IamJayMack Feb 7
Knives that prick,
where it hurt most
Touched thee there,
With a needle. . .
My steel would kiss,
Alas you flinch,
and do recoil,
that burn my toil,
Retreat away,
A safe distance,
On higher ground,
Where winter wake,
Raven's eternal song,
That make no sound.
A great love of mine got in touch last year and for fear of love cut me off without warning again for fear of love
IamJayMack Jan 13
You're out there somewhere,
I was told in a dream,
Besides logic dictates,
That there will be others,
And I'll make one my queen,

I often walk in the evening,
After it's been raining,
I often think of you,
And wherever you are,
Are you happy or screaming?

Fatigue we shall fight,
And talk through the night,
Close ranks my aching soul,
There seems no question,
That this place is haunted,
But it's ever so charming,
In the summertime,

Lay you in a flag,
Your unquiet ghost,
the conquest of paradise,
Baby this loves gonna kill us,
Remember how we never met?
Time comes and goes; hurry love.
IamJayMack Oct 2017
Once the itch sores my leather,
The belt in the bathroom,
Unto the decay thou art born,
Rot from first infant gasp,
When struck with abandon,
Pant and like the fuck feast,
Where Hell is a holiday,
Life ain't fit for the living,
Escape to oblivion,
Swim in despair,
To itch and itch again.
IamJayMack Sep 2017
She is the colour of my sea,
Dead at every passing glance,
Every touch burn like hellfire,
She snarls and all heaven falls,
Silent scream and sunken teeth,
Into shoulders that heave,
Kitties claws draw blood,
I taste her bitten lip still now,
As she does the kisses I laid,
On her collar burn,
And I'll show my love,
In a cloacal kiss,
Even now.
A girl from yesteryear walks back into my life (albeit slowly) so I've dug this out my journal from that halcyon summer.
IamJayMack Sep 2017
Worlds away,
Poles apart,
In this or the next,
I'll conquer your heart.
IamJayMack Sep 2017
My ship stands abandoned,
Rocking, riding, rolling in the tempest,
I stand ashore on Helena,
Waiting, watching, wanting in self exile,

I will rise again; Allied with time,
Time is your foe; True as hair grows,
Enjoy your prime; I've yet to see mine,

When my coffers cough coin I will spit fire,
As sure as you know that the sun will rise,
No winter ever lasts; long as they may seem,
And in the dead of the night I am recovering,
With the passing of time I grow stronger,
At the end of the maze is the monster,

Check your horizons daily; keep a vigil,
One cold day you'll be spent and vulnerable,
You'll find the mountain beacons burning,
A thousand sails paint the distance white,
With a fear you simply cannot ascertain,
I fall, but I rise, I rise again.
IamJayMack Aug 2017
Do you remember,
The warm air rise,
Under the crescent moon?
The fairy lights like embers,
From an ivy woven pergola,
Through your closed eyelids,
Flickering sunbeams crash,
As you walk your wary way,
And all the summer screams,
The thunder torrents smash,
How we danced in the rain?
Do you remember?
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