerprints
from a window in winter
I wish I was stronger

each thought in my mind
comes and goes like passing time,
every second an image
as blurry as my face in the mirror

my emotions condense
on the surface of my skin,
my fingers quiver,
tracing pictures on the glass

these bones I hide within me
crumble in the wind
flying like sand across the sea
I may never see them again
the stars in the sky
pull feelings from my belly
they dance around at night,
sting my eyes
with the smoke from their fire;
but now I'm too tired to see them
they glow, but I can't feel their heat
like desert sands they shift around me
unwilling to reveal the secret water
buried underneath.
I still feel
the aspen breath of mountain breeze
combing through my eyelashes,
stroking across my cheek,
kissing my neck,
touching my soul
What is written
Is never dead
Whispers of shadow
Singing in my head
Nothing is silent
All is loud
Feelings violent
I cannot live without

Freedom's friction,
Petrified pleasure,
Such tantalizing fiction
Keys to my hidden treasure

What is bleeding
Cannot live
So tired of receiving,
Too weak to give;
Nothing is perfect,
Nothing is right
No light without darkness
No shadow without light

Whisper is screaming
Not time to wake up
My nightmares are dreaming
As I drink from an empty cup
Laughter is crying
Filled with unpolluted tears
A lifetime of dying
And unconquered fears
Would she have believed me
If I told her
That all I ever wanted
Was to see her by my side?

Did she understand
That the slightest touch
She gave to me, so generously
Was enough to kill the darkness
And awaken the light inside?

I saw things in her eyes,
She saw something in mine,
A passion that could whet the flames,
A hope that rose above the blame
Each tender trembling
Of her skin
Shook off the layers of pain
I'd built around my forgotten name
here's your daily reylo poetry dosage my friends, hope you enjoy!
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