It's fierce! Not for the faint of heart.
Every sin you ever memorized
will be forsaken if you give
yourself away to Love.
I promise that you will.
I doubt that you will
ever regret it.
I'm a shadow of my father
moving as he would and
looking for approval.
My light shifts at times
and my shadow blurs
and there are faults
between our bloodlines.

He was married to my
Mom forever or so it seemed
I wished my shadow
could keep this sacred
My shadow went rogue
and followed a light
only I could see.
I wish I had the courage
to stare at the sun.
Frankenstein Monster
The Mummy
King Kong
The Blob
The Predator
The Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Thing
Me in Catholic School.
When we've had our fill of everything.
so much living in one day. I love it
but I'm in my cups and I know
my loved ones understand.
I'm robust for 69 and I hunger
for more life but realize
it's not my call. Gramps says
goodnight and see you in the
morning. Let's get bagels.
Starbucks is on me. Love You.
I had these deep thoughts that
I had to get on the paper before
I went to sleep and lost them
through the death called sleep
and I'd wake and it's a new day
and who cares about yesterday?
So I'll be damned if I don't
put this to bed before me.
Passion Play

God hangs heavy in the air tonight
like Spanish moss on Cypress trees
Breathing is a penance for my sin,
a lapse of passion for my beloved.

I would lap water at your holy place
if my history hadn't ruined me in
ways I'll never understand. I burn
fierce until match burns fingers.

You are my last angel. I'm ashes.
Beg your God for my redemption.
My stained soul yearns for love
and I know your love can keep me.
The laughter of children anywhere!
My dogs' unconditional love and my cats.
Music. Just not rap or country.
Happy Hour when it's earned.
Loves won and lost and won again.
Old school pictures with Carpe Diem in my mind.
Memories lost but visiting my dreams.
My first time and each one since!
Angels who showed me the way.
Finales of great series.
Seeing stage productions.
Reading and writing poetry.
My grand kids hit or miss.
Graeter's Ice Cream.
Gatsby's parties.
The Catcher in the Rye
JD Salinger
Mostly I want to see what tomorrow brings.
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