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Rick the shoe shine boy
36/M/Couch to couch USA    I have a million poems and narrations...most of which, I can't remember. Follow me on instagram- @rick_the_shoe_shine_boy
She Writes
29/F/Lincoln, NE    My first collection is available now in both paperback and ebook format! “She Writes” by Niya Grey. I will drop the link below. I appreciate ...
73/M/England    I have been writing since 1971 and have been published on and off since 1972. I am married to Pauline with 8 children( my eldest ...
18/F/Abuja, Nigeria   
24    Mistress of unplanned heartbreaks | I wish poems could write themselves straight out of my heart
F/anywhere nowhere    i write because there is an endless monologue of thoughts inside me that i must get out. /// insta: @acb_poetry
16/F/seattle, washington    check out my blog!
19/M/Everywhere    I’m no body
Christopher Victor Russon
Birmingham    I love music and taking part in writing poetry I like to read poems from other poets just as much As writing.Birmingham uk
39    I'm Indian, but my ancestors/forefathers were Mesopotamian , Middle Eastern /Arabian. I was born in Nigeria,( Western Africa) grew up in South Africa and currently ...
England    Walk with me pilgrim/ Together, in the Springtime/ We will write haiku............
Oludamilare Daniel
Debbie Ogenyi
F/Nigeria    My thoughts translate to words..words become poetry.whats left to do with a rich imagination but write. I'm simply living Twitter:@Debiraay
The Burgh    “Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence” SB
Fred Peyer
69/M/Hawaii, USA   
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