She is the woman
I truly admire

Agile and  spirited
Positivity unlimited

A day's train journey
Is what she took
To be with us

Flying is not her thing

She inspires
At 91, yes age is just a number

My grandmother in law has come to stay with us for a few days
She is an inspiration

Slender as a needle
Bright as hunter's headlamp
Okpeke next door makes
My heart skip a beat

Like yellow rose lures the bee
The sound of her voice compels me
The market square gong beckons
Who dare ignore the king?

When the moonlight play is over
I will remember not to ever forget--
All that glitters is not gold

I might have done something I'm not supposed to do
  Nov 4 Oni Olusegun

when money talks
it says
good bye

Oni Olusegun Oct 9

A lioness gave birth to a cat
Wonders shall never end
A white one

If your husband is a lion
why would you cheat with a Cat?
A white one

  Sep 23 Oni Olusegun
Mike Hauser

Life is an adventure
Brand new every day
If you take with you that attitude
As you are on your way
You never know the comes and goes
As you step foot outside
Life is an adventure
Relish the surprise

Life is and adventure
You take at every turn
Where you find around the corner there hides
Lessons to be learned
In every situation
In every give and take
Life is an adventure
You make along the way

Life is an adventure
Pull the curtain to the side
Let the darkness escape or get out of the way
Either or, let in the light
From all that you see to the farthest of reach
You need to make up your mind
Life is an adventure
Let you adventure shine

Oni Olusegun Sep 14

In God we trust
Maybe He trusted us
A little too much

Our society is so problematic. I wonder if anyone less than a divine being can turn things around
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