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Amy Jan 7
I dream often,
About how it would feel to hold your firm hand
About how it would feel to be at your side
About how it would feel to caress your calloused yet soft skin
About how it would feel to run my fingers through your unruly, silky hair
About how it would feel to palm your cheek
and express my fascination
and my love for
your soul and
your whole being.
  Dec 2019 Amy
lena k
you stole my light
when i told you to stop
and you ignored my red light
and kept going
like my body was undiscovered land
and you were a colonizer.
perhaps my asking you to stop
turned you on
made you hungry.
you looked at me with your hungry eyes
like i was fresh meat
for you to take and have for yourself
ignoring my stop signs
because i am nothing more
than an object to you
made for your manipulation and pleasures.
consent is key
Amy Nov 2019
you stealthily climbed into my mind
seeping through the cracks
because i believed you were different
not like the others
but how wrong was i
to believe you were special,
not like the rest.
I was right to be cautious
but you were a lesson to be learnt.
Amy Nov 2019
Your aura screamed
but foolish me
ignored the signs.
You were intriguing
that i had to have
a taste
of something forbidden
and became addicted
to something that was so
Amy Nov 2019
The bright attractive flower I was
You picked me out of the bunch
Ripped me from my life
Slowly wilting
In slow torture
Crushing the life I had
I now lay
In the power of your hands
What will you do?
Use me as decoration
Attempt to salvage the little left of my life?
It's too late.
You can't undo your actions
Nothing can ever
Make it right again to me
Because my life won't be restored
Because you snatched it away from me.
This is like the domino effect. Once the first block is down the rest begins to fall in a sequence. It's just like with people's actions. Your actions effect everyone that surrounds you. Your actions can cause series of events to take place. Think before you act.
Amy Nov 2019
I feel light headed
when my eyes meet yours.
I feel thousands of fireworks
igniting my soul
when our fingers touch.
I feel like billions of shooting stars
flying in the boundless sky
when we are together.
I don't want to ever
lose this feeling when I'm with you.
don't ever leave.
Amy Oct 2019
I love you.
love is often loosely used  
Confusedly used with lust
Love has lost its fire
Love has lost its passion
Love has lost its significance
What’s the modern term for
The burning desire to see an individual  
The only face we see out of
thousands, millions, billions
The feeling of being capable of anything  
The everlasting bliss feeling
The consuming emotion
The warmth
The most precious thing  
That was previously known as ‘love’
What do we call this in modern times?
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