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  Aug 2020 Ty
i may have despised
for the longest time
that she was your sun

but you’re my moon

and i guess what
i’m trying to say is—

every one of my nights
would be darker
without her light
all over you
i wouldn’t have ryan
if ryan didn’t have courtney

she’s a hot and necessary evil
for my hot and brilliant
best friend
  Jul 2020 Ty
When society rejects you
Nature will open its wide arms
And let you in
Ty Jul 2020
blank pages
stark, crisp, white
is this purity?

why do they rustle so?

blank pages
always in piles, neatly stacked or bound
is this unity?

why do they rustle so?

blank pages
untouched, consistent, and unprofound
is this perfection?

if so,

why do you rustle, blank page?
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