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  May 2019 unnamed
Zoe Grace
Im fine

Thats what i say
Thats what they want to hear, right?
They want to hear that im ok
When they ask, they dont want to know the real answer
When they talk to me, they want a lighthearted conversation, a chat about the weather or something else trivial
They dont want to talk about my issues
They say
None of that!
Dont be so serious!
Why do you feel so sad?
Why dont you get help?
Im busy.
I cant talk right now.
I cant deal with you.
Why do you do this to yourself?!
Stop it!

Im fine

Thats what i say to myself
Thats what i want to hear
I want to believe it
I want it to be true
But its not
The truth is that im broken
Inside and out

— The End —