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Oni Olusegun Mar 2020
Four years ago
I mistakenly picked up poetry
in the gym
At first I did not even notice
but When I did
I feel in love
I never knew words could be
So perfect and loaded
I was in love--
I read and I write and I
Love every minute of it
Like every good relationship
It got better with time--
I got better with time
I learned values that spilled
Over to all aspects of my life.
I learned my feelings are my feeling
And they can be raw material to
Make good art.
I learned Good end product requires time, sacrifices and sometimes
ungodly amount of effort
I learned about patience and
how impatience is not a virtue

Like every good story, there is always an end.
It's been over a year since I have written anything
Now I can barely relate to any poem
And I probably can't poetically string two sentences together to save my life

The love has faded but the lessons still keep me going.
Oni Olusegun Mar 2019
I am playing
A game,
One I hate to lose
But I know how it ends--
No one ever win

A joke,
One I'd love to tell
But I know how it ends--
No one ever laugh

A song ,
One I'd love to part
I know how it ends--
No one ever listen

An antique,
One I'd like to show off
But I know how it ends
Nothing last forever

A stranger,
Naked on my bed--
Come to think of it
She is my wife
Oni Olusegun Feb 2019
Waiting on him to call my name
I am not going to be drawn into talking about the good deed I did in the world.

Did he just called Olusegun Samuel?
God what's happening--- my name is Gabriel.. Olusegun GABRIEL

There is no way I am not entering that golden gate
That is my reward, that's what I lived for.
Please just call my **** name before you close that book
The cake was
red velvet,
a side of ice cream,
I feel bloated
and happy for once,
I reflect upon the years
as I splurge money
on books -- a favourite present,
I buy all the hot picks,
Nomads, Sleeping Beauties,
and somehow
I am able,
in this bookstore,
to read between
the lines of my existence,
all is air,
all is thought,
all is worthless,
yet at the same it's
and as we read,
we laughed,
we grew into
versions , into mirages
of strangers
we once knew
from only dreams
of growing up,

I am not hungry,
I am not sick,
I am bright
were others are
I see people
in fleeting seconds,
there you are -- I say,

and as I look at the city lights,
the lone stars in a place between
the breaths of our existence,

here I am -- I say.
Oni Olusegun Jan 2019
What could I have done to
deserve this?
He walked into my class a god
My father with love in his eyes
and burning anger

What could I have done to
deserve this?
He beckoned to the tired looking
Mathematics teacher to stop--
It struck me hard like thunder
A resounding knock on my head

What could I have done to
deserve this?
Thwack! Thwack!
In my fifty third year I can feel my head
still burning

What could I have done to
deserve this?
My father has zero tolerance for
This, he told me repeatedly --
But not once with his mouth
Oni Olusegun Dec 2018
I asked God if I could change
my major
and she said yes but
wait till after five years
I asked her if it is okay to
fornicate with Cynthia
and she said sure but
wait till her mom travels
I asked if I should wear ******
or not to wear ******
and she said **** dude!
She calls me that sometimes
She said you can do just anything you want
Thanks God I said
So you are saying I can put this parody poem on internet
Yes yes yes God said
Only God knows what you are going to do next
but when you are said and done
I am so sending you to hell
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