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pampeliška Mar 2018
You took all the attention wherever you walked,
didn't care how I felt when we talked.
You were rather with anyone but me.
You were never kind to me.

Would we be even friends if we
hadn't known each other for this long?
do you even know how bad you treath me?
you always make me feel like I'm wrong.
I know I'm losing you.
pampeliška Jan 2018
how extraordinary you look
in such an ordinary light
as beautiful as an old resplendent book
as bright as a pole-star at night
pampeliška Nov 2017
nine hundred and ninety

Thats the number of days
that I've been hopeless.
This feeling for you still stays.

two years eight months eleven days

That's how long I've been cherishing for you.
I hate myself for the fact that there's nothing I'm able to do.
I mean. I could. But I'm obsessed.
Too scared of rejection.
And believe me. I'm trying my best
but what if I mess things up.
What if I would say something wrong.
Something stupid. Or talk for too long.
Or not be able to say anything.

This fear keeps me back
from pouring my heart out.
I know what I feel for you
without any little doubt.
pampeliška Nov 2017
I guess I was naive for hoping
that I could get you out of my Mind
though my heArt always sTopped
whEn you were Just walking by
pampeliška Oct 2017
i don't wanna see your pretty smile
that wasn't meant for me anyway
instead i would like to see you cry
and crawl like me in this pain
pampeliška Oct 2017
Why are You doing this
when You made yourself clear.
You may think You're not playing anything
but it seems like silly games to me.
pampeliška Oct 2017
Your eyes are green
my eyes are brown
I don't know what this should mean
so ***** it, do You wanna go out?
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