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AnsuhD Jan 8
I’m Sorry
i’m sorry that this is the only thing i could do for you
You were so close
And i was right behind you
Yet i still couldn’t.
i just couldn’t t take any step further.
I know an amazing person like you
definitely deserves better.
it’s okay.
I’m okay
Being the only one hurt.
You don’t care anyway.
i can see you smile
which you couldn’t with me.
Thank you for leaving good memories of us that i can treasure.
Dont worry.
You have my word.
Though i can’t reach you.
i’ll be sure to take care of you.
Though you won’t notice.
Because you’re already happy
with him by your side.
lemme cry chile
AnsuhD Apr 2020
Hello my love.
i just want to let you know that
live has been hard without you.
i hope you feel bad leaving me behind
with no one to count on to
i named a star upon you
The star was the brightest and biggest of all.
I've been missing you so much but why didn't you appear in my dreams?
I've been waiting as many moon pass by
but why aren't you still in my dreams?
why can't you just let me see you?
That would be a dream come true...
even if it's just a dream.
i hope one day you could just walk into my room and lay on my bed just like you used to do.
see you in my dreams,
I'll never forget you.
i hope this letter i wrote to you reached the heaven.
i love you.
I Love You.
AnsuhD Feb 2020
has anyone ever told you?
those moon shaped eyes
those rosy cheeks
those red lips
could make people fall at a glance?
i wish,i really wish
you and i were real
but we are nothing just like a dream
this feeling of
fearful to loose you.
never thought this wouldn't last long.
the vision of you
lingering in my mind
that smile of yours
this is when i realized
this is it.
this is the last goodbye.
i knew i had to let you go
go find someone better my love
there will always be one
way better than me
and i will always be there
watching you from far
My love,
My moon.
so i watched this korean drama called Hotel Del Luna and it was so friggin sad that i had to make a poem about it literally at 1am
AnsuhD Dec 2019
the way u grin as you pull me in,
the way it hardens as it got more tense
You pulled me into you and left me with no choice

"it aint gonna **** itself baby girl"
Heyya shhh
AnsuhD Sep 2019

i thought

dad is supposed to cheer me up,

dad is supposed to bring joy in my life,

dad is supposed to come home from
and give me a kiss on my cheeks,

dad is supposed to cuddle and make me feel warm on a cold day,

dad is supposed to make me feel happy,

dad is supposed to listen to my problem and help me,

dad is supposed to fix my flaw and teach me,

dad is supposed to sacrifice himself for me,

dad is supposed to be my hero,

dad is supposed to
love me.

that was what i thought
dads are supposed to be.

i guess i don't have one.
AnsuhD Aug 2019
Have you ever felt like,
regretting yourself
after all the hard work
you've done,
sacrificing more than enough,
in return
wishing they could treat you special,
they all ended up treating you
not more than a
no,not even friend.
they call themselves friend
but they act like none.
at the end it's just
me,myself and i
my so called friends didn't betray me. they betrayed my hard work and sacrifice
AnsuhD Jul 2019
Believe or not,
Loving you was something
I can't believe i believed

Believe or not,
Giving a chance to you was something
I can't believe I believed

Believe or not,
The lies you told me was something
I can't believe I believed

Believe or not,
Believing you was something
I can't believe I believed
I can't believe you anymore
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