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Feb 2018 · 296
Being high on Love
Charlotte Jane Feb 2018
Good and bad
Worse I've had
You've been there
Always there

God you're gracious
Humbled and good
I've been smitten by you

Your love is higher
So high above the sky
It's the only love I could ever get high on
Without taking any drugs.
God's love is infinite. It never runs out. I know this because when I was in my darkest hopeless moments in my life I felt a sense of peace when I prayed to Him. He made me feel safe and loved despite all the hatred I felt for myself.
Feb 2018 · 303
God's Love
Charlotte Jane Feb 2018
Love is patient
Love is kind
God's love is full
Not partial nor blind
To people who suffer
who are tortured or blind
He hears
He answers
He helps
If you believe
and have faith in His only Son.
Dec 2017 · 288
Crush on him.
Charlotte Jane Dec 2017
Blue and crystal clear
Your eyes they shine so dear
Like the Pacific ocean and seas
You make my heart skip a beat. . .
Lately I've been crushing on someone. This person doesn't know I have a crush on him. This is a poem about him. More specifically this is a poem about how beautiful his eyes is.
Dec 2017 · 233
Monster's in my Head.
Charlotte Jane Dec 2017
My thoughts crept in deep
In mistakes and failures
At high steep
Demons and monsters
Doesn't come under my bed
It's inside my head.
This poem is about those awful thoughts rummaging inside our heads every now and then.
Oct 2017 · 218
It's not me, It's you !
Charlotte Jane Oct 2017
Misunderstood and Misunderstandings
is the foothold of my reality
Labels and blames
You blame me
for your life in difficulty
Stop it !
Stop it !
I'm not to blame for your mistakes
I'm not the bully
who threw away my life in vain
You're the one who did
You're the one to blame.
This poem is about how people misunderstand my actions and personality, since i barely talk much and am always quiet, they tend to blame me for everything and i did have a certain person who did that to me back in high school. That certain person used to blame me for everything that went wrong  . I'm just expressing myself in this poem on how i could have stood up for myself back then and said those words to her.
Oct 2017 · 363
Boiling Feelings
Charlotte Jane Oct 2017
Something is boiling
Boiling inside of me
Frustration and anger
Or fear of insanity
I hope it's nothing
I hope to keep my sanity
But something is boiling
Boiling in me

Tears of sadness
of lost hope and tragedy
Please, i hope
I keep my sanity
My fears are coming
I'm slipping out of reality
My voice is binded
By all your cruelty.
This poem is about all the hidden frustration and anger i've kept all this time. It's directed towards those particular people who don't let me talk or the people who don't care enough to listen what i have to say.
Oct 2017 · 394
Charlotte Jane Oct 2017
I'm tired of your smiles
Your laughs and fake gestures
You choke me
With kind words
Behind your sly faces

Please, please
Stop it
I'm tired of your fakeness
Leave me be
Leave me alone
I'm tired of you all!
This poem is about people who tend to talk behind your backs. Lately I've been dealing with those kinds of people lately.
Aug 2017 · 411
Charlotte Jane Aug 2017
The end is near
but i feel clearer
because i know
that God is here
Knowing my name
Embracing all my shame
despite my imperfections
He is here to stay forever.
This poem is about God being always there despite all my tantrums and imperfections. He is always there for me and i do believe He does since I've experienced many miracles lately.
Jul 2017 · 202
Always There
Charlotte Jane Jul 2017
When life is hard
and you feel like you've give up
Don't be afraid
God will show the way
He'll walk with you
Hold your hand
always keep you safe
Don't be afraid
He'll be always there
Jun 2017 · 451
The ray in my life
Charlotte Jane Jun 2017
Darkness had filled me
When darkness  stayed
Tinges of ray broke through
The rays that felt warm,  tender and pure
Though it was dark
I could see
Though i felt trapped
I was already rescued
Though i kept going back
He kept coming back
Rescuing me
From darkness
From chains
From my greedy self
He was that tinge of ray.
This poem is about that one being that was always there for me during the darkest and happiest moment of my life. Who was the ray in my darkest hour and who still is today.
Jun 2017 · 961
Words do Kill
Charlotte Jane Jun 2017
People say and sing
that words don't ****
I say that
cruel words
do ****
it hurts like hell.
This poem expresses my views on how saying wrong things and cruel words to people may hurt others. I urge everyone to please think before you speak because you never know what a certain person is going through in their life.
May 2017 · 1.6k
It's My Life
Charlotte Jane May 2017
Do not control me, mum
I am not a robot
Or your play toy thing
I am a human
With emotions
and free will.
This poem tells about how my parents  constantly try to control and manage my life instead of trying to let me experience life on my own.
Charlotte Jane May 2017
Stop laughing
Stop pointing
Stop staring at me
Can't you see
I'm hurt
Lying cold on the floor
With nothing but guilt
Guilt of having to be me
Guilt that slowly consumes me
Guilt which isn't supposed to be within me

I am me
What's wrong with it
I'm weird
and strange in a good way
What's wrong with being myself
that i get pointed, laughed and rejected at
at the point of feeling guilty to be ME
Me who sometimes wishes to exist among people!
This poem expresses the very experiences that i've gone through in life. Most of the time i've always been invisible to people but when i'm not i've probably been laughed at and teased. Sometimes i wonder what's wrong with me but then i try to think deeply as to what's wrong with those people!
May 2017 · 271
The Real Me?
Charlotte Jane May 2017
The real me
what is it
Is it defining a character
Is it knowing one's actions

My family and friends think they know me
how can that be
when i don't even know
the real
Having to know the real you in this complicated, peer pressured world is very difficult to achieve especially when you're part of the minority group of people.
May 2017 · 187
Charlotte Jane May 2017
That girl looks happy, right
can't you see she's crying
on the inside
she's hurting
on the inside
she's slowly dying.
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
Not Love
Charlotte Jane Apr 2017
Adrenaline pumping
I'm jumping
Foot stomping
Heart racing
Love is it not
It is a music i like
I like k-pop.
Apr 2017 · 266
Charlotte Jane Apr 2017
You may see me smile
You may see me laugh
You conclude that i'm happy
But deep inside
I'm crying
Can you not help me.
Apr 2017 · 271
Charlotte Jane Apr 2017
I love headphones
It keeps
negativity away
from my ears
I won't be swayed
by their words
with headphones.

— The End —