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  Oct 2017 unnamed
Tufayl Myburgh
Writing creates a paradigm.

Much like a camera, it is a paradigm that we can look through in order to see the world, or create one, from a different perspective.

I decided to step away from my art and look at the lens itself instead of looking through it.

What I found is that we are able to paint pictures with words, pictures that don’t exist and we can create artworks with those pictures that allow you to see them in the most magical way possible while knowing that each artwork is different and unique depending on the person that composes it.

It is being able to travel the world as we know it through symbols and letters while not moving an inch from where we are in time and lead ourselves to a beautiful yet twisted sense of duality.

Maybe it’s the feeling of godhood in creating life, worlds or even stories yet I am still human but I become a god outside of time.

I take my imagination and make it tangible.

They say actions speak louder than words but I am a writer and words are all I have. So, maybe one day, as these words drip from my fingertips they will find you and they will drown your thoughts with beautiful pictures and hopefully, you might just understand,

Why we write.

They say actions speak louder than words,

But there’s still a reason why the pen is mightier than the sword.
Trying to express a passionate love with words is harder than it looks...
  Oct 2017 unnamed
leona chaput
All that I am and all I can hope to be
All that I understand and all I need
Is to be in your fold for the years I grow old
Within the glory of heaven with you
All is goodness and joy in the wonders of God
Behold you are crowned with the victory
Claimed for heaven for all of eternity
Shining down on the nations of earth
You are our God and we are your children
Trusting in all that you say and you do
Providing a way to be more like you everyday
Following you, Jesus, Lord of mercy
We fall on our knees confessing our need for you
All that I am is to be held by Jesus

By:  Leona Chaput
  Aug 2017 unnamed
Moonlight Bliss
i want to be
one of the reasons
why you smile
why you wake up
and want to be more
than who you are

i want to be
one of the reasons
why you write songs
why your heart skips a beat
and the reason why
you want to keep going
in life.
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