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Jun 11 · 30
Andrew Jun 11
There are crickets in my room
Somewhere not reached by my broom
They keep chirping
To alert me
Of what hurts me
They’ve made a mess
In my nest
But I can’t find it
To confine it
Like I’m blinded

Mistakes were made
Hurting my name
Bringing me shame
So I live in a grave
Where crickets lay
They can’t be slain
So their noise remains

The crickets are beckoning
Bringing my reckoning
With a sound that’s threatening
Because it’s so deafening

The crickets infest my home
So I’m never really alone
They live in my basement and attic
Chirping until I’ve finally had it
I jump out my window like a rabbit
To avoid their noise so emphatic
But out here the crickets sing prouder
With a chorus that’s even louder
The crickets buzz like an alarm
Reminding me of my harm
They’ll sing for me to disarm
Until I change or wither
So I’m a plagued sinner
Who’ll never be a winner
Wrestling with damage inner

I eluded their noise
So nukes were deployed
And my nation destroyed
By a sound that annoyed
Me until I couldn’t avoid
Not being conscience devoid

I ask for forgiveness
All I hear are crickets
And cops giving tickets
In this concrete thicket
That I need to picket
Jun 10 · 39
Speak In Tongues
Andrew Jun 10
Why do I speak in tongues?
Is it just for fun
Or to leave people stunned?

The Holy Spirit fills me with joy
I want to say something beautiful
But no words are beautiful enough
So I speak in tongues

A demon possesses me with misery
I want to say something evil
But no words are evil enough
So I speak in tongues

When words escape my lungs
I speak in tongues
About the life I’ve spun
Jun 9 · 40
Andrew Jun 9
Christians are concerned with who is and isn’t saved
Maybe they should focus on the road they pave
If they really want to know why people run away
While they persecute those who are atheist or ***
They should try to relate
To the people they hate
But their emotions break
When their notions deflate

No free thought
Or love
Just breed a lot
And shove
The meek you’re supposed to admire
Because they’re not in the capitalist attire
Of a suit and tie to show that they’re higher
The weak are only interested in being consumerist buyers
Even if they have to team up with holocaust deniers
Who are seeking to ignite funeral pyres
It doesn’t matter how many bodies are on fire
As long as their own situation isn’t dire

They say ignorance is bliss
Following Jesus through the mist
But they clench their fist
Once they’re really ******
There must’ve been a lesson missed
Like the ones involving politics
Yet they add their hollow wit
To the country’s rhetoric
While they’re not ahead of it

Christianity develops a nasty reputation
Of being closed minded
Because all they add to the conversation
Is that they can’t find it
No matter how much they’re reminded
They walk around like they’re blinded
To not see what’s unclean
Like Christians who are viciously mean
Tearing society apart at the seams
Missed by the blindfolded team
Following signs as old as He
While ignoring history

I isolate myself in a community
So I can act with impunity
Once nothing gets through to me
I try to get the Jews to see
Their blasphemy

Not wanting to follow these roads
The congregation is leaving in droves
Searching for more peaceful groves
Or thoughtful treasure troves
Where they can follow the flow
Of not being told what to know

Christians must stop imposing their will
They must stop the self righteous kills
And pushing counterproductive bills
And take the red pill
Of peace be still
To abandon royal shills
Who sell toil filled
Oil drills
To follow Jesus’ path
Not enacting God’s wrath
By using subtractive math
That makes Satan laugh
Jun 7 · 38
Andrew Jun 7
I see you at work
I see you at church
I want to flirt
Yet I stay perched
When my only worth
Is to be hurt

I've been burned before
Yet I yearn for more
While the spurns are sore
In this hurtful war
I never learned to score
So I earned the door

I fantasize
About your feral eyes
That paralyze
My carol cries
As I stare and sigh
You gouge my eyes
With fingers that pry
Into my singular life
Bringing a plight
Of losing all sight

Our relationship is unlikely
Because I'm unsightly
Anxiety fights me
As I die rightly
Without you knighting
Me politely

I'm full of fear
And apprehension
I want to steer
Away from the tension
With an inner invention
Of a dour dimension
Fearing an election
Where I'm not the selection

You'll act like I have hep C
Or some form of leprosy
Meaning we won't be wrestling
So why put myself in jeopardy?

My heart will be constricting
Once you're done whipping
And my blood is dripping
So I bring a shield with me
So I'm never really living

I'm so scared
And unprepared
I approach your lair
The idea you don't care
Is too much to bear
So I decide not to share
The image of a pair
With you and I there

I feel *****
I feel guilty
It gets stormy
As I **** me
Loneliness is my home I guess
I know I'm an absolute mess
When the decision is no contest
Even with no context
You can see I'm a dog vexed
By the odd hex
Of your god flex
When you call next
So apprehension protects
Jun 6 · 53
Jesus’ Knowledge
Andrew Jun 6
In the Bible, Jesus was half man half God
But did he know this to a certainty?
At one point he was a baby that needed to learn how to walk
So he apparently didn’t always know everything
Did he re-learn he was God?
Did he implicitly understand so until he knew?
Did he ever know to a certainty that he was God?
I’d like to think not
I’d like to think God used Jesus to show us how to behave
But we’d know how to behave if we had God’s omniscience
I’d like to think Jesus was given infinite wisdom
But not infinite knowledge
To show us how to act in a manner that is attainable
Yet still seemingly impossible
Forgiving others even as they tortured him to death
Jun 4 · 80
Brain Chemistry
Andrew Jun 4
I'm sad and I don't know why
Could it be that I steal and lie?
I say it's what I do to get by
While I still think I'm right
So I still need an explanation
For this depression's duration
I give my mind placation
With useless information
Which gives me frustration
While I yearn for elation

I put the focus on my brain chemistry
So people won't think less of me
For not living blessedly
From the lessons seen
That I ignored indeed
Like my aborted dreams
That were thwarted into steam
Once I found my neurological stream
Could take the blame for all that I've been

I have low serotonin
I have low dopamine
I feel the power of Odin
Choking me
And I can't see
Through the freeze
Of countless needs
That are unwatered seeds

I'm depressed
I'm bipolar
I regress
Into disorders
I use to put up borders
Or beg for quarters

A new age way
Of shirking my responsibility
I am my brain
I must own the emotions filling me
If I want to escape depression willingly
I must face it head-on until I'm free
But I don't follow those who lead
So I continue to be

I ignore finding purpose
Or answering a calling
My only searches
Are for pills falling
Off the doctor's dolly

What's in my mental
Makes me special
But I'm disheveled
So I befriend the devil
On this lonely level
Where I solemnly settle

I think other people are lying
About how much they're crying
Because they seem like they're trying
While all I'm doing is sighing
At their pain I'm denying

The more people diagnosed with depression
The less of an individual it makes me
So I rationalize they haven't learned a lesson
And lives I'd love to be trading
Because all I'm doing is skating
While giving others' lives ratings
Comparing them to my rabies
I'm melodramatically exacerbating

Other people transform
I stick to the norm
Convinced I'm deformed
Not from the storm
But from when I was born

I want your sympathy
Not your help
Any advice you give to me
I'll put on the shelf
Sarcastically saying "Thanks I'm cured"
Because I think my negativity is truer
Than anything newer
Like your positivity
I rebuffed unwittingly
Because I'm miserable
And can't handle the truth
So it hurts so visceral
When you call me uncouth
But I'm not a sleuth
So I blame it all on youth
And the rest of your troops
Separated from my toxic loop

So I isolate myself
And get depressed even more
I blame my mental health
As I fall short of the shore
With opportunities galore
Yet all I can do is snore
And think of who I was before
Modern psychology implored
A brain chemistry war
Jun 1 · 55
Andrew Jun 1
There are a lot of sleepers out there
They need to wake up
But that task requires tremendous energy
Because when one tries to wake them
They sleepwalk back to their community
Of snoozers that salivate sleeping
To confirm the choices they’ve made
And browbeat you into a slumber
So you’ll join the rest of them in a lifelong nap
Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie
May 31 · 43
Andrew May 31
I like getting freaky
I like getting weird
I like getting *****
With your spear
But I fear
The deviation here
Will eventually steer
Me out of your sphere

I say we need to spice things up
You ask “Isn’t our life enough?”
I wish you wouldn’t call my bluff
And just get into freakier stuff

After enough deviation
There’s no reconciliation
Between our needy nations
I look for a feeding station
While I’m bleeding relation
For fleeting elation

I become attracted to what’s different
Unfortunately you will always be you
So I become insistent
On ******* every animal in this zoo

One at a time doesn’t suffice
I join threesomes and foursomes
The ****** only get more dumb
Making me lose my consortium
Because of my sore thumb
Shooting a ***** gun
Every time I score numb

There’s nothing wrong with being a deviant
But that’s just one of the ingredients
It’s unhealthy to keep feeding it
Until you think *** is meaningless
The only reason you’re believing this
Is because you’re treating bliss
Like a hedonist
May 30 · 112
Andrew May 30
My very worst nightmare
Is of me staying asleep
Sword stuck in the sheath
May 29 · 48
Andrew May 29
Life is meaningless
Life is pointless
Is anyone seeing this
I become avoidant
From annoyance
I slip into a depression
Bringing an obsession
Of not learning lessons
Just getting high every second

I’m ****** in strife
Not living the examined life
Against a canon’s might
Loaded with grams of white
Shooting me high as a kite
So I can ignore my plight
Of having to fight

The murky waters shifted
Into my blood stream they drifted
I was euphoria gifted
Learning to be lifted
I became a hedonistic
Phenom misfit
Talking cryptic
And apocalyptic

I see the haughty led
Talking heads
As the walking dead
Stalking dread
They want me red
But their haunting bled
My arm instead
The only blood I shed
Is from my carnal bed
On the path I tread

A needle goes in
Blood comes out
I live in sin
I live in doubt
Looking for an escape route

I’m a cynical buyer
In a situation dire
Sick and tired
Stuck in fire
Becoming a liar
To get higher

Trust has disappeared
But I am still here
Filled with fear
Not knowing which way to steer
I try to act cavalier
To placate the cattle here
But I live in the saddest sphere
Even though I’m in the stratosphere
I see madness near

I can’t keep it civil
With my head on a swivel
Wearing the addict’s sigil
Track marks mean no acquittal
So subterfuge is pivotal
All communication is digital
When I have to hide my visual

I have no grace
I’m given no mercy
Every decision I face
Ultimately hurts me
Making me *****
From what I’m observing
And for what I’m deserving
Because of truth I’m deserting
To stay on the line I’ve been skirting
With death who’s been flirting

All I want is to binge
On the swamp in my syringe
On society’s fringe
Because once the ****** goes in
I can see heaven in hell
By ignoring the smell
Of where I dwell
In a euphoric shell

When all that remains
Is more of the same
I pray to the lord for rain
To wash my spirit away
So I can be a hero slain
Rather than singing a loser’s refrain
You pass these people everyday
They’re roadkill in the street
By the time you look in your rear view mirror
The vultures are back to eat
Gnawing their bones to defeat
Until they’re stripped of all meat
And their skin is baked in the heat
Their eyes melt staring into the sun
Once their blood is diluted by fun
So they can no longer be the one
Transmitting Jesus’ love

A lot of people
Say religion is evil
But I don’t need to go to a steeple
Or take a bunch of college classes
To learn opiates are the ****** of the masses
May 27 · 61
Andrew May 27
Science advances humanity
It has lit up the night
And shown us cosmic sights
Science has lengthened our life span
As well as providing insight into the mind of man
So when we’re faced with a world in turmoil
People try turning to science to solve our problems
Which is a noble worthwhile task indeed
But I fear our solution may not lie in an equation
I imagine if that were the case
The equation would be understood at birth
And the solution would be love
May 26 · 116
Andrew May 26
If I’m always ashamed of the things I’ve done
Should I always be ashamed of the things I do?
May 26 · 63
Andrew May 26
A girl has a dream
To be a singer seen
By her fellow teens
But her self esteem
Will have to be deep
For her to take the leap
To the dreams she’ll keep
While everyone sleeps

She takes the stage
In front of fans with rage
Who have a war to wage
Against those with grace
Who avoided the grave
Where the bitter stay

They throw trash
They throw dirt
They paid their cash
To giver her hurt
The ticket is worth
Ripping her shirt

They scream and spit
Not displaying much wit
Shouting “show us your ****”
Or “play a top forty hit”
Complaining “this isn’t lit”
To imply her music is ****

She sings even louder
To show she is prouder
To disprove all the doubters
Because in this pivotal hour
She has more power
Than all of those cowards

They tell her to give up
Because she’ll never live up
To those who are sin stuck
Blaming low win luck
While paying big bucks
To call her a lame duck

All she does is sing
Nullifying the hate they bring
Nullifying their spiteful stings
Nullifying the words they sling
Their hands they wring
While they watch her spring
Angelic wings
As she flies over them
She sees pathetic men
In the canyon she fled
May 24 · 44
Andrew May 24
A horse clumsily and fatally steps on a dove
Which looks silly to a man watching from above
But what if that dove
Was the horse’s number one?
What if its life was fun
Before it was done?
In order to cope with this gaffe
The human just laughs
Wondering why God’s path
Involves hooves of wrath
May 23 · 50
Andrew May 23
I went to the rodeo with my friends
It seemed like a fine way to spend
A wonderful weekend
There were fun and games
As ways to stay entertained
But I wasn't content just holding my belt loops
So I decided to escape the chicken coop
For a different group
That was most uncouth
And saw a bull with the horns of Satan
And the torso of an Abrams
Its power and majesty mesmerized me
Treating my friends' advice too lightly
I had to take the bull for a spin
Becoming a slave to its whims
I lost my grin and urge to win
Inside the bull's conjured wind
My actions I couldn't rescind
Before it threw me in
A garbage bin
Landing on my *** in St. Judas, Misery
After leaving my friends in a hurry
For a bucking bull's fury
That had my words slurring
By the end of its scurry
All I could do was dust my boots off
And head back to Kentucky
To join the pigs eating at the trough
And consider myself lucky
May 22 · 69
Andrew May 22
I hang out with friends
But I get an empty feeling
When the fun times end
After hitting the ceiling
Silence makes me descend
Until my brain starts peeling
From the heavy rain that's wielding
The emotions my friends were shielding

Life seems pretty hollow
After the friends I follow
Leave me in misery to wallow
With pills that are hard to swallow

There's a fly placed in the ointment
Prescribed to cure my disappointment
That became problem avoidance
Bringing agony's annoyance

Why did I feel so empty
Once they finally left me
In a depression hefty
Blocking the best me
With desperation testing
My desire to start texting
Looking for the next thing
Instead of resting
I keep wrestling
In my nest of stings

Once I go home
To my snow cone
Of a low tone
To throw stones
At ghost phones
I feel most unknown

I need purpose
I need direction
But all my searches
Are to satisfy my *******
For a loneliness deflection
That won't cure my infection
Of aimless dejection

Should I end my life in solitude?
Or would that be viewed
As way too rude?
I tried to summon a druid
To escape these ruins
But you became a bruin
Speaking anguish fluent

Save me from thinking
To save me from sinking
The alcohol I'm drinking
Is to avoid the stinking
Of us not linking

Without you
I lose
Then I use
To disprove
The sense of doom
That only grew
Once you withdrew
May 19 · 157
Andrew May 19
All of the aggressive goats fight
To determine the king of the hill
But once rain starts pouring
They seek shelter together
Leaving the victor in the rain
May 19 · 75
Avoiding Ares
Andrew May 19
I’m a face in the crowd
With the holier than thou
Who scream so loud
That they’re proud
I look around
Then look at the ground

We disagree
On different needs
They’re an aggressive breed
Making others bleed
For what they believe
So I flee
Into solitary
Avoiding Ares

I become less brotherly
As I forget the suffering
In my submerged submarine
Where I can’t hear the thundering
Of social interaction blundering

I’m exiled in style
Haven’t seen people in a while
Which makes me smile
Skipping their trials
Walking for miles
Without the vile
Spewing their bile

I walk through peaceful pastures
Far away from our corporate masters
Dodging all the disasters
That make us die faster
I focus on the pastor
To live happily ever after

I lose my relatability
In a state of tranquility
From the holy trinity
Helping me see infinity
And start living differently
Instead of living miserably

Using ignorance for protection
I start to lose connection
To important lessons
That met my deflection
Or circumvented detection
As part of my rejection
Of society’s infection

I try to avoid negativity
But I can’t set the living free
If all my life is giving me
Reflects my selfish greed
Living under tranquil trees
Away from their hypocrisy
And false democracy
Always mocking me
From afar
Leaving the door ajar
For me to heal some scars
But for that I’ll have to leave Mars
And mingle with the stars
That float in the distance
While I watch their imprints
Making the night sky different

I avoid their pain
Becoming lame
Playing a game
Of staying tame
So I circle the drain
Without leaving a stain
May 16 · 64
Andrew May 16
The roads we build impact the ecosystem
Squirrels are turned into roadkill
As vultures find new sources of food
We must remember our effect on others
And try to not impose our will on them
Yet roads are too important to not use
Progression means moving forward
At a higher speed than before
So we must pave our own paths
Rodents will just have to burrow under
May 15 · 76
Inclement Weather
Andrew May 15
I'm trapped in inclement weather
All my other ties are severed
After finding someone better
Than the ghosts in this nether
So I decisively pulled a lever
Saying I'll love you forever
Even if you love me never

A volcano erupted
In my bed and in my head
But you disrupted
The magma flowing I fled
But with that snuck
A feeling of dread
That my heart was misled

I'm the introvert
Wanting in your shirt
But you're the extrovert
Causing extra hurt
Torrential rain spurts
Out my eyes of no worth
Wishing I had never been birthed

You caused this
So you should take responsibility
But you resist
Your lack of response is killing me
For you insist
On not following me willingly
I feel resentment filling me
Convinced of your villainy

Rain pours from the sky
After a million tries
To win you with lies
After lightning struck my eyes
Seeing you as a prize
Amongst flies

I load my gun
To shoot at a hurricane
For I'm not done
Fighting this absurd pain
Fear consumes me
As I think of losing
With a rejection proving
The futility of what I'm doing
The Earth quakes beneath my feet
Pushing heavy currents in my direction
All the water in the ocean depletes
As I see myself in a tidal wave's reflection

Conquered by the tide
I tried to abide
My eyes haven't dried
Not knowing your side
I'm pushed under by the waves
The water's weight I can't brave
So to the sea I'm enslaved
Chanting your name

The sky turns dark
As thunder booms
I can't find my heart
While darkness looms
My mind is fighting
An accidental sighting
Of chain lightning
That's brain frightening

The storm never ceases
On lonely beaches
So I cowardly retreated
From memories of being defeated
Towards a community of leeches
Yet all they teach is
Happiness will always elude my reaches
After they drained me dry
Leaving me in the desert to fry
In an arid drought of somber sighs
I look to God and ask why

The storm finally stopped
The flood finally subsided
But once I reached the top
Love arrived once again
May 14 · 77
Andrew May 14
There was a point in my life
When I was so depressed
I became addicted to ****** for six years
My friends advised, "Drugs won't solve your problems."
And they were right
I didn't want to flee from my emotions anymore
Through immense pain I achieved sobriety
Afterwards I wandered around
Wondering how people dealt with depression normally
So I asked my friendly advisors
"How do people manage their emotions?"
They answered, "By taking drugs."
May 12 · 81
Andrew May 12
I live among prying peers
Telling me which way to steer
They’re all I can hear
So to garner cheers
In their direction I veer

I thought if I stayed still
They wouldn’t see me
So I took a pill
So I could be me
But that didn’t free me
Once I was needing
Constant feeding

So I join civilization
And see their indications
Pointing towards temptations
To provide societal placation

They send me
To the trendy
To amend me

The conformity
Is informing me
Changing horribly
To what I see normally

My confirmation of conformation
Is in observations of obfuscation
In this iteration of integration
Where I conform for calibration

I’m willing to be wrong
To belong
Can I be strong
Singing another’s song?

I want to fit in
So I sit in
Places I’m whipped in
Hatred I’m dipped in
In a crazed conniption

I’ve had a painful life
Under their knife
Giving me strife
To make me right
In their light

Consumed by conformity
Society absorbing me
Changing enormously
To the form I see

I hate what I’ve become
At their behest
So I load my gun
And join the rest

I’ve become an automaton
Building atomic bombs
To drop on the calm
Who don’t sing my song
May 11 · 88
Andrew May 11
In all mediums of art
There is a give and take
Between the artist and their audience
Both sides must give everything and take everything
They’re two halves of a whole
In a reciprocal relationship
Where they must give 100%
To meet each other 50/50

The artist must pour their heart and soul into their work
And the audience must reward the artist by doing the same
Consuming art with an enthusiastic, optimistic open mind
Yet many people don’t consume art this way
They enjoy the weight of their own opinions too much
So to try to give their opinions credibility
They become overly critical and jaded

The audience starts to adopt a “this better impress me” attitude
But their criteria is always different
I met an example in a film discussion with a cynic
Who only complained about the plot or CGI
Because they didn’t know what else to look for
And ended up hating plenty of movies
They didn’t know how to watch in the first place

Yet on the other side of that coin
These people convince themselves they like total **** to seem smart
I can never predict what shotgun blast on canvas they’ll call brilliant
But it usually relies on the power of suggestion
A famous person made it or other people like it
Usually explained as “raw emotion” or something along those lines
While thoughtful and interesting work is shot down

This mentality turns artists away
While attracting frauds
Who develop a pretense to impress those idiots
By acting like an artiste
They contribute to a culture devoid of depth
Where critical thinking is used to find ways of being different
As asserting individuality trumps emotional connection
For consumers trying to avoid appearing superficial
Yet they just end up unique and shallow
May 9 · 81
Andrew May 9
Preacher sees in black and white
So preacher sees he’s right
Justified by God’s light
To judge on sight

Preacher says secular music is evil
Not meant for holy people
He’s not even talking about Slayer
Or Jay-Z rapping about being a player
He uses Led Zeppelin as an example
When more relevant options are ample
My musical taste is trampled
Like some shameful scandal

He tells me not to listen to Crazy Train
So I think he has a lazy brain
That didn’t listen to what Ozzy was saying
That song wasn’t about foxy ladies
Or boxing babies
Or buying a Mercedes
Just diagnosing the rabies
Of a species in training

If I don’t listen
How can I help?
It sounds like a mission
To focus on myself
Instead of pain that is felt
By those who have welts
That kind of life seems reductive and boring
When outside it’s storming
And everyone ignores me
The music is God performing
Just for me

Preacher wants to delete
The musical elite
Until only gospel plays on repeat
At that point I’ll take a seat
Saying that’s neat
But I’m looking for more
Like opinions on war
And the dominion formed
Through judgmental scorns
That leaves our culture torn

The church is a microcosm of society
With the preacher dictating propriety
Saying ignore the secular entirely
To not live so direly

I found the divide between the secular and religious
When both take their culture to an extent prodigious
They start acting vicious
Once they’re comfortable in their niches
May 7 · 444
Art and Religion
Andrew May 7
Can art and religion coexist
When art is about asking questions
And religion is about providing answers?
May 7 · 65
Andrew May 7
Walking is a horizontal climb
Like how we walk through time
While we walk in line
Chasing dimes
With **** crimes
Dazed and primed
To stray to lies
And decay in grime
As we walk to die

Jesus walked with a cross
Like I walk through the frost
Amongst the lost
In this world I was tossed

To not sit in a station
I walk to my destination
In silent contemplation
Through a contempt nation

I walk a tightrope
Over the word nope
That sits next to hope
On a precarious *****

I walk through salt flats
Where I can’t halt gnats
Who always talk back
I’m caught in the attack
Of a million microscopic bats

I pull myself forward with my feet
Then I put that motion on repeat
To stay on a progression streak
Avoiding motionless defeat

I raise my knee
I raise my chin
I pray I see
A way to win
But things get grim
When I’m asked to swim
In a bath of sin
Whose grasp will dim
The path I’m in

My feet experience ups and downs
To move me around
They can be loud
If I’m in a crowd
But they don’t make a sound
While I drown

I walk away
From the fray
To get through the day
But I’m left with nothing to say
Because my dues aren’t paid

I walk away from fights
I walk away from light
I walk into the night
And its trite delights
That block my sight
Of potential heights

My feet feel weary
From footsteps I’m hearing
Of death that’s nearing
I’m so busy fearing
I slow down my steering

Is this grief worth
The way my feet hurt?
Maybe I should leave Earth
And be one with the dirt
That I nonchalantly walked over
Stepping on four-leaf clovers
Like a trampling ogre
Wrestling with odor
That pushes me lower
Until I walk even slower
May 5 · 75
Andrew May 5
Biblical Egyptians benefited from labor
From their underpaid neighbors
Who looked for a savior

Long ago are the days of Joseph
Serving the pharaoh with his mind
Pharaoh hates the other kind
Working them as slaves
Who shall not misbehave
They must walk through the desert and make sacrifices
But pharaoh confines them to their quarters
And forces them to obey his orders
Not to leave the defined border
God hardens pharaoh’s heart
While he tears them all apart
So God sends a plague of locusts
And other kinds of hocus pocus
That’s not the focus
The country started to wither
From the snake that slithered
In its leader’s innards
Thinking he’s a winner
When he’s just a sinner
Making his once great nation grimmer
As the meek eat their last supper for dinner
They look to a leader
For a pharaoh defeater
But even though Moses had God preach to him
He still needed Aaron to speak for him
In order for the meek to win
We must seek to step in
May 5 · 91
Andrew May 5
Does the pious man live the holy life
By avoiding demons
Or by remaining righteous in their presence?
May 3 · 72
Admit Fault
Andrew May 3
I admit fault

All I can say
Is I’m sorry I swayed
During the fray
I swerved in your lane
I could’ve said it was rain
Or my brakes were restrained
Instead I accept blame

I was once rear ended
By a peer who pretended
I purposefully meant it
Like my car was rented
So I became the defendant
Against the non repentant
My heart couldn’t be mended
From my trust being dented

So I admit fault
To close the vault
Of paranoid salt
For confusion to halt
May 2 · 90
Andrew May 2
Orange orange everywhere
Orange orange in the air
I’m given an orange despair
By a man with orange hair
I see through his orange glare
To see nothing really there

A man became president
Promising to evict residents
His stupidity self evident
When he says nothing relevant
About all the topical elements
He just talks for the hell of it

He’s unfit to lead
Because he’s equipped with greed
And an unwillingness to read
Gaining success from his family tree
He lives the American dream
By making others scream
To indulge his team
And his bigotry

All it took for his courtship
Was a culture of celebrity worship
And idiots buying his horseshit
Of acting remorseless

The gullible are impressed
With how well he is dressed
So they think he’s the best
Putting him in a wing that is west
Because he has a lot of money
But without any capability
You better start running
Money let’s him **** willingly

He takes advantage of the stupid and racist
By pointing at people with brown faces
Saying they’re here to replace us
Like they’re working for Asus
And not mowing his lawn
He said they will **** us
To manipulate his pawns

He’s a megalomaniac
Who thinks he’s a brainiac
But it’s a brain he lacks
To understand the impact
Of his negative attacks
Still he thinks he’s a genius
Which justifies his meanness
So his cruelty is seamless
While he claims to redeem us

This is our most vulnerable hour
With a president compromised by foreign powers
Building ivory towers
By turning minorities sour
There’s a litany of reasons
Why he calls them heathens
But it all revolves around freedoms
Being stripped from those who need them

His constituents have their heads in the sand
So they blindly give in to his demands
Going after whoever he’s ******
In the name of this land
Other kinds are banned

You can tell the bad guys have won
When they start separating mothers from sons
At the end of a gun
So there’s nowhere to run
Away from the oppression
Of our downward descension
As he does nothing to lessen
The root of our depression

His concentration camps
Give a **** slant
To his lofty plans
Until no one can stand
Without a weapon
Because of his deception
Which was his intention
To win the election
He promised detention
Of the boogeyman mentioned

The red, white and blue
Adopts an orange hue
When the foreign lose
From the fascist bruise
Of an orange noose
Apr 30 · 76
Andrew Apr 30
I’m a ship prepared to sail
Through aerial gales
To live a fairytale
Above scary jails
That sadly prevail
Below my trail

I look below me
To see hatred growing
While the lights are strobing
From the guns they’re loading
That are my foreboding
If I ever start slowing
I’ll hit the ground lowly
And the bullets flowing
Will get to know me

But I have protectors
Against those who hector
They watch my vector
And disarm the projectors
My protectors are my friends
My protectors are my colleagues
And my flight will never end
As long as they will follow me

Enemy insurgents
Become a disturbance
Creating turbulence
As they herd the dense
Until they’re furious
And shoot the breeze
With RPGs
Until my army sees
They’re harming me

My friends flank me in jet fighters
To protect me from the assault
And my squad keeps getting wider
By adding those I exalt
I fly in the clouds
With my friends all around
Breaking the barrier of sound
While never going down

Foes shoot missiles
Of dismissal
With words visceral
To make me miserable
But my valiant defenders
Shoot down the offenders
With consolation rendered
In their care so tender

We employ evasive maneuvers
To avoid the pervasive losers
And the invasive abusers
All of whom are cruisers
Flying low
Dying slow
Blinding snow
Lines their nose

But the enemy fleet is approaching
Our territory they’re encroaching
While we’re somberly toasting
Seeing the numbers they’re boasting
We try to fight
With all our might
But day turns to night
As I gain a suffering plight

The hovering helicopters
Shoot distracting flares
With tantalizing offers
Leaving my targeting impaired
So I veer off course
Like a lost horse
In a frost force
Of top torque

Once my squad is separated
The enemy is elevated
Showing the hell that waited
While my friends designated
Me as venerated
Like Satan irrigated
The peers I hated
Just being patient
Until I use a spaceship

The demons chase
Me into space
Until there’s no trace
Of the Devil’s face
But I can’t eject now
With space all around
While my crew starts to leave
Between asteroids I weave
While trying to grieve
My group disintegrating

They float into the nether
Quiet as a feather
As my ties are severed
They float away forever
And I start drifting alone
Drifting becomes my home
Drifting into the dark unknown
Depression drifts into my bones
Apr 27 · 95
Jesus’ Blood
Andrew Apr 27
When I was younger
I had a hunger
To tear asunder
A life I wondered
Might be a meaningless schism
So I turned to hedonism
My coping mechanism
To set a mega rhythm
Guiding my decisions

My blood entered the syringe
And then it went back in
Along with all the ******
As I tried to put a spin
On a world that seemed grim
In a room filled with sin
I looked for a magical djinn
To cure all my issues
From heavy drug misuse
And rid me of shame imbued
By living in denial and not in truth

I was too educated
To be that medicated
But I saw a life predicated
On living to be hated
So I hesitated
Looking to get elevated
Or at least sedated

But I became miserable
In the drugs’ scissor hold
My health at critical
I was a lost individual
Seeking a different goal

Wandering in this ***** colony
Jesus Christ’s blood falls on me
As ***** as it was on Roman soldiers
Its cleansing quality cleans my shoulders
I feel a weight removed
From the hate that grew
From the life I knew

Jesus cleans my black marks
Jesus cleans my track marks
He shows me the track start
For how to act smart
Then nothing else matters
All the inane chatter
Exits out my bladder
Leaving my past in tatters

Relieved of the grime
I try to leave it behind
But God uses my mind
To provide perspective
To the dejected
I become a detective
For the defective
Using my past directive

But it’s to my chagrin
That I once lived in sin
And I just want to be rid
Of all that I did
Which throws me in a net
Filled with regret
Which Jesus had met
With a covenant set
Yet still I fret
Wanting to be the teacher’s pet

I feel Jesus’ blood get on me
Or maybe that’s a dead body
Warning my sins have caught me
From when I once acted naughty
Because even now that I’m godly
Those corpses haunt me
Does God actually want me
To be flaunting
These memories taunting?

I was a vampire
Whose sand spire
Spanned a mire
Over drug buyers
And **** liars
Whose guns fired
Into dumb deniers
So it makes sense I use discretion
Yet part of Jesus’ connection
Is through the redemption
In his glorious attention

Jesus was killed
So I could be chill
But I must pay a bill
Of spreading his will
By spreading his blood
By spreading his love
Without push or shove

Jesus has way more blood to be spared
Now that he exists in the air
So it doesn’t seem fair
That I wouldn’t share
His redeeming care

I was saved
I was rescued
A road I pave
For the next group
And the distressed youth
To see the best proof
That the lost uncouth
Can be redeemed
They just need to recoup
And live their dream
Following Jesus’ lead
Apr 26 · 90
Andrew Apr 26
I know what it's like to fail
In a continuous loop
In this game I trail
I keep missing the hoop
As my spirit goes stale
I forget how to shoot
I let out a banshee's wail
And then I go mute

I know what it's like to lose
To be beaten and bruised
By those who pick and choose
Who hangs from their noose
My mission wasn't a success
Once you told me I was a mess
And you weren't impressed
After I undressed
So I elect to rest
After deciding you're the best

In my lonely bed I lie
Even here I slowly die
I don't even have to try
To be losing my life
So I'm using a knife
To cut out my eyes
And get rid of my sight
Because my main plight
Is watching day lose to night
The only winner my grey blight

I try to put a padlock
On the mad clock
Like an ad block
On my last box
God laughs a lot
Saying "I think not
Time can't be bought
You must wither and rot"

I've lost the battle
And the war
I hear death rattle
In my core
As I implore
God for more
To reach the shore
But he slams the door

There's no such thing as heaven
Just a seventy year game seven
Where my eyes gradually redden
So I can't play the game
While my optics are strained
Until my vision is completely lost
And I die alone in the frost
Apr 25 · 125
Andrew Apr 25
In the book of Genesis
Joseph, son of Jacob
Made a prophecy based on the pharaoh's dream
He determined there would be seven years of abundance
Followed by seven years of famine
Joseph told the pharaoh to stockpile resources
By taxing one fifth of his subjects' harvest every year
To prepare for the impending hardship
So that they may live and not die
And during that time of famine
Egypt remained powerful
Because of their divine foresight and communal mentality
But what I wonder about that process is:
During the abundance
Did the Egyptians complain about the new tax?
Did they say it was a tyrannical government overreaching?
And during the famine
Did they feed on the fruits of frugality
While remembering the contributions that saved their nation?
Apr 24 · 91
Andrew Apr 24
I live inside my shell
In a world I will leave
So I feel compelled
To live my romantic dream
But people tell me it's not Adam and Steve
And what they really believe
Is I'm going to Hell
Well they can call me Eve
And this is where I fell
Apr 21 · 98
Andrew Apr 21
I committed a crime against the state
I effected the money oligarchs make
So they send me away to deflate
Inside a prison estate

The punishment of prison isn’t enough
They want my life to be extremely tough
So they take an unknown parasitic bug
And inject it into my blood

They don’t care what it does or where it goes
Because the main goal
Is that it’s painful
To satiate the disdainful

So I’m stuck in this prison
Because of our decisions
I have a parasitic incision
That starts blurring my vision

In prison I see things bleakly
And my eyes start leaking
On the verge of weeping
Until the bug starts speaking
Telling me not to show weakness
Because I’ll just sleep less
If I display any meekness
I’ll surely reach death

The parasite replaces my eyes
With its own advice
Of not acting nice
And being cold as ice
As it crawls through my skin
Teaching ways to win
That are quite grim
And mortal sins

The parasite tells me the only way to survive
Is to create an environment where evil thrives
So I start sharpening shanks
Like the military manufacturing tanks
Stockpiling my weapons
While I live in deception
Hiding my deviousness from the guards
Whose giant targe
Gives vibrant scars
Behind prison bars

They put me in solitary confinement
For my humble consignment
But my bumbling mind went
Following my blind pet
Telling me to keep fighting
In this tiny room without lighting
It’s the only way to feel lively
When I know I’m slowly dying

The bug says I’m weak
The bug says I’m lonely
So I desperately seek
A way for people to know me
So I spread my **** on the wall
Looking for an officer to brawl
Once the extraction team is called
I don’t feel so small

In a prison of concrete and resentment
I’m drowning in indefinite detention
Which was the intention
Of this sadistic invention
But they forgot to mention
That innocent people end up here
I barbarically **** to inmate cheers
Feeling only hate and fear
The parasite enters their ear
Apr 20 · 241
Andrew Apr 20
Some people claim they speak with God
Others will try to tell them that’s just their intuition
But I think they’re both right
Apr 18 · 91
Andrew Apr 18
I feel so lonely
I want someone to know me
And caress me slowly
Instead I’m imploding

I search to no avail
As loneliness prevails
My life goes stale
Telling tall tales
Of how I was impaled

I’m the single Pringle at the bottom of the can
That can’t be reached by their hand
Because it holds a brand
I can’t withstand
They always demand more
Like I’m their ****** *****
Who won’t stand for
The grand tour

So I just keep breathing
As love keeps leaving
Sitting here seething
Like I’m teething
While they beat me

I know what I want
And won’t settle for less
But the settlers taunt
Saying they’re blessed
The riches they flaunt
Of having a guest
Leaves me impressed
But once I’m undressed
I see it’s all in jest
So it’s time to rest

I want to be part of society
Without anyone tied to me
Because they just lie to me
Playing hide and seek
Making life bleak
I travel through the cosmos
Where only God knows
How much time slows
Where the blind go

So I fold
And throw in the towel
Once I’m cold
And disemboweled
I reluctantly resign
While I’m singularly defined
Our lives will never intertwine
So I live inside my winter mind

I say life as a bachelor
Is spectacular
To mask the hurt
Of being attached to dirt
Inside this frozen canyon
Where I can’t join a tandem
While others avoid my fandom
I become a haunting phantom

This misery gets increasingly annoying
So I convince others to join me
In relationship avoiding
And defense mechanism employing
To act like I’m enjoying
The life I’m destroying
Apr 17 · 80
Andrew Apr 17
I need to express myself
For my mental health
Not to melt
But I don’t make art
Because it’s torn apart
Like a bleeding heart
Eaten by seething sharks

In a match of the friendless
Versus the defenseless
It’s the pretentious
Who condescend us

They hit all
The pitfalls
With wit small
But sit tall
Behind thick walls
Of vitriol

They see examining art
As a way to prove they’re smart
By blindly rejecting what others like
And enjoying the obscure
As if being different makes them right
Which is obviously absurd

On a plane where opinion
Is treated as fact
They claim dominion
Over the artistic track
By shooting black flak
Until I angrily react
And flies I attract

You might take the angle
I think everyone is painful
I’m not saying there aren’t angels
But there are definitely demons
With no explainable definite reasons
Why they call some artists heathens
Based on the nonsense they believe in

Pretension and ignorance
Have a large difference
But both are carnivorous
Most of their comments
Aren’t very honest
Nor are they modest
They just burn the hottest

Their judgment stuck
On calling everything putrid
The best filmmakers ****
The best musicians are stupid
They can hardly be called lucid
Trying to be the negative Confucius

Their hate reaping
Breaks peeking
Artists seeking
One day reaching
Public preaching

I start to withdraw
Once they’re near
My heart won’t unthaw
Frozen in fear
The crowd is suggestible and fickle
So one negative trickle
Causes an avalanche of icicles
Knocking me off life’s bicycle

They discourage people from putting themselves out there
As they turn culture into a doubt fair
Only producing shout air
To reroute stares
Away from emotional expression
And toward themselves
With their rhetorical aggression
They put us in hell
Apr 15 · 198
Andrew Apr 15
In a government job
People do whatever they want
And don’t care if they’re wrong
In the private sector
Workers do whatever their manager wants
And don’t care if they’re wrong
Apr 14 · 95
Andrew Apr 14
A blinding light
Blocked my sight
A pervasive plight
That invades my life
Then degrades to night

The light is you
In a darkened zoo
Where my hatred grew
Until you shined through

You emanate a warm aura
More fragrant than God’s flora
Teaching more than God’s Torah
So you’re like my god sort of

When I talk to you
I feel love in my heart
So to avoid stalking you
Our ways I do part

I think of you constantly
Like you’re haunting me
Taunting me

Your face
And smile
Show grace
For miles
So I race
To exile

But your hair shining brown
Like an earthy crown
Rules my town
Pushing me down

I hear you everyday
I hear everything you say
I hear your beauty
I hear you rebuke me
Like it’s your duty
To cut right through me

I see you everyday
Through the fray
Of swirling grey
In my heart
And my soul
I fall apart
And grow old

I tell myself I’m just waiting
I tell myself I’m still looking
But I’ve been self hating
Ever since you shook me

I look at the night sky
And ask God why
I can’t just fly
Away from this guy
So I just start to die
In this love I’m capsized
Wailing these laugh cries

I can’t love anyone else
So instead I just melt
This is the pain you’ve dealt
By just being yourself
Apr 10 · 87
Andrew Apr 10
I’m a performing circus bear
Traveling the world with my master
Who treats me as an equal
So we are comfortable companions
And make an amazing team
Performing spectacular shows for rabid audiences
Who don’t appreciate our effort
They try to antagonize and diminish us
But we remain stoic
Until today
A heckler grabs my ear
My feral nature gets the best of me
So I snap at them
I instantly realize my mistake
And so does my master
He shakes his head and walks away
Leaving me heartbroken
Without my only friend and protector
My overwhelming regret and sorrow make no difference
I’m reminded of where I stand with humans
As they euthanize me
Apr 9 · 105
Andrew Apr 9
You say you have chronic fatigue
I respond with so do I
You say I’m not in your league
The difference is I try

You say you have a disease
So you can stay on your knees
And beg and plead
For sympathy
Then you gatekeep
Based on sleep
So I can’t make a peep
Unless I’m curled in a heap

You have problems
But you abuse this
When you don’t solve them
They turn into excuses
You’re a hypochondriac
In a cycle so black
Your mind is cracked
From panic attacks

I’m not here to jeer
Those paralyzed by fear
But once you are near
I meet your whiny leer
As you show a clear lack of empathy
Saying no one else understands depression
I constantly feel it enter me
I just don’t make the same concessions

I don’t mind if you take medicine
For your head to win
Against the grim
But don’t tell me you have it worse
From your self imposed curse
Living in the back of a hearse
Because when I say you should stop running
I see a shitstorm coming
With war drums drumming
Showing energy that’s stunning
I guess it was reserved for hunting
Apr 9 · 144
Andrew Apr 9
I experience immobilizing aches throughout my life
I experience headaches
That make me not want to think
I experience stomachaches
That make me not want to move
I experience heartaches
That make me not want to feel
All of these aches steer me away from living my life
And the only aspirin is living that fleeting life as I veer off course
Apr 8 · 88
Andrew Apr 8
You entered my life
When I was centered in strife
So you mentored me right
And invented the light

You were okay with my flaws
You were okay with my sappiness
You introduced me to God
You introduced me to happiness

You’re the shepherd
I’m the *****
Who’s ways were tempered
In the holy sector

You gave me a prize
By making things clearer
So I can look in my eyes
When I look in the mirror

You have given a gift
Of a life lift
Paradigm shift
Removing spit
Where I sit

Your inner peace
And inner beauty
Are within reach
And flow through me

So this foal hobbles
Behind its role model
Drinking the whole bottle
To match your bold throttle
Apr 5 · 76
Andrew Apr 5
I wake up in the morning
To thunderclouds forming
Afraid of future storming
I live my life forlornly

My life is like whiskey in the jar
It doesn’t have to go very far
To be turned into ****
After the mark I miss
It’s the dark I kiss

I’m Mister Useless
With a blistered bruised wrist
Getting slapped with a ruler by the ruler
Which is an anger fueler
So I don’t want another
Which is why I can’t find a lover

I’m trash
I’m garbage
I’m collapsed
And tarnished

Today was a day
But I threw it all away
Like a bullet in the fray
I feel the fullest when I stray
So I cram my gullet with dismay

It’s undeniable
That I’m unreliable
My company isn’t viable
So I lay in a silent hole
While I’m sleeping
The reaper is reaping
And the keeper is keeping
Happiness from those weeping

I didn’t learn anything new
After I learned to lose
And blame the Jews
As my bigotry grew
I accepted easy answers
About those I don’t like
I say they’re sinful cancer
And I’m always right

I become extremely hateful
Yet expect people to like me
When I’m constantly distasteful
They just want to fight me
Which I say is beneath me
Because victory is unlikely
I’d probably catch a beating
From God trying to smite me

All I want is sympathy
Not to see things differently
Because no one interests me
Because I’m never listening
I live my life in a crate
So they must carry my weight
So I can carry my hate
While I constantly deflate
And underrate
Anything great

I feel so lonely
Won’t someone hold me
While I treat them coldly?
Apr 2 · 96
Andrew Apr 2
A kerosene
Pharaoh leans
On barreled dreams
With feral teams
Using gasoline
To mask the screams
Of the last to breathe
On the path he weaves

His petrol
Gets sold
To fretful
Death droves
Chaos enfolds
Compounding tenfold
In this hell we’re stenciled

They’re fighting over a commodity
Using false dichotomies
Making others duel
Over fossil fuel
To say who rules
Which seems cruel
So they fill textbooks with lies
And put a gun in my hand
If I give a vexed look I’ll die
So I give in to their demands

I’m too blind to see
The refinery
Assigned to me
Is designed to be
The life I lead
For lies of greed
Making the sky bleed

We shoot chemicals into the sky
And deep into the ground
Never stopping to ask why
We hear a rumbling sound
And all the animals around
Have turned upside down

Getting oil
Is deadly toil
But not for the royal
Who’ve never touched soil
They’re too busy trying to foil
Anyone trying to save the planet
Anyone trying to use compassion
The prison door they slam it
Saying we don’t have enough rations

I become a head nodder
Eating lead fodder
As a pet otter
Clapping for treats
In shameless defeat
For the ruling elite
On a shrinking iceberg
Showing what my life earned
Mar 31 · 195
Andrew Mar 31
Hockey is the only major sport not based around fighting that you can fight in
And not get ejected from the game
The referees just give each player five minute penalties
Some players will use this to their advantage
And try to pick fights with players more valuable than them
Creating an equalizing equation
Raising their value to the player they eliminated
And bringing that player down to their level
Mar 29 · 95
Andrew Mar 29
There are so many people
And they’re all so different
So I can’t treat them equal
Which makes me distant

I try to be aerial
But all the variables
Create a scary hole
Of impairing cold

So I simplify the equation
To just understanding you
But you find your elation
With the rest of the zoo

The parabola in my pants
When we prance
Is not up to chance
It’s like a leaf on its branch
I’m the DuBois that’s Blanche
Left in a trance

Through interrogation
I find variation
That spares relation
Causing alienation

Changes in your mood
Range from rude to lewd
Which isn’t something new
Just something I outgrew
Like America and Spiro Agnew
Or Fox News and what’s true
I no longer want to be with you

But I don’t want to be part of society
They’re always judging my propriety
By saying my kind acts sloppily
So by transitive property
They’re actually mocking me

They’re all angels and demons
They all have different reasons
Depending on the seasons
Determining their legion
Or excuse for treason

They say variety is the spice of life
But to me it’s more like lice at night
Making me itch from light little bites
Until I’ve lost my sight
And can’t fight this fight
On varying heights
Mar 27 · 102
Organ Donor
Andrew Mar 27
I don’t want to live as a loner
So I become an ***** donor
Words compose my heart
I develop into art
That I impart
To those looking for blood
And those looking for love
While both push me in mud
Until my insides are no more
Through the divide I soar
To implore for the end of war
But the world keeps turning
Like the people lying on gurneys
Who’s depression has them hurt me
So I try to give them my eyes
To keep them alive
But much to my surprise
They say they want to die
When the whole point is to survive
So I offer them my legs
To help move them ahead
But they just lie in bed
Wishing they were dead
So I offer my exhausted lungs
To help them breathe
To climb the ladder’s rungs
So they’ll be set free
But they don’t want my disease
And prefer to wither in the breeze
On a time killing spree
Lamenting the life they lead
To me it’s kind of funny
If I offered drugs or money
They’d be jumping like bunnies
But instead they hunt me
For telling them what they don’t want to hear
That they’re the driver and they must steer
So I offer them my ears
That ignore their fears
But since it’s not what they want
They claim I tease and taunt
Saying I’m giving them lip
Without the quips
Just the whip
In my insensitive grip
But I’m trying to give away my brain
To block the reality show refrain
That numbs their pain
Making them empty and hollow
My shell of a body will soon follow
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