That light in gothic window run,
Trail over wilting room,
Means only in a twilight hour,
move to make a tomb,
In the dark night of the soul,
Shadows the darkness hang on low,
Within a thinking, storming brood,
Hense to pray a time,
Release me so.

Too often perfect nightmares do smile,
Merry songs ferry storms to vacant skies,
We rise and fall like winter wheat,
For the girl with tundra in her eyes.

With tender toe, through my slumber did she creep
Through rain, revel and riot. Bound and bitten.
Until comfort to my witness with milk and honey
Through leaded windows to my brooding roost
On feathers raise and fall; her breast plenty
Did not live; not tell tale.

Haunting the draped doorways did she peep
Rich she was, in youth and beauty both pale and light
But for no man could take, to me she would give
Lost in the fog of time in moving ebb and flow
No witches can return; light and shadow past
Ever dwell to regret.

Sweetest creature; nature calm, kind and meek,
Would undress with due discretion, with bitten lip.
There we tear; like wolf to lamb. tooth, tongue & nail
Grape and grain, powder, potion and pill
Make sleep by my lamp light I exhibit
Until decay will not recall

Surrogate lovechild,
Apologetic priests,
Living in exile,
Actively deceived,
This womb won't hold me,
Bathing in dust,
Trade blood for water,
Remember my love.

A crashing silence,
Sores skin,
Blisters thine eyes,
For love be thy poison,
That blackness the mind

— The End —