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Jun 21 · 16
two tone!
Michael John Jun 21

two tone!
owt note
love lily
was it

it was
i was twenty..


i enjoyed the raucous
and wondered
such depression


and drink
flicked it

made a curtain
or a portal
into the next

became a vegetarian
i have a regret
but ****

as they say
was crazy
on occasion
lsd was not

for all seems
so right
he had not

i would not
a chain of events
only to end
rather obviously

the dawns early light
and claudia
s. saved my stupid

head and i had
wild breakdowns
yet it was good
the bulb factory

see lovely haarlam
and the dam
frite and cheese souffle

and the spring
mad colour
most time on
a bicycle

i would

in her small
house boat
she had

3O some cats
1 chicken
so many books
a cirtoen

and happy
she said
i was once

a lady
and give
me tea
of a winters

the cold calm
the frozen canals
iced balm
Jun 11 · 30
song has gone
Michael John Jun 11

song has gone
for ever
(but not for good)

a head held
(with out-cost)..
the barbarian

is at the gate
and he asks
and we answer

we don´t know
but someone
shall pay..



in our heart
is eternal

wild things
in wacky

if need be
join hands

and dance
Jun 5 · 71
Michael John Jun 5
guilty me
mint tea
May 31 · 30
letter from spain
Michael John May 31
letter from spain
i know that you two
have all elation!?
i hope your not
hitting your
head too much
i do
i catch my toe
in my music stand
and yesterday i lost
my glasses
it is good policy
to stay put
bathing is quite
cockroaches are
becoming abundant
spelling is patchy
i curse days
of excess
i cant remember
now i like
sweet sense
sweet mary jane
on occasion
a cup of tetleys
and love song
bide like the
the dear little swallow
circle the agave
the butterflies ******>numerous
no pollution
o the sparrows
the cacti are red
diamond shines
i wake at sparrow
with a galloping
soul seekers
feed everyone
i tried a new coffee to
i read either
whiskey galore or
the fall of the house
of usher
i keep a poetry
a fine short story
writer john mcgahern
collected stories
and in a napolean
coste state of being
stare at the sea..
May 24 · 26
time is very cruel
Michael John May 24
time is very cruel
for when there is only
we have no memory..

it is like a duel
in monty python
my mind disappearing
come back!

come back i yell
i will bite your ***
o i recall
but not feel..


!!i left my banjo
i did not care
how i savoured
el vino

i slept right beside
the sea
in the summer
i remember

the sss
as it swept
the hot night
gentle dawn´s caress..


to the long and exacting
beach road
to cognac coffee and backgammon
i recall a viking mouth open

wake up drinking and laughing
arguing with everyone
scratch and laugh
b is fighting

iii i dug holes
and what-not..

effing bricks
effing and
effing that

i painted
i panted
o my pants

and white
but kept clear
of cement

loved the cement
and backgammon
i liked diamonds

and rust
bean soup
the bus
and backgammon..

the cinema was some fun
i did the garbage truck
i cleaned the beach
b and i

worked at the museum
there was scant electric
and we slept 25
in the old cobblers house..

i picked tomatoes
and emptied the glasshouses
we treasured
i had some charming land ladies..

who fed and doted upon me
with her snowy long braids
she would cry-mikali..

lo there was bean soup
we shared the fire
and she would remember
an old lover..

i studied a single tear
descend her cheek
i had one old room
over the sea..

the bars were open
23 hours a day
bean soup was cheap
good bean soup..
May 17 · 14
to my friends!
Michael John May 17
to my friends!
i am your friend!-
when i write
i think of your light

when i play guitar
it is to your star..
in the shower
and during a light

sometimes a minute
sometimes an hour
to your health!

and to your families
the world is strange
and wonderful

nothing is all
we make of it
our self
and we are..!
Michael John May 15

the wild flowers beside-
like yellow eyes
and purple brides
emit cries

with soulful bye-byes
oh shy
time and it´s tides
soon to die

a while to bide
soft sighs
to blind
trumpet cry-


my window show
in a green nest
cacti flowers
are scarlet

and i saw two fat lizards
dandillion breast
dove and swallows
snow north west

small fishing boats
two or less
some freaky cloud
it rained less

or than
the sea loud
the breeze chilled..

i won
my will..)
May 15 · 28
clowns with fake bells
Michael John May 15
clowns with fake bells
your name
what to tell
a game..

what a ******* hell
no particular aim
say well
the blame

lies well
jester bell
love wains

hate swells
what a dame
he fell..
(fake dumb bells..)
Michael John May 11
the wild flowers below my window
think i am one of them
in this they are not completely wrong-
i too look to the sun

and they don´t know the words..
i wave in the spring breeze so
they are purple and yellow
sometimes hopeful trumpets..

and sometimes we curl within
and think
dream of bees
recall past lovers..
Michael John May 9
before the woman runs home
shouting are you home
before the begun to turn

not before breakfast
but at the split awakening
became a distant end
on the magical bus..

now and then my friend
i played my part i did my
i have learned to cuss..
Michael John May 4
time goes slow when i got eczema
on my paw
i smoke marijuana
so the itch like straw

depart here and the howling fire
that burns my finger so
replaced from red planet
by soft meadow

and clear water..(in four
minutes or less..)
anyone else concur..?
May 1 · 32
may day
Michael John May 1
may day
yay mad
(ay ay dm..)

mad yay!?
may day
ya ya md-

yam yad....
yad yam...

dya mya
ma da yy..
day may

d a y m a y
d a y m a y
d a y m a y..
Michael John Apr 26
i would write a testament to my uncle ron
who only allowed to play the guitar upon
the toilet then

rendered forth with frankie and johhny

a song i love to play
got his revenge by leaving the
door open

i remember going to school
with satchel over my shoulder
stumbling by the door

a tyrant his wife aunt mary

a classical pianist
though a lovely lady

i grabbed some breakfast
uncle ron came downstairs
in his silk dressing gown

and burning the cheroot!

and headed for the bar..

i love that song..
sunday morning..
Michael John Apr 18
the wild flowers below my window
a purple gown and overgrown
the sky is grey and softly blown-
the birds have taken back

what was always theirs then..
and what we can infer
is when and if and how
the moment a rolling stone..
Apr 3 · 29
i love you sweetheart
Michael John Apr 3
i love you sweetheart
a good start
long and short
love´s merciless caught

experience has taught
still a ****** net
of cheer and upset..

a nice start
what bottomless shout
gosh,live and let
what a trusted out-

i witch
a charm sort of loved
beguiled and such
by love circled!?

the start touched
a manic dove
to always be

Mar 31 · 369
never was
Michael John Mar 31
never was
was never
ever is
is ever
is now
now is

all i know
know i all
i all
all i..
a poem without the magical assistance of kief..
Mar 29 · 41
my neighbour in eilat
Michael John Mar 29

my neighbour in eilat
what an amazing chap
i wanted to know his story

but he was far too canny
so secret he
he was silent

the only thing he ever said
was never run
i had that feeling

so i went to consult with tom
storm clouds were brewing
he played the beatles

early stuff and after adjusting
his cigarette holder
would play mr postman

by the carpenters
in this hiatus
he gave me an odd look..

which kind of meant
go to dahaab  and
enjoy yourself

so i did
this was eilat and dhahab of the early eighties.
Michael John Mar 29

the poor girl´s heart was broken
so was mine
so was every ones´..

anyone marry s..
i paid and we went in
the street
we bid adieu..

he back to his leaflets
and me on to denmark
i stocked up on metaxa
only the best for her

five star- i liked
the barrel..
in copenhagen
people were friendly

her name was ingar
i remembered
her boyfriend moved out
and i moved in

he gave me a sympathetic
that is where i first heard
tom waits

thank you ingar
but i just could not
**** all the time
yo had the warmest smile..

even my lost heart
felt the sun
when you smiled
from your ancient

so generous
burns me still
seared me till

i had no clothes and it was cold but the sky was blue..
Mar 29 · 29
got to keep writing
Michael John Mar 29


got to keep writing
o note to self
i remember my life
sleeping sand hard

concrete worse..
now i have a dicky hip
no surprise
i should have worked harder

and paid rent but the more
i worked the more drunk
i got
and i worked hardest

when drunken..
(but insane..)
so i took refuge in


the written word
became god
there is sanity
in tolstoi

i roamed with anna
but more transfixed
by bbd as he played chess
things looked darker

but by the waves
life is grand
war and peace
s you ran off with

i hope you are well
and realize by now
the gravity
of your offence


i had to forgive you
because you had recently
married and now was
on the run..

and her brothers were hot
on your trail
you see for every corner
and the loud door

i should explain that s was desparate
for liturature
so for a brother
i lent him

peace when i was coming to the
end of war
and he swore
so he married

they were drunk
he said the party was on
war and peace..!
he knew her a week..

they had his passport
they had shotguns..
we got very ******
sorry,about the book

good man yourself
what a party man
o s you just wanted
to get married..

what an effing party
in this old fisherman´s cafe
on the sea harbour
we laughed...
athens port side 86..
Mar 14 · 30
Michael John Mar 14
stores cleared out
is it all a matter
of perspective
or shout!

in 1918 millions
dead from flu
after war that

a what´s it
is man..?!
i am reading

the stand
by stephen king
i know it´s not
a good idea..
Mar 9 · 39
beaten by the machine
Michael John Mar 9
beaten by the machine
my heart wear thin
never fear wise hearts
there is always the sun
* by the stranglers
Mar 6 · 421
is it taboo to know
Michael John Mar 6
is it taboo to know
rather count
or eat a twix?

think and breath..
and the remote
far away so
or take
a risk..
Michael John Feb 26
like the child telling tales
teacher regards us and
sniffs the wind-
(ask not for whom the bell
*john donne
Michael John Feb 22


they nigh on carted me away
in some distant palmed bay
cashew fenny* and too much beauty..

(you know the way..)
it would have been a short fray
they left no exit free..

i was zonked and skinny
they were three
and tidy..

i eyed the nurse wearily
exotic the flora and tree
the birds- free..!

the people so politely
sands so dazzling


so,i said
must be off
late for tiffin..


anyway she
and i made

like a blade
of grass-

on spring days
past the guys
and did not glance back..


they had me cornered
i thought well,now,
i´m ******..!

i was naked

but we british
we have a saying
never darkest then

before the dawn
and we introduced

how did we rule this
the biggest empire

this world ever
quick thinking



in india this woman
this woman lay naked
awaiting my passage..

i near on tripped over
her brown skin one time
she was so pretty..


i was twenty


fenny is like poteen
or raki..i liked it
made from either coconuts
or nuts..a memory of my youth
Feb 20 · 91
Michael John Feb 20
it seems so la di da
but a poet is born...
Feb 13 · 31
when a youngster..
Michael John Feb 13
when a youngster
top of the chess ladder
i lost the killer instinct
and seized the
white witch
that is prayer
through mother nature
or some magik
like young struck..

but i said bon voyage
to the logic
and gained the wages
of the curious..and was
the universe
all that was without
was within..
how we adored
the stars
my ma and me..!

but i can not find
my desire to win ever
in a drunken brawl
that does not count..)
how i think my life
would have been
i threw the game..
but in that capitulation
was more thought..

maybe i was ten
may be i lost
maybe i won
well a draw
well with step
well to hell
can´t tell
bill and ben
spotty dog
i had no idea how to end and into my head came this puppet show of the late,i remember it was the dog off the wooden tops and bill and ben was a puppet show about two little boys made from flower pots..they were bill and ben the flower *** men..and i loved them..with little **** and someone the gardener..little **** was a sunflower always happy..and so  was spotty dog..
Feb 10 · 29
how is love
Michael John Feb 10
the day of black and white
so much the better
was *******-

there was a quality of light!
what the butler saw
she squirming on the knee

laughing with silk stockings
champagne and cigar
a puzzled eye

in the key
now the maid

now the hound
now her husband
now blood..

a lot for a penny
the beauty in tone
how is love..
Michael John Feb 8
when i was young i wanted to change the world
now i just want to change my underwear
(with something like a smile..)

when i was young, i thought we should share..
now, i want to die with-out fear-
some distant sun uncurl..

when i was young i wanted to play my guitar
now i am old i want to play my guitar
i sure will miss playing my guitar..
Michael John Feb 6
how is the world with you?
round and flat too
a tear track or bugaloo..

or grey to greyer..
and bach
aire on a g..

easy to be
every breath

is it all a lie
and cripplingly

dream or reality
come on down
or high..
Michael John Feb 5
this morning there was
a Kestrel in the agave
it looked in through my
i don´t know why..

but i played it a tune on
my pipe
and then a chord on
the i st third and

three blind mice
and an e major
on the guitar..
in semblance
of flamenco music..


this after breakfast
i shared my daily egg
with tom-cat..
whilst reading a note
off a post card-essay-
page 353-the chymical
wedding by lindsay
clarke-from a possible 1264-
an attempt-a trial..
in the style of my poetry diary..
Michael John Feb 4
the way you walk is the way i walk-
numinous like insect talk..
the way you grip your fork
is the gods at work..

the way you read a book
makes me look and look..
you say the time it took
might as well -

the time you take to
complete a simple task
is a sojourn in hell
the way you sing

your hair is different
so is your skin
fresh like dawn
old as the hills..

no end
all to begin
each day
a new one..
Jan 31 · 146
i woke up in heaven..
Michael John Jan 31
i woke up in heaven
but fell asleep in hell..
during the meanwhile
my dreams cast a spell..

in your heart was woven
impossible to tell
love as an ancient
coin in a wishing well..

but you had gone!
leaving a tiny bell
that like your smile
began to swell..

in the morning called
a cacophonous knell
that you returned
a sweet kiss to  tell..
listening to jj cale-sub title..!
Jan 12 · 163
Michael John Jan 12
touch me anyway you will
for long i have been dead
to this stinking world
my brain is bread

my heart screams ****
my soul bled
my feet flat
my blood still

my eyes are oily marble
where worms already crawl
wisdom and knowledge

can´t spell
all nothing
nothing all
Michael John Jan 12
touch me  anyway you can
for i am a mystical man
and i shall return then
your sweet caressing

ten time
who knows time
ah,shall you live
the moment
my  sweet harlot

beauty ******
sweet eternal
and together
ride universal

sweet lover..
Michael John Jan 6
how do i validate my feelings
(well really who cares)
a poet stood beneath ice
we seek justification

we seek reason..
but this christmas morn
i saw a a robin red breast
and in it´s eyes

no interest
only hunger
some irritation
and bare need..
Jan 3 · 39
it is the first
Michael John Jan 3
it is the first
well it was

for son of god
we looked to

i will spend

is mine)
in worthy
of soulful

mostly the


and to the little birds
who sing high
in the agave

and to my guitar
a true friend
who continues
to give..

all through the
hesitant years
one a small
twig on great

to live
some semblance

at happiness
as body and soul
falls apart..


but generous heart
a tasty dish
a magnanimous

best served
in loving bite

with patience
and understanding
a little spice

and wise
less than
one´s strain..
Nov 2019 · 27
whenever i think
Michael John Nov 2019
whenever i think
about ever
or when

i consider
the surrealistic
i mean

when nails that

a bit more



Michael John Nov 2019
be careful heart you know the drill
those that make infinite
that burn and tear years on

those that join up great continent
in between all space and will
my heart done-

those who take for sport
those who can´t help it
those who will be caught
those who are just bored

those permanently ******
those dentists
those oil merchants
those experiments

in forgetfulness
those who walk through doors
those who soar
those who die

but pick and shovel
from one side to t´other
small time

the collectors
more holes than
blackburn lancashire

who wait for a knock
on their faces more
who store away tears
along with all the rest..
Michael John Nov 2019
i don´t know if i can wait
i don't know if i can die
do i believe in fate
(life a lover´s sigh..)

i do try not to fear
my eyes unborn star
while outside rain falling
and leonard reads his poems..
Michael John Nov 2019
i went to the market today
from our new bus station
i bought a solitary book
slowly down the ganges

there is an old photograph
it is worth a look
of a naked man on a reed mat
the caption

reads outside the post office
in benaras
i thought here is a happy
go-lucky kind

and what kind of society
would allow such
and how healthy

his exhibition
and how big the smiles
of the children
of india..
Michael John Nov 2019
i will never fall in love with you
because cause be
just like this blank
space meaningless but true-

never an accursed determination
rather i am a reed in the breeze
or chaff
one eye on the moon the other

on  your charms..
ah, you cry semantics
well, i am not ******* wordsworth

i will not fall in love
knaves fall in love
love sure as the end
because cause be..
Nov 2019 · 32
i dream about you
Michael John Nov 2019
i dream about you
dreamt about you
i dreamed about you
dreaming about you

how i loved you
how i love you
loving you

Michael John Nov 2019
i am not surprised to exist
but since your first kiss
i have felt like a fish
on a flowered dish

or frozen in a waterfall wish
dirt poor and rich
hid on heaven´s niche
some strange terrible

burns an unseen hole
that you hardly notice
came as no surprise
born into this*

you said
or something as equally
or kitsch and
fell into
drunken oblivion

the title of a biography
of charles bukowski
Michael John Nov 2019
i notice if there was a constant
it was you-
you blamed me for your
that was quite a recurring
all  through the confusion
and excess
you were sure of nothing
but this
had you died then
and there
on your lips
a raised digit
from the dead
it was my fault
not the pills or
the *****
not your taste
in pain
not your father
or mother
i was in error
not any
not even your
god forsaken
it was me
to the small hours
and on
number one
and why
when all
every other
was fine..
well i don´t know
but you do
there is something wrong
with you(me)
there is something
with me..
Nov 2019 · 35
go to a party?
Michael John Nov 2019
go to a party with you friends
it´s  the details that will destroy
not some general mistake
like lead in the wine vats

like a crumb on your lips..

it is just those insignificant
when there is no mercy
two wires nearly fail
a rip that curls

the light on your hair..

it may all seem so
other world
but all of a sudden
some everlasting fall
brings me down

and your warm hand

it is so common place
so utterly bland
from brown to beige
and back to brown
small town

the fun in your eyes

i can´t be fussed
to cussed
go even to some
wilds party
change my socks

but you are my star dust
Michael John Oct 2019
the ******* rain is falling
like the gods are *******
i was good at dancing..

ask anyone
some took exception
but when one is young..

sort of a fred astaire
dee dee
on lsd

sometimes i was lost
and hid in the toilet
sometimes the moon

on the sea
the scented breeze
i thought god loves me

must be
why doubt
i felt the moment

and understood it´s
soon be gone

choice was paltry
stars are falling

stars were born
there was strange days
but not strange

as these
so before
and after

before it lapses
meaningless twaddle

and perhaps

**** my pants
and wail

beauty is still
beauty is true
beauty is me

beauty is you
beauty is
Michael John Oct 2019
the ******* rain is falling
after a summer in pain
i see your face cracking
and out plops your brain..

i scream a happy warning
i am color blind
oo what a winter coming
i will be kind..
Oct 2019 · 92
Oct 2019 · 28
free speech
Michael John Oct 2019
as regards free speech
a hoary old chess nut
why pick on chess nuts..?
you get my point..

perhaps better to remain
live in a donkey hut
peace with in reach..!
thoughts generally inspired by a letter to nick cave on the red hand file from george who has some issues or was he just fishing ..bless..
Jan 2019 · 203
i wish i were antonio o!
Michael John Jan 2019
i wish i were antonio o!
winding the hills so
into and out quilted to
the excited children know

the distant three wheel echo
of imagination -blue and yello
pop ups and quietly through
the sun rising finger drew

across a blinding line anew
a love to page them do
and don´t..lo!

in his biblio!
run promises blow
like a wizard´s brew
come all to know..!
as i recall a three wheeled library that served the wild parts of an arid area of southern italy..a man bringing books to the children of the sleepy hamlets and the exciting reported by the bbc..
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