The Devil knows me,
Down in Hell
He's keen to see me
And you as well !!

So grab your sin
and take my hand
Let's jump in quick
they'll understand

I was naked when i met you
standing proudly in the street
It's odd the way our dreams
dictate the way we meet

I asked you for directions
you offered me your scarf
I wrapped it round my head
and we both began to laugh

You asked me where my clothes were
As the snow began to fall
I wished you Merry Christmas
To you and one and all

You said I must be freezing
Then we warmed beside a fire
We snuggled in a blanket
As the flames grew slightly higher

Then I was an old man
And you were in my gaze
My dream began to falter
the meaning in a haze

I never had a name for you
I never told you mine
But we seemed to be connected
And got along just fine

Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee
Why you land
On my knee

So hairy
So hairy
You're heavy
And scary

Fly from me
Fly from me
Bumble bee
On my knee

I am stronger today than yesterday
For in my dream
I rose above this earth
and gazed down upon myself
and there , I saw a man
A man whose ambitions could not be penned in by boundaries
Boundaries and borders built by other men to stifle and challenge.
I saw a man who need not walk the path trodden by the shackles of closed minds
A man who has been liberated to paint a wonderful world in words and colour, one world, a world of possibilities free from ignorance and darkness.
In my dream I could fly without wings
Swim without water
Run without movement
For I saw the strength in me
I am strong

Every captured ray upon the glass,
is mine
Every sodden blade of broken grass,
is mine
Every speck of bookshelf dust,
is mine
Every bite from frosts new day,
is mine
Every line that's scored my flesh,
is mine
Every distant moment stood in thought,
is mine
And every memory without you,
is sadly mine

It's time to say goodbye to you,
not because i want to, but because,
i have to
I can't pretend that maybe one day we'll
hug the way we used to,
or maybe that we'll talk the way we should do,
you know
and I know
that the ship of hope has sailed
that the ripples from a skimmed stone
have long petered out, melted back into obscurity.
It suits me
It suits you
It's a good fit
I don't blame myself
I don't blame you
I don't blame circumstance,
I can't blame circumstance,
for how would you
blame circumstance?
We had the power to change
to say different things
to say, something,
we made a choice.....
we made a choice,
except for that dimmest of stars shining with
difficulty in the blackest of night skies
except for that distant dream which seldom visits
in our deepest sleeps,
except for the fact that I was once your son.
Goodbye will draw the curtains of hope,
I shall close tight that thin slither of light, for
I am a man
too large and proud to find the spotlight in your eyes
too cold in the shadows of your periphery
too honest to know that every sun must set,
and tonight
it is ours.

A silent evening,
where the pouting of my falling face
holds no thought.
This day,
with all it's movement,
has failed to move my heart.
And tomorrow?
Tomorrow will confuse me, till
the hush of darkness
gently wipes my eyelids
and solace becomes my lover

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