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I don't seem yo recall thee
Yet your name I know
And as my lips move,
I know I will recall,
For my heart seems to quicken,
When I think of you,
Even if I know not whom it beats for.

And as I close my eyes to sleep,
There is a name upon my lips.
The ****** now walk the earth.
For Hell's doors are open,
And all its' creatures set free;
The condemed and the cursed,
The sinners and the wretched,
They now all walk the earth.

Tis why heaven has barred its' doors,
And no celestial blessing has shone through,
As the ****** now walk the earth.

And where angels should have slept,
Now lay serpents and the devil himself.
As the epitome of evil,
He lays there on the ground.

And with not a care in the world,
He lays there on the ground,
With relaxation on his mind.

As the harbinger of death and destruction,
He does not seem to care
As he diregards all of his production;
Anger, envy and dspair.

And as he lays there on the ground,
With relaxation on his mind,
Their hatred and his carlessness becomes entwined.
Oh, how I adore thee!
Your luscious lips
And golden smile.

With your stunning visage,
That sets my heart aflame,
And your magnificient splendour,
You are the manifestation of beauty itself.

I adore thee to the moon and back
And with every second apart,
My heart seems to depart,
In loneliness and despair.

Oh, how I Adore thee!
My angle and my love.
He wanted to fly.
Soar through the sky,
Whilst feeling the wind on his face.

But I just wanted home.

He wanted to dream,
He wanted to travel...
Explore the unknown,
Find adventure.

But I just wanted home,
A place that was real...

Not some where unknown.

And before I knew it....
He was gone.

He slipped throgh my fingers,
Disappeared from the future,
And what could have been.

He was gone.
No good bye,
No nothing.


A butterfly appeared,
It's wings broken.

He loomed above it,
And as he watched it helplessly flap it's useless wings,
He smiled with his face stained with evil.

He could'nt help laughing at it.

And slowly, he pulled of it wings,
Cherishing it's pain.

The butterfly twitched in agony.

It died in pain and with a broken heart.
She walked into the room,
Sat down upon her seat and sighed.
A sound full of such sorrow and despair
I could not help but ask...
And there I learned the saddest news.

She had met the monsters.
The horrible grotesque beings that stalked the halls,
Hid in the shadows...
Ansld spouted their vile, poisonous lies
That made the unstable weep
And The thickest skins crawl in agony.

She had met the devil's
The terrible beings that lurked in ones nightmares,
Wove tales of spite and corruption.

And as the heartbroken tears painted her face,
I knew for certain...

She had met the bullies.
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