If I were Superman
I'd fly to visit my baby girl
in Italy at the drop of a hat.
I'd eat pizza with her
and make her laugh if
she were sad and make
her see the futility of
a life lived without
proper measure. We'd
drink red wine and hug
goodnight before I flew
back home to sleep.
If someone broke my
girl's heart I'd circle the
globe backwards and
travel back in time before
she met the scoundrel
and make sure they'd
never cross paths.
If only I were Superman.
We parents are so impotent as were our parents and their's before them and on and on. All we can do is pick them up when they fall and speak empty but sincere platitudes and look on hopefully as they fly again and try again.
I held on to my righteousness as long as I could
after my husband left me with the children alone
with no job. My friend in the apartment below
watched the kids while I looked for work.

I had nothing they wanted in the way of office
skills or anything but leering at me with ****.
I was desperate for rent and food and diapers.
I ****** my first time for 50 bucks and carried
Chinese home to a starving family with  the
first taste of survival in a long time. We laughed.

It wasn't easy money. I did it for my kids. I'd
do it again in a heartbeat for my family!
They're on their own and I'm not the beauty
I was back then and I get help from them.
Walked the dogs across the bay from Gatsby's place.
      Dark as sin tonight. Rumor has it Gatsby shot dead by
      a jealous husband. The party's moved on and taken
      the lights and tents and champagne and laughter.
Debauchery always has a place to live on!
Live On

  Maybe we all chase pleasure. Who wouldn't?
  There is a cost though. It's steep sometimes.
  You might pay with your happy established
  life with wife and kids and pet named Bingo.

  In the dark of a moonless night walk alone
  and whisper absolute truth. Come to terms
  with it and know you're not saint or sinner.
  You're biology, chemistry and Freud and Jung.

  You're ancestor of amoeba and bacteria and
  cells that followed a path that lead to now
  with human seeking pleasure which might be
  why we exist and OD and destroy our livers.

  Whatever it takes. After all we eventually
  die saints and sinners. Some with clear conscience
  and some troubled in final gasps. Die we will.
  Legacy will be forgotten ASAP. Live on. Live on.
First Kiss

  I've been young among the tall summer grass
  and swimming in ponds with best friends and
  learning swear words and smelling something
  while near girls that caught my attention.
  Susan Tucker was the first confusing kiss.
  I felt like I never felt before. Kiss me again
  and again until I say stop. Then I'm ready
  for new lips and a lifetime of **** not love.
The young are arrogant.
The old are disdainful.
I've been both and always
wished I could be the other.
May you make it to old!
Are My Poems My Scars?

  Pain is a sign of healing and that
  leaves scars and as I spit my lines
  upon the page and exorcise demons
  I have a disfigured soul. I smile.
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