Ara 10h

Somedays I have a cloud over my head,
Somedays the sun rays make a clear path.
But somehow I still have a broken heart.

Few words
Ara 4d

It was a beautiful afternoon
I was capturing the moment.
Those perfect photographic memories,
The couples on their auspicious occasion.
The laughters, the dancers,
To celebrate their love
I captured them all.

Who knew, that same day
As midnight struck I was taken ill.
Two days later I was carried to the hospital,
Found myself in drips and pills.
My body overshadowed by weakness
my blood pressure kept on rising.

I saw myself!
I saw my body on the hospital bed
I was close to the ceiling, I was floating
I could see my mother silently praying.
Someone was beside me, I couldn't recognise.
He took me to the next room,
I saw twins, waiting to be examined.
Then suddenly the man said
"It's Time to return"
I woke up, with my eyes half opened.
I was sure it was all just a dream.

The following day, some visitors came.
To my surprised, they said
"We saw twins in the adjacent room".
That's when I realised
I saw myself
I saw a lifeless body.
Although it didn't seem logical,
I encountered a miracle.

A short true story about a friend. He was at a wedding that day, at midnight he was taken ill, His vital signs seemed fatal. He was in a suspended animation. He saw himself, his spirit separate from his body. today he is very much alive, following his dreams. but surely something miraculous happened that night.
Ara 6d

What does this life yearns for?
What is your purpose?
Do you require weapons?
Are you preparing for a battle?
Where is the battlefield?
Is the mind the ground you are battling on?
The weapons are made ready, the battle is set,
The enemies, your emotions are drawing closer.

A drop of silence suddenly fell to the ground,
Then a voice like a thunder roars out loud,
Asking questions that linger through,
What are you fighting for?
What are you seeking?
What is the reward for the victor?

It's the battle against the will and emotions.
The fight not to make unworthy decisions.
It's a defining moment
Whether to cross a bridge or build a new one.
To win is of no concern
But to gain control is the challenge.
The TRUTH is what we seek,
Unknowingly we all search for an

At one point we all question what is the purpose of our lives. Eventually we reach a point where we find epiphany.
Did any of you experience this?
Ara Jul 13

The door kept knocking
I was afraid to open.
At the same time curiosity struck my mind
I peeped through the keyhole
And pretended to be bold,
But all I saw was silhouette.
A chill ran down my bones
As I saw an invitation slid through under the door.
I was bewildered as to who would send an invitation late this hour
addressed to my name.

I opened the envelope
And the invitation read
"I cordially invite you to the carnival of lust"
I took the invitation to my room
And left it on a table at the side of my bed.
I went back to sleep as I thought, the invitation wasn't for me.

I woke up the next morning
Thinking it was all just a dream.
But there I saw the invitation lying next to me.
I chose to ignore it as it wasn't something I would acknowledge.
But instead of discarding it, I let it be.

Once again a voice whispered,
Aren't you a little curious to know what it might unfold?
Just one visit won't hurt,
Just to be sure that it isn't what your looking for?

I was miss goody two shoes.
Never made reckless decision.
But then I thought why not?
"Maybe I should cut myself loose
I will go, just for a sneak peek".
I was sure it would bring no harm
I always kept myself alarm.

So I got all dressed,
And found my feet marching towards the carnival of lust.
I said to myself "I will leave before the rest".
Instead, till today Im filled with remorse.
For what I saw as the curtain unfold
Was not meant for my soul.
It was like a rollercoaster ride,
Not for merrymaking,
The carnival twisted my mind
I was not able to leave.
Now I pray for release,
For a carnal life I lead.

Here I used invitation as a metaphor for temptation. It's like an invitation in our life that keeps knocking for a door to open. Temptations will always come, but it's our choice whether to let them in or not. Sometimes they leave us in curiosity. But once we let them in, it's difficult to get out. So let us be alert. I hope you enjoy this simple piece about temptations lust.
Ara Jul 12

A letter to you is just words in a piece of paper.
To me it brought us closer.
I could hear you whisper,
Those words so divine
You transformed my mind.
Although I knew they were shallow,
Yet I permitted my heart to follow
Those words that numbed my sorrows.

I was gullible, you were intimidating,
Each syllable was captivating
With that letter you won my attention,
But for me it was a ticket to redemption,
To save me from those emotions
That had consume my thoughts.
So I believed in those words.

A spark was lit, seen on my face
I was filled with a warm embrace.
Only to find, it was for sunny days.
As the storm set in,
And the thunders raged
Each words slowly faded.
The letter was drench in my tears
As I watched you walk away.

I love letters, they speak directly to my heart.
For this I am definitely old school.
Ara Jul 11

I was young, so naive
I saw beauty in your eyes
Didn't know they will leave me dry.
You would say let's fool around.
In my innocence I thought you meant laughter and acting crazy
Calling each other funky names.
Maybe I was just too innocent.

I let you in too deep.
I kissed you with fiery passion,
Embraced your every action.
When you laid down your head on my bossom
My heart skipped a beat.
The butterflies in the pit of my tummy,
So strong I had to resist your lips,
Especially when you said you loved me, you needed me,
It felt like forever.

The table turned,
I was just another,
A game meant to be played
To experience what it felt like,
Fooling around with me was a pleasure.
That's when I realised what you actually meant.
You said you couldn't see me in your forever.
I wasn't your world
I was just an experiment,
to prepare yourself for what's to come.
I was left undone.

I thought he was my forever, till death do us part, who knew he would one day say "I just don't love you like I used to". Writing with tears running down my cheeks.
Ara Jul 8

You called me old school
Just because I believe in purity

You called me old school
Just because I wasn't influence by social media to overcome my inferiority

You called me old school
Just because I don't swear or cuss

You called me old school
Just because in the midst of a chaos I remain Hush

You called me old school
Just because I believe in a deep sacrificial love.

Well I'm not old school. I just believe in principles and moralities, for without which, the world will crumble.
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