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Jun 19 · 201
Fathers Day
Jackie Mead Jun 19
A day of joy.
We see our children, girls and boys.
They bring our grandchildren and we get out the toys.
Love and laughter fills the room.
Then when everyone's gone, my spirits descend into gloom.
There is just one person missing, and that is my dad.
One special person I miss every day but the worst time of all is Father's Day.

Happy Fathers Day, Joe, wherever you are. ❤️
Still difficult, 6 years later.
Jun 14 · 123
Feeding Frenzy
Jackie Mead Jun 14
The sound of the sea, a thunderous roar, as it crashes and breaks upon the shore.

The wave has travelled from afar, tossing and turning, gathering speed.
Unaware it will be the cause of a feeding frenzy.

Sat on the beach, enjoying the sun, children playing, having fun.
Above all other noise, a loud squawking can be heard, this, the sound of the Seagull bird.

High in numbers, flying high in the sky, they hover, occasionally they swoop and dive, excited for the crest of the wave, with each rise.

Within the foam, a treasure is found, small fishes are the feast of kings for this scavenging bird.

I sit on the beach enjoying the sun, and all around a feeding frenzy has begun.
The gulls feast on their fishes and children feast on ice cream, both meals considered fit for kings and queens.
Apr 5 · 75
Aunty Kate
Jackie Mead Apr 5
Went through a spate
Of staying up particularly late
She said, she found peace at night
Peace was a girl with curly hair
Who lived in a shoe box under the stairs
Silly poems, if your having a bad day, I hope they bring you some cheer
Apr 5 · 95
Uncle Ben
Jackie Mead Apr 5
Had a secret hiding place, at the bottom of a Glen
He would always say he found Zen in the bottom of the Glen.
Zen was a buddha made of stone
Who sat peacefully and all alone.
Apr 5 · 221
Cousin Geoff
Jackie Mead Apr 5
Was stone-deaf
He Owned a restaurant and was also Head Chef.
He always said, too many cooks spoil the broth.
The broth was mucky, never clear.
Best drunk with a pint of beer.
Dec 2021 · 172
The end of the day
Jackie Mead Dec 2021
The sun has set on another day, the sky settling a darker grey.
The Moon has not yet graced us with its' presence.
The  nearby businesses, shedding light, fluorescent.
Illuminating the water in yellow and blue columns.
Like candles flickering in a church, in a scene, oh so solemn.
People are walking home from work, some meeting for a drink or perhaps something to eat.
Swans are gathering in a group, taking food from a human hand, such trust rarely given.
I am lost in my thoughts as I watch the scene before me on the still waters, and just listen.
Listen to the sounds of the end of the day.
Last night walking home from the Chiropractic. It was a wonderful scene, one I hope I did a little justice to.
Aug 2021 · 145
Pitter Patter is the sound
Jackie Mead Aug 2021
A frenzied chorus of sea birds, start their sounds at four forty-five, signaling the start of another day has arrived.

The wind blows stronger, through the trees. The speed and intensity more than a breeze.

The rain falls lightly dampening the ground, pitter patter, pitter patter, is the sound.

The mist coats everything in a grey mysterious cloak, creating swirls of grey and white, that look like puffs of chimney smoke.

The birds are waiting for the mist to turn and lift and some humans are hoping to be treated to a gift.

When the mist has gone and the sun has risen, we are hopeful that the birds display will be a breathtaking vision.
Another poem inspired by the visit to the Lake District.  I made an early start.
Jackie Mead Aug 2021
Where do the birds go at night?

When the noise ceases and silence surrounds.

When there are no starlings or sparrows flying in the sky or to be seen upon the ground.

Where do the birds go at night?

When it is perfectly quiet where can all the birds be?

Are they asleep in bushes close to the ground or nestling high up in a tree?

Where do the birds go at night?

When darkness descends and evening arrives, where do all the birds hide?

Are the birds playing hide n seek, having a bit of fun, as they wait for the first glimpse of the morning sun?

Where do the birds go at night?

Do you ever wonder if they have a secret life?

By day they are happy, singing a cheerful tune. By night they are more reflective singing Clare De Lune.

Where do the birds go at night?

Is it a puzzle that keeps you awake?
Do you toss and turn, until the birds return at daybreak?

Where do the birds go at night?

When morning breaks and the birds begin to sing.
Every morning seems like the first day of spring.
Waiting for the first sight of birds gathered upon your fence.
Full of hope for the day to commence.
Inspired by a visit to the Lake District this week.
I hope you enjoy.
May 2021 · 253
Jackie Mead May 2021
Reflections in the water
Of white fluffy clouds from above
A sprinkling of Summer
And sunnier days yet to come
May 2021 · 55
I scream
Jackie Mead May 2021
I float, I twirl, I scream, I shout!
Please won’t someone let my spirit out!
Too many years I have been left behind.
It is not healthy for my mind.

I am pale of face.
And light as a wisp.
I have perfected the art of an air kiss.

I use smoke and mirrors to disguise my existence.
I can’t be held by your arms, there is no resistance.

I walk through walls and shout ‘BOO’
If I wanted I could walk right through you!

I rattle tins and shatter glass.
I make drums of candlesticks made of brass.

You can not exorcise me from your home.
I am destined to remain here, free to roam.

I float, I twirl, I scream, I shout!
Please won’t someone let my spirit out!
A bit of ghostly fun
Jackie Mead May 2021
To ride a bike
To run wild and free
To play hopscotch and marbles outdoors in the sun
To laugh and run
To eat Jamaica *** and Raisin chocolate on a Saturday night
To wait up late to watch a man walk on the moon
To hide behind the settee when Dr Who comes on the T.V
To climb trees
To watch cricket played in the park
To roller skate
To swing as high as the cross bar
To grow your hair as long as your knees
To try and get it to curl with rags in your hair, desperately
To have your family motorbike and sidecar towed home by a taxi
To run on the sand
To watch the Royal Marines marching band
To swim in the sea
To walk on the moors
To be free to explore

And some people don't and that's okay.  These experiences are unique to me.  Allowed by my parents to play wild and free.  Free of the shackles, growing up with epilepsy.
Just remembering.
Apr 2021 · 126
Dear Table
Jackie Mead Apr 2021
A woman full of love comes home.
On the large dining room table, she places her bag, a book and her house keys.
She adds the warmth of the sun, the sound of the sea, the wind whistling through the trees and the voice of her dad saying “Hi, it’s smee!”
She takes off her shoe and empties sand and seaweed, stubbed toes, marmite sandwiches and a surf board.
From her jacket pockets she adds a child’s dummy, a pocket hanky a Frog and Toad.
On the table she places a wine glass, very gently and a bottle of fine red.  A pizza of Jamaican **** chicken to keep her well-fed.
The table is large and there is room for more. She scoops a child’s drum from the floor and places it on top too.
The scrapping sound of a child’s chair.  Also gets placed on top with such love and care.
Looking around for more items to include she adds memories of her family young and old.  Stories which have yet to be written or indeed told.
An image of a young girl playing roly poly down the hill.  A Queens Jubilee commemorative five-pound bill.
The table bears the weight well, it stands tall and upright. The woman she will sleep well tonight.
Thank you, table, for always being there. For the load you carry, your unwavering support. Throughout the years you have witnessed much joy and tears.
Mar 2021 · 474
Sunny Days
Jackie Mead Mar 2021
Sunny days
You came again!
You are a balm to our soul.
In an otherwise world of grey,
You bring colour.
In a world of coldness,
You bring warmth.
In a world of silence,
You bring sounds.
In a world of loneliness,
You bring togetherness.
In a world of uncertainty,
You bring peacefulness.
When the pandemic is at bay.
You will bring beauty to another day.
Thank you for staying around!
Feb 2021 · 125
When you walk...
Jackie Mead Feb 2021
When you walk amongst the flower and trees,
Do you take note of the insects and bees?
Making their homes in the branches and leaves.
Some no bigger than a speck of dirt.
Bees hovering amongst the roses, cowslip, and milkwort.
Pollinating the buds of new flowers, preparing for Spring to arrive.
The treasure they desire is nectar; to be drunk by the Queen of their beehive.

Show your admiration for nature at work.

Beetles, crickets, flies of all kinds, can be found.
Amongst the stem and leaves closer to the ground.
The crickets emit a shrill chirp, the flies hum as they quickly flap their wings.

Listen closely as nature sings.

Popping up their heads from their hole in the ground.
Wild rabbits, take a look around you, hundreds abound.
Squirrels running up their trees.
Escaping predators, storing their tea.

Watch closely as nature plays.

Down by the canal amongst the reeds, dragonflies of a beautiful bright blue.
Flap their wings very quickly, look closely, do you see one close-by?
Be quick they will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Wonder at the swiftness of nature.

Gnats and midges in their hordes,
Creating havoc and discord.
Swatting a huge band of them with your hand; wondering what is their place?
As they make a nuisance of themselves, getting in your face.

Wonder at the swiftness of nature.

Ducks swans, geese sharing the river, swimming atop; Fishes swimming below.
Birds make nests for the young in the safest bushes beneath the largest willow.

Admire the protective side of nature.

When you walk...with an open mind.
You will be delighted at the many forms of nature you find.
Jan 2021 · 411
Winter trees
Jackie Mead Jan 2021
Winter trees, standing there.
With your canopy of leaves stripped, your branches bare.
You remind me of Samson when Delilah stripped him of his hair.
Is your strength diminished in the same way?
When the sun retires and blue skies have turned to grey.
Your trunk and branches in summer, used as a hiding place for feathered birds;
And squirrels that are grey and furred.
Your branches once bearing fruits of gold.
Stripped bare you look solitary and old.
You have a look of elegance whilst waiting for the earth to warm.
When you will once again become mother nature’s store, birds and bees visiting in their flocks and swarm.
A miracle of nature.
A glorious portraiture.
Inspired by morning walk.
Nov 2020 · 123
Jackie Mead Nov 2020
My name is simply, Bee.
I am a honeybee and live in a colony, serving our most royal Queen Bee.
I am long in body, stripy black and gold in colour, a pair of transparent wings at my side.
I buzz around woodlands and meadows nearby, pollinating flora as I fly.
Producing lavender honey; lavender plants are found in abundance where I live.
Hovering, dipping inside, collecting the nectar before returning to the beehive.
I lay the nectar in a honeycomb, inside my beehive home.
Providing nourishment for the apiary, I am a remarkably busy honeybee.

Busy, Busy
Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing
Queen Bee, Worker Bee, Bumble bees, Honeybees.
Harvesting, pollinating, nesting.
Producing Wax and Honey.

Frog and I have many adventures together with our dear friend Mr. Mouse.
Mr. Mouse who has a house on the River Louse.
I hope one day soon you will read about our adventures in a book.
Penned by a dear human friend Jacqueline Mead, we hope you find it an exceedingly good read.
Nov 2020 · 167
Running - Haiku
Jackie Mead Nov 2020
My mind is nimble
After ten kilometres
Body not so quick
Signed up to a 10K run only giving myself a week to train.
Did it though but paying today for it.
Still it feels **** good.
Oct 2020 · 152
Jackie Mead Oct 2020
I wonder, what would it be like to be lost and alone?

To find myself in a foreign country, completely alone.

A frightened young child, unable to speak.
Acting uneasy, shy, embarrassed and meek.

Wishing for someone to become my friend.
Wishing this nightmare, l am caught up in, please, come to an end.

Not knowing what happened to my Mum and Dad.
Locking myself away, hiding my sad :(

I can't imagine how it would be.
If I lost my sister whilst crossing the big wide sea.

Apart from my family; No knowledge of their safety or demise.
Waiting for information from an adult considered sagely wise.

I imagine it would be horrible and the toughest of times.
And imagine this happening today, in peacetime.

This is happening every day, bombs being dropped on buildings and homes,  in cities far away.

Driving families to leave their homes and all they know.
Wearing down their shoes until all that is left is a very thin sole.

Walking over mountains, with all they possess in a small backpack.
Losing loved ones along the way but keeping going, staying on track.

Determined to find peace and a new homeland.
Make friends, play football, maybe join a brass band.

Its not much to ask when you are nine or ten
Just wanting a home, loving parents and maybe a best friend.
Reading a book today called The Boy at the back of the class by Onali, Q, Rauf.
I found it a heart warming read, aimed at children but you should definitely read it.  It is charming, funny and sad.  Written from a child of 9 ¾ perspective if what is right and what is wrong when a young boy is brought into school and told to sit at the back of the class.  All he needs is friends to start opening up about his troubles.
Oct 2020 · 136
Suzy the squirrel
Jackie Mead Oct 2020
Hi, my name is Suzy the Squirrel.
And by nature,  I should be a  solitary soul.
However, I live in woodlands surrounding the River Louse
And one of my best friends is Mr. Mouse

I like to forage at the hour when the day turns to night.
When the Moon is in the sky and shining so bright.
I am kept company by another friend, the Owl.
Owl deters nearby predators by the use of his talons and howl.

I am rusty red in colour and with a large bushy tail.
Which I use like a broom when I am preparing my countrystore for a sale.
When I forage, I collect items discarded by humans.
When they visit the countryside, I sell the items back to them, it’s a simple case of re-distribution.

You can read me about me in the Tales of Mr. Mouse
Mr. Mouse who lives with his wife and eleven children in a small house.
A house that sits in the woodlands surrounding the River Louse.

Mr. Mouse has many friends, including me.
I am Suzy the Squirrel, and I live mainly alone in the sanctuary of my large Oak tree.
Oct 2020 · 137
Dads are special
Jackie Mead Oct 2020
Dads grab hold of your heart
And never let go, even when you are apart

When they leave you to take their seat up above.
Its like they still hold you within their mighty glove.

No feelings can describe how bereft I still feel.
Like a mouse spinning in their playwheel

Feelings bubbling just surface deep
Then bam!
Back they come, consuming me.

I thought i was stronger than I am
When I think about my Dad, that special man.
My strength just breaks 💔
Feeling low today, my sister in law lost her dad and it brought back 4yrs ago x
Thank you for reading
Sep 2020 · 389
At the end of a working day
Jackie Mead Sep 2020
At the end of a working day; To refresh my mind I walk and watch nature at play.

Water rippling, leaves rustling bring calm and tranquillity.
A balm to my mind and mobility.

A beautiful evening for a walk.
Listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees.
Puts my mind and body at ease.

Walking, watching children feeding  ducks on the pond.
To me is like a fairy waving her magic wand.

The end of September, we are lucky, still has some warmth at the end of the day.
No need for a coat as I catch the last of the days rays.
Early evening walking leaves my mind in a happy haze.
Jackie Mead Sep 2020
Mr. Mouse has observed, the autumn equinox has been.
Now his thoughts are wandering ahead to the ever-changing and uplifting autumnal scene.
Mr. Mouse is excited as the days begin to shorten and lose their heat.
The landscape begins to shift and in time the season will be moving to a slower, more mellow beat.
Mr. Mouse in tune, of course, with the changes of nature.
Has knowledge that trees lose their leaves as autumn matures.
Indeed Mr. Mouse always has an eye to the ground, where the driest leaves are to be found.
With his nose to the ground, in a crouch; He collects the driest of leaves and puts them in a pouch.
At home, he will use some as kindling for his fire and some in his bed to snuggle up to when he retires.
For now, though Mr. Mouse is delighted that soon there will be a dazzling display of varying colours.
As the leaves cycle through their changes from the lightest yellow to the richest brown before they drop to the ground.
Mr. Mouse remembers young children will be found.
Jumping in the leaves that fall to the ground.
Oh yes, Mr. Mouse is looking forward to the autumnal beat.
Laughing and playing as the leaves crunch beneath their feet.
Oh yes, Mr. Mouse is looking forward to the new autumnal beat.
If you know my poems of the church with a house on the river louse, Mr.Mouse is the mouse in this poem.
Sep 2020 · 152
We're going on a duck hunt
Jackie Mead Sep 2020
We’re going on a duck hunt; just granny and me!
We’re going on a duck hunt, let me tell you what we see.

We are going to the river, with a bag of stale bread.
Fighting off seagulls and pigeons as they hover above our heads.

We will pass by the riverbanks where grasses and trees grow tall.
Watching and listening to the river as it tumbles, rolls, and roars.

We will see flowers of different colours.  White daisies, yellow buttercups, blue cornflowers, covering the parklands in a dazzling display.
My Granny says seeing the kaleidoscope of colours makes her day!

We will pass by rabbits hopping about their homes of grassy mounds.
Every now and then pricking up their ears; listening to every sound.

We will pass by geese gathered in a gaggle.
Big bottomed geese walking with a waggle.

We will pass by swans gliding with their necks held high.
Several young cygnets tucked in and swimming by their mums side.

We will pass all these wonders of nature as we make our way to the ducks.
Listening for every quack and cluck.

We reach our goal with a bag of bread in-hand.
Throwing the bread to the ducks who say thank you with a “quack” and a “cluck.”
Before you know it, the swans are there too.  Then the seagulls and pigeons “shoosh, go away you!”

Ducks are the best of the lot you see.  They make me laugh; I think they are funny.
No particular reason but my granny says, “It is because I am only three.”

We’re going on a duck hunt; just granny and me!
We’re going on a duck hunt, to feed the ducks their tea.
Ah, the best days are spent with my three-year-old grandson.  It's the little things we cherish.
Jun 2020 · 300
Breathe in the Stars
Jackie Mead Jun 2020
Do you ever wonder, what why, who you see?
When you cast your eyes heavenly.
By night when the stars shine bright.
Like fires burning in the skies.
Do you ever wonder who you see twinkling before your eyes?
Do you ever wonder who has joined you that night?
Is it a popstar, politician, inventor or wisely sage?
From a time so long ago, you cannot remember their exact age.
Clinging to their last song, speech or invention.
Letting go, never their desire or intention.
Or is it a lost loved one?
Letting you know they are near.
Listen very closely what do you hear?
“Hi, its smee, I know you think of me all the time, I just wanted you to know, I did not go far, I am right here!”
Taking in the stars is a game we all love to play.
Breath in
Breath out
Take a minute
Take Five
Take a moment to feel alive
Connection made now you can rest.
Relieve the pressure from your chest.
Sleep tight without longing.
Knowing you can see your loved one again tomorrow.
Brings a small amount of peace and joy, helps to dim the sorrow.
Dedicated to all lost loved ones, in particular Dad, Pete, Shane, Oskar and Ted.
Always missed, never forgotten. Keep shining brightly, we see you.

3 years ago, Grenfell Tower happened and many people lost loved ones and some lost many loved ones.  This is dedicated to anyone who lost and still misses a loved one.
Jun 2020 · 1.2k
Jackie Mead Jun 2020
As I walk a meandering path
Through woodlands thoughts running through my mind.
This is my time,  to reflect, think, smile even laugh.
Halfway to home, down a small trail; I spy a circle of stones.
They appear to be hidden beneath a pile of leaves, under a big oak tree.
And I begin to wonder is this where a family of fairies live.

By day, you may not see them whilst you are walking.
The fairies keep themselves hidden from sight and you would not hear them talking.
But when the sun goes in and the moon comes out; myth has it the fairies play by the pale moon light.

I waited patiently until light turned to darkness.
I was rewarded as I witnessed the most spectacular show;
hidden from view, the fairies did not know.
Three fairies in total, all in sparkly fairy dresses;
their hair fell down their backs in long, tumbling tresses.
The fairies had glorious wings, painted the brightest of colours.
I heard them say their names were Darling, Petunia and Honour.
The eldest one I heard call Darling she had a beautiful voice; you should have heard her sing.
The fairy called Petunia was the pale faced beauty of Exetonia.
Finally, Honour appeared a tomboy with short hair and plenty of dirt on her.

All three of them were very tiny as one would expect.
Can you imagine if I told you they were no bigger than a *******?
I watched as they sat in a circle, legs crossed, whispering and giggling.
Then suddenly they clapped their heels,  flapped their wings, and took off to the skies.
The three fairies flew so high, suddenly to my eye they looked like three dragonflies.
They glided and swooped, they dived and hovered.
They flew under branches and over treetops.
They raced each other, 1,2,3 go.
Petunia I think was the youngest and she was quite slow.
The fairies continued flying until the moon went in and the sun came out.
Then they flew down to the ground and went back to their home.
Under the leaves, in a circle of stone.

Now when I am out walking.
And a dragonfly flutters by.
I wonder if this is really Darling, Petunia  or Honour.
I wonder if the fairies, knew that I had spied upon their manor.

The next time a dragonfly passes you by just give a little wave and say hi – you never know it may be one of the fairies or indeed all three.
On a walk in Woodlands  I saw a fairy garden and it got me thinking.
Hope you enjoy.
Jackie Mead May 2020
On the surface of the moon, high in the sky and far out of sight.
Lives a creature, in a crater, half in shade, half in light.
The creature has a snarky grin.
And that is where this story begins.
People find it hard to describe the creature they see.
“he’s tall” some say, others “he only comes up to my knee”.
Some say he has two legs; some say he has four.
Some say he has six legs; some say he has more.
Some say he has two eyes, a nose, two ears and a mouth.
Some say he is charming; others say his charms are leaving him, heading south.
But one thing that is known for sure.
Is the creature that lives on the moon is a frightful old boor.
He has no words, no small talk, chitter chatter.
He doesn’t pass the time with a friendly natter.
He slinks and slithers.
He glides and shivers.
A snake, I hear you cry but “no!”
This creature is not a snake, he's neither fast nor slow.
He lives on his own and seeks no crowds.
He shouts at you “turn the music down”, if it gets too loud.
Some say he's a dinosaur, one hundred years old.
Some say he's a young un with a heart of gold.
The creature that lives on the moon, is happy being one of a kind.
He's happy being himself and has no desire to be refined.
The creature that lives on the moon, is happy in his own skin.
Makes no difference to the creature, if he has no known kith or kin.
The creature that lives on the moon, makes no judgement of what you wear.
Makes no judgement of how you choose to style your hair.
That is why the creature that lives on the moon is welcome to attend his neighbour’s parties.
That is why they welcome him with arms open wide,  wholeheartedly.
The creature that lives on the moon is pleasant to them all, but he has no desire to be the star of the ball.
By preference, the creature sits alone in his chair, he does not speak, he does not stare.
He just enjoys the moment, living without a care.
He has no shackles; he is not bound.
The creature is content living life in his crater, he has no wish to be found.
The view he has before him of the planet below is a glorious sight.
A sight that waxes and wanes with the season, sometimes he is in the shade, sometimes eclipsed by the light.
A sight he adores and is grateful for.
A sight he is happy to be considered a “frightful old boor”.
When you see the moon in the sky at night.
Look for the creature, who lives in a crater, sometimes in shade and sometimes in light.
Give him a wave and say a prayer thankful he continues watching over the planet below from sunset to sunrise; from the time your head hits the pillow until the time you open your eyes.

Sweet dreams.

©Jacqueline Mead 2020
May 2020 · 143
I remember
Jackie Mead May 2020
I remember the day, our darling daughter gave birth.
A newborn grandson given life on this earth.

I remember feeding the ducks with grandchild number three.
Running in the park, buying ice cream, sitting on the bench, feeling happy and free.

I remember spending time with my Mum.
Shopping, walking, talking, laughing having fun.

I remember collecting Alfie from school.
Walking, talking, laughing but not holding hands, at 10 years old he is the image of Mr Cool.

I remember Sunday lunch with our son, his wife and two children.
Their son a bundle in their arms sleeping on their shoulders, the other a lovely daughter who is twelve years older.

I remember evenings spent with friends.
Food, wine, chatter and laughter, no rush for the evening to end.

I remember walks in the park.
When you didnt have to social distance from each other and children played on their boards in the skatepark.

I remember days out in the car, not worrying about travelling too far

I remember far away holidays in the sun.
Jamaica, Aruba, South of France.
Staying out late, holding hands,  moonlight walks on the sand.

I remember travelling to my work place.
Working with others, sat face to face.

I remember lunches with my girlfriend Lesley.
Sometimes walking and talking, other times sat in a cafe or in its garden on a bench, meeting others being friendly.

Each of these scenarios give such pleasure to remember.
But excuse me for saying, it's not the same as cuddling and holding your family members.

One day soon, when it is safe to do.
A big hug has its name on it especially for you.
To my loved ones, family and friends, love them all.
Still under some type of lockdown in the UK.
The internet of course means you can video chat with people.and I video chat twice a week with my Mum but she lives 45miles away and i havent seen her face to face in 8 weeks, i really miss her
My middle son has a child 7.5months old and our daughter has one 3months old and we havent held them in 8 weeks.
However i am so grateful that my family remain healthy.
Hope you and your families remain healthy too.
May 2020 · 149
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Jackie Mead May 2020
The clock stood, tall and proud.
Its tick-tock, very loud.
The clock stood, long and thin.
Its swinging pendulum pointed like a pin.

The young boy came every day.
Stood on the stool, turned the key.
The boy climbed down from the stool.
Then left for the day to attend his school.

The clock stood tall and proud.
Its tick-tock very loud.
The clock stood long and thin.
The swinging pendulum pointed like a pin.

The hour approaching number four.
The boy ran through the front door.
Taking his place cross-legged on the floor.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Sounded the old Grandfather clock.
Soon the clock would begin to chime
Counting to four in a rhyme.

The boy sat hypnotised watching the pendulum swing.
The boy waited and when it was time, he would start to sing.
1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 4.
Someones knocking on the door.

It was all over in a beat.
The boy lept from the floor to his feet.

Over for another day, the boy had gone on his way.

The clock stood, tall and proud.
Its tick-tock, very loud.
The clock stood, long and thin.
Its swinging pendulum pointed like a pin.
This is random, came to me last night, i have never owned a grandfather clock nor have my parents but anyway decided to go with it and have a bit of fun.  I hope you enjoy
May 2020 · 89
Jackie Mead May 2020
The water flew down the flume
Childrens laughter, lifted the gloom

The bride smiled at the groom
Time to get ready for the honeymoon

A golden watch, a beloved heirloom
Its loud tick tock filling the room

The guard stands outside the stateroom
On his head, a hat made with filoplumes

Closing the door of the catacomb
Removing myself from the gloom

Children sitting in the classroom
Come alive when the Teacher hits "Zoom"
Eager now to consume

A pharaohs body entombed
In a pyramid in Khartoum
Known only by a non de plume

Flowers sit in a vase, abloom
Their subtle scent filling the room
No need for extra perfume

I applied for my job with my resume
Perfect for the job I assume
Now working all day in a storeroom

Found my way to the bar room
Whisky, *****, ***, this is my favourite playroom
Now a jukebox to play some tunes
Nothing too serious, I set myself a little project to make mini poems rhyming with the word Boom.  I've tried also not to repeat too often. Given it a go, let's see your efforts. With Boom or another word of your choice.
May 2020 · 88
Jackie Mead May 2020
COVID19 sight unseen
Searching for the perfect host
Its slayer hygiene

Wash your hands for 20secs
Hot water on, count 20 real slow
Day 1 how many more

A deadly virus
Invisible to our eye
Keep safe, stay home

Lockdown soon begins
First YouTube, books videos
Now, when will it end

Now missing loved ones
Some temporary, some lost
Not knowing the end

Missing connections
Grandchildren are growing up
Thankful for our lot

Changes, how we live
Holidays, cancelled, postponed
Airlines hit the most

Economy slump
Everyone in a ba hum
Counting days to go

Tonight the Nation
Address social distancing
Changes will be made

Let us chat my friend
As a new normal begins
Online with a gin

Stay safe peeps, wherever you are and whatever you do.
Just my take in Haiku style, hope you enjoy
May 2020 · 139
Limerick 13
Jackie Mead May 2020
There was a young man from West Heath
Who was exceptionally bad at cleaning his teeth
When he opened his mouth
People ran South
From that smelly young man of West Heath
May 2020 · 189
Lady Jane Grey
Jackie Mead May 2020
Lady Jane, oh so young.
A life taken, a beautiful lady hung.

A Queen of just nine days.
Not long enough to bestow upon us her humanist ways.

Arrested and taken to the Tower.
By men and Lords of means and power.

Convicted of high treason.
Found guilty, religion given as the reason.

Sentenced to death, just seventeen.
The untimely death of the Nine Day Queen.
I love history, I wrote this a while ago after a visit to the Tower of London and seeing Ann Boleyns and Lady Jane Greys in the chapel was very emotional for me.
May 2020 · 97
VE DAY 2020
Jackie Mead May 2020
75 years
gone by
to be

We fight

The enemy
To the naked eye
On our streets
Us by

As now
For freedom

As now
The cost
Too many lives

We fought
With guns
And bombs
Now we fight
With love and care

called up to do our bit
Tending vegetables
To feed the nation
The race is on
To find a vaccination

75 years
Gone by
But still
Giving thanks
To be alive
Give thanks that 75 years ago the war ended in Europe.
Giving thanks for the life we have today, even if it is locked down at the moment.
Giving thanks for the continued health of my loved ones.
Stay safe, keep well peeps **
Jackie Mead Apr 2020
Ten little ducklings,
furry and new.
Huddling together shielding themselves from your view.
Mother Hen protectively stands nearby.
Watching you closely with her eagle eye.
Father the Drake full of colour
stands a little to the side, but don't be fooled be certain; he's a fighter not a lover.
If you threaten he will chase you away.
Survival the name of the game.
On our walk down by the canal a family, mother, father and ten ducklings so sweet
Jackie Mead Mar 2020
If you are reading chapter 9 you will be familiar with the characters of mine.

There is Mouse, of course, he has a house on the River Louse, his Wife Hilda and 11 Sons and a Daughter.

Frog and Bee, they live on a log in the middle of a bog, happy and free.

The Fly with one eye and his friend dear, that is, of course, the Elf with one Ear.

The Horse and his Master, from the town of Cry.

A Dolly called Molly and her dear friends Ferret the Cat, and a Dog named Mouse, who all live nearby.

In the nearby town of Cry there live a Mayor and Mayoress, a pair of beautiful, graceful Swans.

Mr Mayor has such an air of authority, when he talked people listened, what he was saying took priority.

The Mayoress walked around with such a hypnotising grace, people would stare at her, stuck , unable to move, paralysed in one place.

Together they held people’s attention, lest the Mayor or Mayoress would think to give them a mention.

One day,  it was a warm sunny day on the River Louse and the Mouse with a house on the River Louse was sunning himself in his pretty garden, whilst Bee was buzzing closely by.

The mouse with a house on the River Louse would soon need to go indoors and get ready, he was expecting to see not only Frog and Bee but also his other friends; the Elf with one ear and the Fly with one eye.

They saw each other most days especially now the sun was in the sky and it was warm outside.

They were free to wander wherever they chose; sometimes swimming in the river, sometimes lazing on the bank, closing their eyes, having a doze.

The days passed swiftly when they were all together, no need for advice on social distancing or where to travel or indeed no need for a bellwether.

One fateful day this would all change the dear friends were soon to become estranged.

The Mouse with a house on the River Louse noticed it first; he had seen it on the news, he didn’t believe it affected him, surely he would not be affected by something started in Wan-hu.

That day the Mayor and Mayoress were visiting house to house when they came upon the house that was home to the Mouse with a house on the River Louse.

“Come in, come in” the mouse began to say but the Mayor interrupted him “I have something important to say!”

“Today we have been advised by the Prime Minister that we are no longer to have parties in the sun, a measure called social distancing has begun”

The Mayor continued to say “there is to be no more socialising with your friends until I announce these measures have come to an end”

“Most importantly he continued to say “ “you must wash your hands regularly each day with soap and hot water, pass that on to anyone within your home, your Wife your Sons and Daughter”

“now I must hasten on my way and wish you and your family a good day”

Mouse was beside himself, for once he did not know what to say, he wouldn’t see his friends anymore and the Mayor had implored him to stay indoors.

What was he now to do; who would he pass the time with if not his friends, his whole world was coming to an end.

Hilda his Wife was not so downhearted

“There are tasks indoors you could complete if you don’t want to spend the time downbeat.”

“First there is painting to be done, starting in the boys' bedrooms I was thinking wheatsheaf yellow, you know the colour of the Sun!”

“Next I am sure your Daughter would like you to take her for a ride on her new bike,  around the living room, I think the size of that room is the best.”
“by the time restrictions are lifted she will be ready for her cycle proficiency test”

“We could play a game of chess, monopoly or trivial pursuit, drink grapefruit juice or a glass of wine made from arrowroot.

“There are TV shows that have got the boys excited; like Marvel revisited and Iron Man and Hulk reunited”.

“as for you and me, we can put the children to bed, have a romantic meal, soup of carrot and a main meal of chickpea”

“Does any of this sound appealing to you?”

“Have a think and let us know what you want to do”

The Mouse didn’t have to think or take up with an alcoholic drink, he knew what he wanted to say.

“My dear wife, Hilda, you are quite right, we have each other and that’s alright”  
“if when restrictions come to an end, I will, of course, love to see all my friends, they seem like family too at times”

“For now, though I just need you, my sons and daughters and plenty of soap to wash my feet together with hot water!”

His wife and children began to laugh, they had thought the world had come to an end when Mouse was told not to see his friends.

Instead, now life had just begun, a different life to one he had once known but that was alright because he had his health, children, and wife and that meant he was not alone.

A pandemic had caused the social distancing now in place, travel had been stopped to places far and wide.  

It seemed Humans were the worse affected, but the illness had transcended from animals in the first place, the restrictions, therefore, were needed to protect all animals nationwide.

Restrictions would be in place for the foreseeable time but when lifted the whole village would celebrate with a posh ball and dance to the music of Five in a Pen.  

A posh ball so big, it would include mouse, frog and bee, molly the dolly, elf with one ear, fly with one eye , butterfly and Mayor and Mayoress, ducks of all names, squirrels and snakes, badgers and moles and all manner of creatures would attend this very posh ball.

Creatures would come from far and wide and mouse would have his children and wife by his side and would puff out his chest showing his pride.

As long as his family and friends made it out of restrictions without illness then the plan the Mayor had put in place would seem flawless.

The Mouse with a house on the River Louse knew that times were changing, the after-effects of the pandemic would be long-ranging.

That was a choice he was willing to make for his wife and his children’s sake.
If you are in isolation then my thoughts are with you and I hope you get well soon.
I wrote this to go alongside my other Poems of the Mouse with a house on the River Louse and his friends>
You are the first to read it, I hope you enjoy it and take it for what it is a light relief at this time.
Please I have not mistyped WU-Han, it is an intended difference.
Mar 2020 · 209
A Heart well loved.
Jackie Mead Mar 2020
The heart whispers,
Silently it speaks
Its rhythm and beat solely mine; unique

Crafted from experiences over time.
Of love, respect and friendship
Of giving and sharing
Of tenderness and caring
I hold my heart tenderly, it’s mine alone, to give.

Strengthened with ties.
Binding me to you;
no matter how far you travel, or where life takes you.
My heart is throbbing almost bursting with love;
I will hand you my heart,  cautiously, to hold with kitten glove.

The heart whispers.
In bed for the first time, tenderly we hit our peak.
“I love you” the heart silently squeaks.

The heart whispers,
Silently it speaks
Its rhythm and beat no longer solely mine;
we now lay in bed as one; mind, body, and soul entwined.
I feel the change; my heart is yours and yours is mine.

No longer scared to listen to my heart;
I tell you “I love you”, confidently as I should have from the start.
“I love you too” my heart and mind hear, my heart bursting with pride,
knowing I will always have you by my side.
Taking care of my heart as you promised; til death do we part.
Loving each other is easy, once you get past the start.
reading too many romance novels :)
Feb 2020 · 175
Jackie Mead Feb 2020
Pen, paper, stories

craft, write, post

luring readers to the page;

to read,comment, share

like a sage seeking knowledge;

to learn

our thoughts
Feb 2020 · 208
Observing the night sky
Jackie Mead Feb 2020
Tracking the planets
observing star formations
magical moments
Feb 2020 · 140
Sunrise Haiku Style
Jackie Mead Feb 2020
Winters sky blushing
pink emblazoning the sky
start of a new day
Feb 2020 · 175
Rainy Days Haiku style
Jackie Mead Feb 2020
Rain falls on the ground
Splish splash splosh becomes the sound
Rainy days once more
Feb 2020 · 107
Storm Dennis
Jackie Mead Feb 2020
Winter rainy days
Storm Dennis wreaking havoc
Home, here in the UK

Flooding roads and homes
Leaving chaos in its wake
People made homeless

Cherished lives are lost
Power lines felled to the floor
Storm Dennis how much more
Were lucky where we live,its rained hard but we havent had the extent of flooding as else where in the country Wales and the North in particular.
Feb 2020 · 485
Raincoats and Welly Boots
Jackie Mead Feb 2020

Raincoats and Welly Boots.
Go together like
A pantomine tale and mother goose.

Raincoats and Welly Boots

Little girls and little boys;
playing in natures endless supply of toys.
Walking through puddles, almost knee deep.
Splashing in mud pools, mud covering their feet.

Raincoats and Welly Boots

Wearing Raincoat and Welly Boots
Splashing, laughing not a care in their world
Should be the entitlement of every boy and girl.

Raincoats and Welly Boots

For just 5 minutes
Discard your black shiny shoes and Italian suit
Put on your Raincoat and Welly Boots
Remember when once you were young
Splish, splash, splosh oh what fun

Raincoat and Welly Boots
Jan 2020 · 187
A blushing sky
Jackie Mead Jan 2020
Its colour is a pale red, like a blush.
It's as if an artist had taken its brush.
And painted the sky tonight.
Hung it up high for everyone to see.
And said there you go a present for you, from me!
Well thank you dear artist, whoever you maybe.
It was the greatest present I ever did see!
Jan 2020 · 210
Changes are coming
Jackie Mead Jan 2020
In the midst of the night
When silence surrounds
A terrible tragedy was waiting to be found

Tom, a small child, sat up in his bed
Pulling the duvet up over his head
He silently shook
Scared to speak out
Not knowing what the rumbling noise outside was about

Tom slowly rose from his bed
He went to find his parents room
They would know what to do

When Tom reached the room he sought
The number of Parents it contained, was nought
Quietly Tom tiptoed down the stairs
Careful not to bump into any chairs

Still, any adults he couldn’t find
Home Alone the movie, sprang to mind
He searched for the switch on the wall
From which a glowing light would fall

Tom shed some light upon the floor
And lit the path to the back door
Bravely he turned the handle
And quietly walking in his sandals
Took a sneaky peek outside
He couldn’t believe what he saw
His eyes stretched very wide

The biggest tree Tom had ever seen, in his very short life, had fallen down!
And all the adults Tom had sought plus others, were standing in a circle looking at the tree
They were trying to devise a plan, they could all agree

“How did it happen?” Tom heard someone say
“I know,” said Tom who was very bright
“Maybe I can shed some light”
“I heard a man on the news say, climate change is happening not tomorrow but today”
Tom continued “very soon the Planet as we know it, will be changed, from excessive heat and excessive rain”
“But today where we live in the Forest, men are cutting down the trees”
“to allow progress and build roads for cars, we are taking away the Earth’s lungs to breathe”
The adults listened to what Tom had to say and all agreed with the young lad.
But what to do about it, if they did nothing, then very soon
There would be no green areas for the children to play, and this made the group very sad.

The group decided to raise a petition and present it to the Top
Cutting down healthy trees must now stop
For every tree we cut down, new ground for seedlings must be found
As a Town, we could do more
No more plastic bags, something we should explore
Recycling our waste, we must unite
Let’s start thinking about our carbon footprint tonight
Make a change to our electricity and our gas, someone explained
We could purchase energy that is made 100% from wind sun and rain.

Tom couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing
Here in his back garden, a council meeting was taking place
Agendas were being made

It was only a small step in Toms world but all the same
If this was happening over and over in other Towns around the world, there would be bigger rewards to gain
And not just in Toms world either but all around the Globe
Fishes would live longer no plastic bags to get caught in their gills or small plastic pellets to ingest
This would be one change they could immediately put to the test.
They would have a plastic bag amnesty; people could return their old plastic bags and get a town embossed shopping bag made from 100% cotton thread
The adults were elated with the changes they were to make
They were hoping to see the changes make a difference where they lived
It was only a little effort but it showed such promise to give

Tom was excited and tired
Retreated back to bed
He could rest now, his Town was in safe hands
His Mum and Dad plus others stayed outside to make their plans

Sometimes it takes a small person to pick up a big fight
This started out as a different Poem altogether, it was going to be full of angst and mystery. Turns out I don't write angst and mystery very well.
As I started writing the poem and it was obvious which direction I was taking the poem I realised people would automatically think of Greta Thunberg and the wonderful job that young lady is doing but for me, this poem is about all the young people at school primary, secondary, colleges who are engaged in environmental days and projects.
Most children these days either through news or school or home know what climate change is and that has to be a good thing, doesn't it?
Jan 2020 · 70
Walking on the Beach
Jackie Mead Jan 2020
Have you ever gone walking on the beach?
Shoes slipped off, sand covering your feet

Just you walking, on a big empty space.
The wind blowing in your face.

You pull your coat around you tight;
to brace against the cold.
Arms across your body, you fold

Waves crashing on the shore
Yet you find peace and tranquillity, even with the waves loud roar

You walk and walk, losing track of time
Recharging your soul, body and mind.

How is it possible to find such peace?
When all around you is noise.
Yet the wind in your face, the crash of the waves, brings you such joy.

I love walking on the beach, shoes slipped off, sand covering your feet
Coat pulled up around your face, the Beach becomes my happy place.
Jan 2020 · 381
All in a Day
Jackie Mead Jan 2020
I’m up with the Larks and witness the Sun rise
The Sun sitting low in the sky
Casting a glow of pale yellow
Giving you a feeling of warm and mellow
The perfect start to the day

In the middle of the morning
There is a fog or mist still hanging around
Cloaking the landscape in mystery from sky to ground
With mixtures of grey from dark to light
Tinged with a touch of wispy white
The mist rolling over fields and hills
Clinging to nature where it stands still
A cold wind blowing, lowering the temperature, bringing a chill

Around midday the Sun gains its strength
The fog or mist give up the fight
Fading away with the strength of the Sun’s light
Blue clear skies appear, the Sun has finally come out to play
Giving a warmth to the remainder of the winter day

At the end of the day the sun does set
Showing colours of burnt orange and red
As darkness begins its slow descent
The day transitions into night
The Sun is replaced by the crescent of a Moon
Casting its pale light
The end of the day has come so soon
Dec 2019 · 153
Winter Sun
Jackie Mead Dec 2019
At the start of a crisp clear Winters day
Our gorgeous Sun has come out to play
Bursting light through the white fluffy clouds
The warmth of its rays much weaker now
It turns the sky a pale yellow
Like a loving hug;  it wraps you in its arms leaving you feeling soft and mellow
Its presence in the otherwise dull sky
Bringing a smile to our mouth and a sparkle to our eyes
Its a welcome start to the day
When Winters sun comes out to play
An earlyish start to the day with the grandkids, gave us a spectacular sight
Nov 2019 · 904
Heather, Moss.and Gorse
Jackie Mead Nov 2019
As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Enjoy the scene before you; rolling hills  of many colours
Take the time, pull in, step out of your motor
Breathe deeply, take time to just be
Admire the grazing sheep and ponies
Not a care in the world; roaming free


As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Let your mind roam free
Give yourself  time for a break; breathe in the clean air
Regenerate your mind become for just a moment become free without care


As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Take note of the palette of colours; Red, orange, yellow, green
Painting a most glorious rural landscape scene
Breathtaking in its simplicity
A million miles difference from the painting of a City


As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Most of all be thankful, of course
That some of our parks are protected from development and modern progress
Preserved for us all to see
To visit from time to time and just be free

Priceless,  anytime you can just switch off for 5mins is priceless.
I love dartmoor and a recent visit even though a short one and accompanied by my grandson was very invigorating.
Oct 2019 · 124
All Hallows Eve Fun
Jackie Mead Oct 2019
On the darkest night of the year.
I was alone at home, quivering with fear.
I started remembering the year before; I had a fright.
Just as the day was fading to night.

I recounted the encounter which gave me such a fright.
On the scariest, darkest of nights.

Walking home, alone, I pulled my coat tight; I was chilled to the bone.
First a shiver ran down my spine.
Then “many” long arms wrapped around me, tightly squeezing, like a creeping vine.
I couldn’t move, I was paralysed with fear.
Then I heard the voices of “many” whispers in my ear.

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum
We like All Hallows Eve fun

I opened my eyes to look the “many” up and down
It was as if I had stumbled into a Ghost Town.
The “many” wore clothes tattered and torn.
Their har thin, and like a sheep, shorn.
Their skin hanging from their skeletal frames.
The “many” started to play their games.

First, they took some rope from their pocket.
Then they took a picture out of a gold locket.
They used the roped to bind my hands.
Then they huddled in a circle to finalise their plans.

They stood me up and spun me around.
I was giddy and almost fell to the ground.
They showed the picture to me, it was one I held dear.
Me as a child, before I knew fear.

They said they would set the picture alight.
Showing fear would not help my plight.
As the picture burned it would take my soul; deliver it to the devil.
I began to twist my hands; I began to scream and wrestle.

I did not want to live below, where the fire is intensely hot.
Where the devil chooses someone each day to scare and tie that person in knots.
The “many” closed in and took me by my bound hands, led me away.
To a pit they had dug that very same day.

The pit was 6 feet deep and lined in red.
The first thing to do was to bury me standing, up to my head.
The “many” stood me in the pit and picked up their shovels.
They quickened their pace and filled the pit on the double.

I stood once again paralysed with fear.
I felt my cheeks wet, with the tracks of my tears.
The “many” took the picture and held it high over my head.
Laughing, shouting in my face “had I wet my bed”

I knew there would be no turning around from this, tonight would be my last.
I grew calm and waited for the final blow, shot or blast.

I had my eyes shut tight.
But...nothing happened, nothing came, the picture did not ignite.
I was still trembling though feeling terrified.
I couldn’t move, my hands were still tied.
I prayed to heaven; I did not want to die.

Then a bit of luck perchance; I did a little happy dance.
I wriggled my hands and pulled them in tight, the rope began to loosen.
Just maybe I would remain on this earth, remain human.

My hands broke free and pushed away the earth; set myself free.
I looked at the time on my watch, saved by the bell, 01:01, last admittances to hell.

When the clock had struck 0100hrs, All Hallows Eve Fun was over.
Saved for another year, but to be on the safe side I will remain indoors this year.
Before the evening is over a spooky tale for your delight.
Jackie Mead Oct 2019
The mouse with a house on the River Louse, was walking in a field one day.
He had his head down, nose buried in a stack of hay.

He was searching for some small sticks to take back to his home; his house on the River Louse.

Now that Winter was settling in, Mr Mouse wanted to light a fire and needed some sticks to form the pyre.

Mr Mouse had his head down and therefore not looking where he was going.

Along came a lady Mouse called Hilda with a bag full of shopping.
She was happy and singing and dancing, twirling and hopping.

Hilda was unaware of the Mouse with a house on the River Louse being in the vicinity.
She was feeling hopeful, full of sanguinity.

Mr Mouse still head down looking for sticks didn’t realise Hilda was around.
He had his nose firmly pointing to the ground.

Both mice continued  with their missions.
Oblivious to each other and the weather conditions .

Mr Mouse, head down turned to his left, Hilda twirling and hopping turned to her right.
Suddenly they clashed and caused each other such a fright.
Hilda clutched Mr Mouse very tight.

Mr Mouse apologised and pulled Hilda up off the floor.
He offered to show Hilda to his front door, Mr Mouse was very proud of his house on the River Louse.

The two mice had afternoon tea and sat warming themselves by the fire.
Soon it was time for Hilda to retire to her own home but they made plans to meet the very next day.

This time Mr Mouse would not have his nose in the hay.
They would walk and talk and have plenty to say.
Until the light faded from the day and the Moon came out to play.

In less than 2 months they had fallen in love and were married on the river by a dainty turtle dove.

Now they were together night and day.
Mr Mouse still searched for sticks with his nose in the hay.

Hilda still did the shopping all the while twirling, dancing and hopping

Together they had 12 children of their own.
Now they always had company, and neither ever felt alone.
It's been a while since I wrote one of these, I thought it would be fun to write how mr mouse met his match.
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