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4d · 34
Your words are a fine line dispenser harnessing the power of life and death,
Ave Maria you are the one,
Solid tone splits through lost great heart,
We have reached the holy place,
We had to learn to love again,
Now we reminisce upon the stars in the sky we can have serenity,
I give you my attention, my must,
I give you my all,
God gave his life for you, I will not waste a moment of your precious life anymore,
You are Divine.
Today we live about and be about it, we jump across planets,
To see, stargaze and be free about it,
Me and my ******* a spaceship to planet heart,
We create love as we realize lust is just stardust let's bust away from the dirt and Earth crust as we must fly through space with infinite interconnected grace to a place we never feel each others disgrace and never have to change face,
We need to fuel up now, just a second, a moment as I breathe deep, as my spirit slows my heart grows, as my fear slows my love shows, as my woman smiles my content never finds it way trapped in 8 mile but in every human being stuck in the hard loop of denial, lemme take it back since I'm still holding my baby as I hope and live to see her smile, you know it, I said it in the other verse, as I leave for work I drop a hundred dollars in my baby's purse so when she's feeling down I lift her up away from the evil curse spitting the patronus charm as a Registered nurse to keep her mind, body and spirit away from harm, her eyes are on Orions belt, her Aphrodite strength makes my soul melt as we sit on the bumper the gas fills up, there's water at the bottom of my solo red cup but I ain't solo no more, I stepped through a different door into folklore and saw what magic truly had in store to never be bored or scared we have paired together in the here and now so hear my vow, in this moment let's get back in, let's kick back sin, let's **** talk skin and hit up kin, let's say byee sin, eat some din, you're my friend, I'm your him, let's go to the next show,
Ok, so put on your 5d glasses and it's that booth there, the way I stare as you walk in front as the bounce in your hair goes to boys like an ounce of dare, here I'm about to pounce with care, ground with share, let's take a seat hold my hand, this is real rap so delete that **** you found with Stan and stand and deliver, be the radiant light pusher and violet flame river, it's ok baby you are warm now no need to shiver, no need to Shiva, no need to leeva, no need to kiva, no need to be a monk, priest, God or believa, just believe in the most high, don't let your mouth go dry, don't let your hand go high, say what you gotta say, pray when you gotta pray, lay when you gotta lay but men listen up close, if you're gonna do it right best have a scented candle and a **** rose, no pimps, hoes or midnight *** shows, put on some modest clothes and we can come where we are tonight and feel what it's really like to be woke in grown up clothes and feel close.
The movies bout to end really soon, for a bumbling baboon perhaps the truth has come too soon, but it ain't too late, now please take off your ***** *** sneakers when you walk into the house because your sanction truly is here and your front door is heaven's gate, don't degrade what you have made, **** the raid, **** the hate, you wanna move and control my mind but here on andromeda we sit together and invite you in but you stuck on Earth so I'll end this date with an I love you, go home and have hope now checkmate.
Jun 26 · 56
I flow on a lotus atop a sky-like reflection called the world's end, to our long lost ancestors,
We now consume the world's end in cups, in hope, we don't become the long lost the way they have,
So we float on flowers, we embrace Rosicrucian to escape the liquors, bitters, and sours,
We hold onto all of our hours,
There's only an hour in a glass, where each moment flakes down like dead skin cells until you feel whole again,
There is nothing wrong with feeling wholesome,
Please my child, come, the masters love you as you're the child set apart, as Heartmaster command yourself and reprimand the contraband that is holding your head hostage,
You're not alone, we have all felt unloved and prone to a blameworthy ego-throne but you have shone,
Courage, remember the brightest star shown all of us life, not the toughest, meanest, cruelest, smartest, best-looking, no, the brightest, so shine and everything will be fine,
Time doesn't heal all wounds, forgiveness and light does,
There is no silver lining anymore.
The worst thing about life is when you forget how to love yourself,
Why are you so forgetful,
I love it. You love nothing if you cannot love yourself.
Tea, satire, comfortably numb,
Dumb, sweets, om Mani padme hum ***,
Give me incense no ***, it's bad, you are bad, but you can apologize to yourself,
Your child cries, and you know someone who knows what to do,
You give him tea, they are comfortable,
You cry dry tears for the fears of what comes next,
I die inside for his mother's love, now it must be understood,
Remember me, I am your true heart, the one who loved itself.
Jun 9 · 68
A Talk We All Need
I'm sorry I fell in love with a psychiatrist,
Yesterday walking around the cold rainy block dreaming of a warm honey baklava and how it would make my worries go away, I look down at my clean stitched shoes, reminiscing when they were falling apart caked with ***** fun and ripped along the cheap seams, life was much simpler back then, now all I have to keep the hands in my pocket are a watch and your number on a damp napkin in my pocket, the metal is brass, but it's cold against my tender finger pads of what time is it going to be when I realize I need to see you again, must I make my way to you, my sweet sweet honey, I can taste you on my lips, I can feel your warm press on my palms, so I sit here, no parka, no umbrella, and let my sweet heart suitcase get drenched as my sealed up tears flow out into the stream to join the rest of them, we make our way back home, where we only know how to reap the benefits of what we had before, take me there, and let my bed be dry with warm covers, take my hand.
Symphony across the strings of your dimensional analysis tactics to reach the edge of your moon howling flamenco to your soft skin wrists,

Up to a slender rose wrist, a mist of intuition to test the best of Maria as eyes intoxicate the pulsations of time to react to the sound you create for the world instead of the world making a sound for a digitation infestation investion instead of fresh food digestion,

The world is here for you now, as you are for him, the twin flame name is thank you, yours is my love to me.
May 17 · 55
Hearts and Eyes
Tactically tact my heart is my sack,
I'll never look back, now,
I'll always look forward to my hand in your hand,
The beats metronome, the one only band,
For how they rhythm as my voice and talent flies through disguise,
Authentic surge of lighting courage to ask you to spend every day with me,
Making tarot houses instead of glass ones,
She has a say and day not just he,
In this home a heart becomes free,
To swell and to transcend up and through hell across the tall stone stairs,
As the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, I give you love instead of bus fares,
The crew my soul, heart, and mind determine what it wants to do with you,
It dares, it spares the rest of my body,
I thank you angel of light for performing your acts of everlasting love and precise stares,
Never look away from me,
My brain is puzzled and buzzing like a bumblebee,
To always love my Bundle of Redwood Tree,
Yours eyes into mine is the reflection of the world from the beginning of time and it's called a quantum everlasting notion of history,
What we make of the rest of the world together no longer has to be a mystery,
You just be mine.
I will spank, indulge in you and dank, never ****, never crank, when you opened your heart to me, the devil in me sank, it's ok love my heart is a tank, refill it if you must, wipe off any cobbweb crust or dust, fill it with your potion you gathered from the oils of the trees and water from the ocean, let's jump start my heart back into motion, forget the commotion, let's embrace our devotion

Wow said the surfboard as the violent aggressive ocean crashed into its beak and body, I didn't know you could be so grand and also so graceful, may we ride up towards the sun together, may we tornado into oblivion as we swell with a warm violet chest, filled with sea water, you are the one my sea, as we reach the sun, you are the one to bare me a daughter
That's my cue, even if she wants a hundred shoe, I'll give her two, for my boo, ooh, flats and cats, sneakers and birds with their squeakers, clogs and dogs, converse and Bible verse, nothing worse than heels, try walking on banana peels, no thanks, give me more green love tokens for my honey bank, I love you
May 4 · 55
My Pearl
I'll keep my oyster cool and fresh to grow into a lovely pearl, as her shine increases her heart a-twirl, her hair a- curl, my shell will keep her safe and clean, to the finest prestine, I mean to say, I love you
May 4 · 101
And on and on
The sky wore lip gloss today and when it rained I felt the sea kissing my eyelids shut, I opened my mouth and relaxed my tongue, relaxed my lung, and sung,
What resulted was the oceans waves in cursive as they hugged your slender wet curves, my nerves swelled, my mom yelled, keep her
As my heart sits here in my hands, let an orb of white light form between our soft flesh palms, let our wars be solved with our Psalms, let's manifest joy, angel, I am thankful for you and for your love and care, I cleanse myself with this light, I love you, you are my might, my eyesight, washed, pure, erasing all impurities from our day and night. I see the most beautiful person in the world. Amen.
It captures the colors of your soul and how they all have deep enrichment as they collectively form into a beam of white light where it becomes a crown and the light molds into your head with tiny roots but ever so strong the bond of miraculous song from the thump thump thundering of your heart, as you see through heart frames, no lames, no games, no shame, no blame, through heart eye glasses were all the same,
I see you, I free you, I coffee and tea brew, invest in two, broken hearts come together again after they were broken, held by an arrow from Cupid I won't be lustful and stupid, I want you too kid, my heart never hid, I never covered it up with a lid, take my hand and beaton your heart must drum, your art must come, hum with my mum, no um, ohm, we are home.

You are the angel of my desire, fire fire fire, hip hup sire be my Squire, no more tight rope knight running from a dragon on a castle highwire, ire, Ireland, irie, pink sand, your smile on demand, my heart packed in olive oil canned, keep it in your pocket, add some rocket and cherry tomatoes to be able to gulp it and pulp it for your vitamin science, take two Tyler hearts and Krishna's patience with Ganeshas hand of civil fruitfulness to entropy indulgence, indulge this, take a bite.

Take a bite of my wicked master soul might, fainting tainting side-by-side eyesight, why fight, the mind is a kite, my skin is no longer white, I must go on to lands far away to stay in the Redwood Inn, my kin is your spin, toe touch, let's begin,
Hi there, I'm Ty, I'm kind, who might thy, be thou, in front of me, it's you, my interest in you starts with your absolute pure beauty of a heart, low to the ground drop top wireless star start, Honey infused go cart up that golden stairway to heaven, my birthday is seven eleven, I'm part wood elf, I think your top shelf, look at sun in your skin and son and cute messy hair bun, stunned by the great heat and brightness of the stairs and Big Bear's, time shares and ice cream snow glares, we go in pairs there, no University fare take care and make it one day, or come to Redwood forests as I climb to be even closer to the sun, which is where the universe begun, now each moment I have with you is never a bad or sad moment wished it was undone,
Is it all so great?

Sitting in an energy field alone, a cold room, a satire, your broken broom,

A beam of bright white light, seeing colors reflected through sight, especially at night,

My third eye is my night light.

revealing the monsters and shadows enough to identify just their name,
I AM is my name, they can never cast me or break my gates with hellfire states,

What is your state mate?
Next day, grounded...
For not doing good in school.

I've been grounding myself for years mother but thank you for bringing me back to source, of course..

A green light grounds the bottom of my spine to the Earth and everything she gives us, ourselves, the abilities to breath, eat, drink, feel, live, accept, give,

Next day... I hold an orb of soft light between my rough and calloused hands, this light has healed all wounds across the lands,

The sun hon, the fun done, the run come, the mum drum, the *** hum, it is all given to you...

Just open your eyes and ears to it and love it back the way it loves you and you will forever be in abundance, as it flows through you.... No.. As it flows from within you and through others, wade in the water and let the sun purify your everlasting heart.
Mar 18 · 105
You've Been Schooled
When I saw her I typed her with no spaces,
She never spaces out in class,
She is so utterly determined,
She winks at the professor with her cat eyes,
Pedantry is not needed here anymore,
Trump laughs hysterically,
The infrastructure of morality crumbles like coffee cake on a gloomy Sunday,
Run run run Jack and Jill fall up the hill,
With thrill and fun and trill,
Until they grow and get the bill,
Nothing is left and they feel ill,
When you're young, have some will,
Or America will do what's it's always done,
Go Christians ****, ****, ****.
Mar 12 · 103
The Sun/God/Light/Energy
The tips of my fingers store bright white light,

Calmly walking down a corridor is a moderate man/woman and their child,
The celebration of life,
Another bright white light,
All of them together,

The glamorous teach you the opposite, to feed ego/death/pain,
As above so below/every action has a reaction,

Storming the halls leaving traces of bright white light, the plants in our house radiate it into brightness like that of a radio frequency/signal,
The speed/highness of the frequency/brightness is unseen like violet or cell phone wireless signals,
It's all light, very bright white light, and see how it transfers energy,
This is how we can transfer energy as well,
We are light beings, as every being is,
Therefore, we have the tools to recreate the same catalyst of that type of energy transfer,

Here, please take this and use it as a personal tool to control your own energy and your own actions, words, creativity,
Control, this is the essence of bright white light,
It is the makeup of everybody, we learn this from the sun,
From ourselves.
Mar 12 · 38
Spirituality Explained
Everything can be measured in energy, energy can be measured in how bright something is,
How bright is the sun?

Your eyes are individual suns,
Emitting rays of light and projecting them to give life in the plane light can be measured,

The sun can do this,
Humans can also do this,
Therefore; can this be owed to only the brain or organisms with a brain?
Mar 3 · 55
She Sat and Waited
Jokers and jesters dance for stubborn kings,
Bells and jingles for rye,
They say what they must,
Formidable as dust,
Perhaps they will be a king one day,

They say old men forget how to laugh,
Upon their high horses with loose reigns,
As they rise more chains confide them to chairs,
For if they dare to stand again they will fall straight to the ground,
With heavy heads built for beds, what a life they led,
For the wisdom they found is no longer sound,
Their voices are never heard,
So they whisper a bird to go to the village,
The Queen is around sipping ale,
For the king and his riches, his ****** and his ******* have all gone utterly stale,

She rid him of honor as he feasts with beasts,
She slithers away without warning,
Until one day a prince comes along and this is where she'll spend her next morning,
A handsome young lad, with wit as a dad, clad in fantastic might,
This is where she'll spend the rest of her days, until her very last night.
Feb 15 · 54
Please Bloom
Flowers never blossom on their own,
They die and crumble away into compost,
Roses wilt without the sun,
I guess love isn't for everyone.
Jan 25 · 224
Here Chocolatier
Refreshments to wash down the thick coating of a cocoa luster must come later but for now,
a chocolate painter...
Brushes thinly the inside of the soft flesh in your warm cheek,
You drift away as it lingers to dry like a fresh coat of paint on a dry summer day,
Your lips hold on to too much certainty that this is madness, you crush another small bite and press up gently with your tongue,
A soft helping hand closes your eyelids,
Familiar and serene as a gesture of the angels,
You tip your hat to the chocolatier as she bids you decent farewell,
Another trinket for the rainy day I call my mothers funeral,
Chocolate roses just aren't enough on a day like today,
But bright red petals of roses and several bouquets of them are the only things that light up around this glum black and white portrait of people standing around this cold wooden casket,
A basket of fruit sits nearby, softly meandering into wilt and mush,
Hearts amuck, astray as they turn into spirits above the grave later on that night as the crowd starts to disperse into a long forgotten paper letter,
With the seal of a red wax rose and a small piece of grievance that melts into the bottom of the envelope,
May there be any other way to make her love for chocolate be known and shared with everyone,
As they dismiss the envelope and wipe off the card, here sits a small gift card for the chocolatier shop for two,
As the dampening of the night rain and fog simmers to our long lost attention from the evening of discomfort,
Mourning starts to slowly fade into humble warm days and weeks later something very beautiful is picked up again,
A small gift card lined with silver paint, haunting all those who knew her, to bring back the memories of my mother who passed away,
It reminds me of her soft but wrinkled hands,
Her lustrous silver wedding band,
And her undesirable lust,
For a beautiful and decadent taste of the best chocolate in town,
So we sit here now, reading about our mothers, our sisters, our grandmothers, and ourselves,
As we indulge here today in this lovely quaint shop with whiffs of cocoa and almond paste in the air,
We drift away...
As she once did, and the chocolate takes you away to be with her, in the arms of angels, where we once will all be,
Le chocolat.
Jan 20 · 1.3k
Lotus Tea
I take my shoes off at the door of your palace floor,
What I brought in my basket, cannot be found at any store,
For the fruit I bear, is stronger then that of Samson's hair,
Most of what I brought to share,
So pull a seat for my hind and feet and pour some tea,
A warm *** is steeping as stories begin seeping in, my throat and heart begin to open,
I put my hope in the back of my eyelids and we both cross our legs to meditate,
We create a pink lotus around us with not a second to hesitate, we start creating a pond around us,
Sitting on the surface of the water, the tea soaks and spirals into our soft pink brain,
Depicting ourselves here as the lotus closes its pedals in around us, it gets dark,
The light within is eternal and white, a bright sight,
The next morning the cold fog tickles the edges of the lotus as it softly opens,
The sky transforms into a golden light,
We open our eyes and the tea is gone,
A neat table sits in front of us,
Namaste and bow,
May we meet again soon,
Perhaps as the light of the nightly moon.
Jan 20 · 53
My Tarot/My Kin
My tarot is my fault,
Sun and moon locked in a vault,
They melt together in a candle wax seal,
The heart and mind think and feel,
The constant turning of a yin yang wheel,
First card,
Near past,
Possess the power not to last,
Second card,
Never be too hesitant,
Third card,
Near future,
Let it form a mending suture,
Blow out the candles on each side of the spread,
Place a dot of red upon your forehead,
Respect the living and the dead,
Tarot is kin, not sin,
Hold a deck and look within,
Close your eyes and find your zen,
Here is where your journey begins,
Expect nothing from the rest,
Express nothing but gold light in your chest,
My compass has a broken arm pointing west,
So I pull my cards out and read,
Where next shall I plant my seed,
Who next should I feed,
Where to fight and offer to bleed,
On your front porch I arrive,
I thrive and strive with you on my arm,
A natural defense from physical harm,
Tarot you are my friend,
You will be with me through to the end.
Dec 2018 · 66
Most High
The honest truth is, we all wish to be young forever...
We want to do more, to fulfill our children's wildest dreams.
Treatment reassignes us to our streamsof real dreams,
Our wholesome feeling of not dwelling on our own way,
Depicts a gross understanding of the catalyst that lives inside us,
Tell me who I am,
Show me who I have become,
Let the divine light lift you into the loft of pure gold light,
As your pursed lips mutter the dry sounds crackling from your straight spine,
The words I AM,
Grateful. Love. One with all.
Dec 2018 · 66
Snake Charmer
I'm a snake charmer,
Sitting calm with a cobra dancing softly atop my head,
I close my eyes and feel it's ribbed belly and vertebrae gently massage my scalp,
A spine of gold that need not poison shoots down through the center of my entire body,
As it turns and coils, looking at the people as they watch with awe and disparity,
I become the slithering, hissing, dancing and flickering cobra,
The edges of my body turning and sliding,
Gliding through the center of my master,
Poison lie outside us,
We are in harmony, healing,
A fresh look around in all directions as our head bobs up and to the side,
As the snake goes to rest in its tall weaved straw-like basket,
We fall back asleep, we walk back, among the others, the drivers, the sinners, the winners, and of course,
The families,
They bring us together and they sit around the wood oven for the cast steel vessel to feed our unsatiated blood sweat and tears, something America famously and falsely fears,
As they falsely say their every day cheers,
I wake back up, twisting and turning, above my master's head, staring out at the dead.
Nov 2018 · 427
The Golden Dawn
Those golden eyes bringing me closer and closer to dawn,
The Crest of the sand, where the water meets the radiant rays of everlasting reflection and satisfaction,
How it gleams towards the face of the sky with camaraderie like no other,

Myself, like a dropper solely deep,
I drip gently to moisturize the surface with hopes of getting deeper to see all the colors and geometric patterns that have true will inside,

When I walk towards the back of the eye around the curvature of the pupil,
The edges of the world, as they curve to the waves of your longing,
To blink, the entire world shutters into a passive bleat as the lens shakes,
Most the world wonders and those who don't,
Are already deep within, massaging the mind,
Yet, there's nothing really to look for and find, de-stress, unwind, be kind.
I aim, to honor my kin, for that's when the true journey will forever begin, for our togetherness means to truly win.
Nov 2018 · 323
The Tree of Life
It all started with the Kabbalah and ****,
Her soft hair withered through my sand papered fingers, cracked and dry they strand by strand simply flaked away in the light breeze,

I pounded and gushed into her, wet as can be, animalistic and determined to *** deep in her for both of our sanity yearned for deep unfertilized love and tight hard muscles connecting and contracting,

The mercy was for us both and yet chochma evaporates my soft splendor heart and shrivels my eyes until I can no longer see, she has closed my eyes now, Bitul is the medicine she slips into my closed dry eyes and with love and food we wake to meet Keter in the eyes of the world looking back at us,
Using our eyes as rusty lampposts to see through the frosty shutters of two panes and 13 planes,

We step into the shower now to rinse ourselves of our sins and appreciation, for red wine runs down your cold pale chest in admiration for a loss of confusion I drink it from your satin flesh, off your bread, my fingers,
You, sacred heart, to give truly to me, chesed, what truly belongs to you, I & I,
My oh my, need I say more,
For fire needs gas to burn on water's sweet shore, I will give you the finest recipe of the most pure fuel from the source of eternal light, but it is within the power of tonight and tomorrow morning,

I have gifted you a sip but we must wait a few healthy years, for it is hard to refine and maintain, but it has found its destination all along,

It's long lost memory in my hand weeping for life and love as I came and shrugged it away with disorder and fear, which may not seem brave, nor humble, nor soft, but I refuse to let it be my doctor,

When your soft skin, your ageless yoni cries surrender penetrating tears around my soft splendor shaft, the angels unwrap their wings for flight, for they no longer are needed here, for a few years have passed now and they gave face to their own little life, hands, small toes, tireless grace, I & I,
and you, are the things I love,
True, is how I love,
My love, my friend, my pleasure, my angel, from up above.
Oct 2018 · 86
The Elephant Girl
Newspapers and negotiators,
Are nothing like the news of a few days before a love story begins,

Sitting in the divine surrounding summer sonnet, widening the pillars facing the stars, reaching towards the fresh dewy grass,

That first day,
Warm washed eyes and warmer arms,
Fine minds and lovely hugs,

Shrugs towards his closer mind,
In her heart to truly find,
A soulful song about the kind,
Endearing elephant with silver tusks,

She strokes him softly and then she says,
May I take a ride? I'll put an ornament upon your head and fill your bowl with fruit,

The elephant agreed and became her faithful steed,

They journeyed for miles and as years passed, she filled his bowl until he passed.
Oct 2018 · 79
Butterflies in a Storm
Too just, to plunder, tonight the bed sheets roar with thunder,

Those thighs, will liken and rise, rinse my tongue with silky white paint,

Off into the distance, substance,
Every time you blink, lightning,
Every time you think, light,

I sit and write after the matter,
After the latter almost seems to be like chatter but you're ******* at work now,

Blindfolds covered in watches,
Tick tock, tick tock,
Straps are tightened, I can barely move my arms,

Drunken sunken charms,
Lightning strikes,
Chastity lies, butterflies like,
to sit on your lashes, as you ****** your life into sweet surrender,
Next time bend her, and send her,

Those flowers you meant to do in two weeks, why not send them now,
Why not show you love her today and tomorrow anyhow,

Flattered batted lashes sing, flutter and start to play and bring,
Pollen for another day,
To say the least,
To pray a feast,
To tend the beast,

Oct 2018 · 168
I Don't Eat Sweet Things
Icing drools down your sweet cheek,
Nothing sweeter than your lovers,
Mind me, the one.
Don't you know who I am?
I am not sure if I belong, bring me home.
You sniffle and sneeze.
You wash your hands and dry them on my eyes, for they are empty and dry.
When you run too fast you get ill, your face turns pale, your eyes get dry.
Your grandparents ask you where you're going, you laugh at the library ceiling, tickling your comfort till you love it,
Shove time into your pocket, you don't need it here,
But time to tell is time in hell,
Without it you're stuck and others dwell,
To seek a click a tick a tock,
Don't ever run through life just walk,
Take my hand, persistent head stand,
Nike head band, the land of sand,
As your feet sink, just step away,
Jump on my back and ride away,
Take life day by day, then rise back to your feet and lead the way, for you and him and I, le sigh, Mother I.
Love you.
Ain't no sunshine like the fire that flickers from the solar flares of the sun,
Oh hark the hair's on the back of your neck that desire what only your eyes reflect,
Pure joy,
Oh the detriment of a successful young woman,
How the world finds it's way through our long lost hearts,
Where other planets only hope to find their way through the dark space,
Here on Earth we strive through each other,
You've earned that title,
Now look within, begin,
My dearest,
Now that you feel welcome,
Will Paris ever remember your face?
Will the sun and the moon ever stop spinning around and around here,
Creating the atom,
Creating life for all, creating life,
For where your heart truly lies,
In the reflection of your mind's eye,
You see through his eyes,
He sees through yours,
That my love, is family,
Welcome home.
Oct 2018 · 176
Dragons over Kings
Courage may rest in the back of your mind,
But it is always there,
It may be hidden by long dry hair,
Or the sly stare of a mad king stare,
But beware,
For I am a princess, stuck in a castle,
I have a pet dragon and he may be an *******,
So I'll just love my dragon and let him light my fire,
My desire and when I'm ready I'll walk the wire,
The tightrope, the maze, and honestly, ***** that I'll just ride my dragon.
Oct 2018 · 568
Home Sweet Home
Hungry spirits lifted like the bounce-back of a fresh cake on your mind this, is my bakery,

Welcome in and here you can take your shoes off,
You can set up your canvas in the corner, and your easel wherever itĀ fits, this is where we call home,

The aroma marries blueberry scones with your sweater and notepad, scribbling down your life story you take action and smile at the painter as she flicks your handsome grimace towards her red lipstick cup tilted in your direction,

Why I come here is only a dream to some, as it once was to me,
As I pull the fresh bread out of the oven I slide in a tray of cinnamon buns that lick my senses drastically,

One order at a time braces the love I have shared,
welcome in and take my aroma home with you, where you can feel accomplished and where the seed will bring others to express themselves creatively, it may seem silly, it may be exactly what you need,
Welcome, to my bakery.
Sep 2018 · 153
Peaches Reach
There comfortably sits a martyr and his peach,
The tree was cut down just for this meal,
Imagine who dies for her daily meals,

A brick made Paris roads a dream to stride down,
As many people came together,
The sky got mysteriously faint,
As the sky turned to paint,
They all dropped their bricks and paved the seams,
With lost drama and high dreams,
Until their own life was over,
Time stepped away,
Clicking and ticking and tocking away,
Mimicking and stealing a rock for a way,
Tomorrow is her wedding,
A special day,
What will she eat, and who will she slay,
Will Paris remember who's gone astray,
As their hopes are beaten like Krishna rugs,
The world needs less, but certainly more hugs,

As the sky returns its boxed up blue,
It's clouds and rain to nourish you,
The plants all grow and life remains,
The minds of children as thought retains,
A place to stay,
Away from the slay,
Welcome to my home,
But just for today,

For my children are dire,
Employers of Earth,
Where rocks are forbidden and water is girth,
I wish to a God forbidden as any,
To grant you the gift, of Copperr the penny,

Of gracious living and family living,
I boast the most about the rest of the world,
Because I know you can do it.
Love was never found in the garden of Eden, but a fruit, eat your vegetables,
My heart swoons as the sweet ripens,
How awful must flesh be when the center is filled with sweet juice and sustenance,
Follow it to the roots, the vegetables,
the bamboo shoots, cahoot,
I love pastries, I have a sweet tooth, but my mouth aches, for cakes have ridden me from the garden,
I mustn't close my eyes, for when I open them your heart will harden, like raw vegetables, and cooking them is hard when baking is much more precise, I've tried both twice, and I'm just not hungry anymore, but I  know I must eat,
So I no longer follow my heart, I follow my hands and feet.
Sep 2018 · 82
Going the Distance
A tiger with a sore tooth is what a lion has aimed to become,
Once a guardian, now a tithe,
Fall reflects snug on my fur and black stripes of luxurious disaster calls to when we were young,
My fur will never be matted like a Persian rug,
The dirt not from feet but through gracious grazing,

These stripes will never fade into a passive bleat of spots and stains,
As the pride regains the tiger refrains, and crouches down on all four,

Stars don't fall here, nor reborn, forlorn as the sky brightens coffee speckles the hunters,
As elephants are slaughtered, I wonder if it's worth it to bore a daughter,
For she will be I, and tigers eye is sold,
For winter is cold we must be bold,
And guard our eyes from hunters lies,
In my ears the elephants wise, from African Sahara to daunting cries,
My paws are claws, my eyes fall with worry,
As like the elephants became a story,
Why are stories so **** hard to read.
Aug 2018 · 182
Lessons From a Librarian
We all want you to succeed,
Lesson #1.
She dusted my peripherals with daunting disaster,
The **** librarian teaches me patience.
Lesson #2.
The silence of morning never croaks but lives on as a soft lull, brisk, and weary,
Like the flesh of a ripened peach under the skin, the day hums, birds melodies carry away,
The bluebird sits for a moment on the pine, the herb garden beckoning a sift of smell of the fresh thyme,
Dare coffee await, dare the day at ease to a soft cheek with the kiss residue of tomorrow's full moon and last night's riddle,
I play chef as your mind tickles a soft string fiddle to a quartet,
Your eyes are crashing symbols, your body is a delicate triangle,
Lesson #3.
Words can't describe, colors try, moments trickle,
Fickle times, counting dimes have gone to rust,
For rose gold sits in my palm to trust,
Casting fluttering eyelids must,
Teach me patience, teach me lust,

My bed is rose and your lips are coated in rose oil,
The thought of a rose will never wilt.
With starlight care, our trust is built,

Now singe me with a wax candle,
And blow out the flame in my eyes.
Hari see unto the people,
Step to many brick paths,
Dust covered brick, brush the dirt away,
Trust in the path to the market,
Where fresh smells and savor to sake,
Feed the mind, body and nurture the kind,
Soft flesh of the vine ripe,
Succumbed to missed tosses as a few fall to the ground,
Flat foot, seeds between toes,
The art still grows onto brick as the pores breathe the sweet juice,
Consistent with many tongues,
Hari, I have learned many ways to feed my desire, to make a difference,
To be a good necessity,
As toes fleet back across brick the dust settles back into the pores of dry red clay brick,
Finishing its daily cycle,
Picking back up where it left off,
Until tomorrow, to be walked again,
Where will this path come to an end?
Jul 2018 · 118
Don't Mind
Food shows us times true trick,
click. there it goes through your head,
'member when I was too sick,
where food was only sit tea ****,
What led to this broke morning sock,
It's all inside out now,
You talk with sounds now,
Before your movements weren't enough.
Jul 2018 · 158
Sun Day
Love isn't what we hate,
Somewhere the sun won't stop,
It will burn all day and all night,
As they merge the world light singes our hearts that only come alive at night,
The world is cured.
Jul 2018 · 89
ooooh shiny
Your lo-fi shimmers and sparkles,
Chastity locks your smacked up *****, licks lips locked,
Cocked, cold barrel, warm shaft, pressed against them,
Hungry from moaning and listening to kisses and lies,
Fires stem from each cortex,
Hex me, *** me, dig your sharp nails into my back,
Break my skin again,
Make me win again,
Sin again and slap me, good night,
Daft miracle,
Slouching still souls with bowls,
Chase the moon, but it is always to **** far to reach.
Warm my face with the touch of your hands,
Blind me with glitter sands and **** me senseless.
Hence. My colorful tongue.
Jun 2018 · 141
Pep Talk
People fail all the time,
But you won't.

People stress all the time,
It'll pass.

It'll drift away.
Life will be harmonious, just be patient and resilient.
Jun 2018 · 86
I don't want the world to go by fast,
I want to enjoy it with you.
Jun 2018 · 106
Identity Crisis No More
We mask who we are through what we wear, who we talk to or want to be around, and by what we hold in our hands,
You no longer fit in my hands.
You have brought me a child.
There is a High Priestess wrapped around my ankle,
Her scales fluttering throughout her whole body,
I purr as quietly as I can as I scrape her poison into my dry chapped esophagus,
My mind ***** her, her love destroys me,
We dance together and reap the benefits of 2000 years.
Jun 2018 · 76
Tickets please for lust that lasts,
Please write your name on it,
Pass the line of stagnant floodwaters,
Spinning around on a Save Ferris wheel,
Appeal to me with an extra dollar and you'll get another look luckily,
I shave yesterday and crisp your tongue with ***,
Om Mani Padme Hum.
Jun 2018 · 83
Inspire yourself and inspire the world,
May twisting love come your way faster than the rest of the world,
You heckle and beckon for truth in your home,
Where breakfast comes never,
Oppression reaches and reaches,
Leeches beseech us,
Retreat us,
Dripping down the bones.
Jun 2018 · 225
Tightrope Dystopia
Spectacular dancing and rotten fires,
Spinning lotus eyes desires,
Liars and power packed tightrope wires,
That go somewhere far away,
Tip-toeing and growing, stowing away,
Going astray with a basket of fruit,
Too cute, too free, to see,
That she turned me into a newt! You see!
That witch!! That *****!!
She dances around me, folding me into three no longer bits of stitch, my eyes,
Are shut, are cut, please remedy them,
Please walk this rope so tight,
No need to have forever sight,
You are right behind me,
I will not fall so you will not have to catch me,
Reach for my shoulders and you will render the stressors of my steps,
What kept you from falling,
Because what kept me from falling was to walk faster than you ever could, within arms reach.
Jun 2018 · 75
Sad Home Thrills
Netflix and chill,
Why? My oh my what a thrill.
But context, not fawn sext,
Who's next,
Moan on the phone,
Watch an episode,
No, we're not still watching,
Watch us bone,
Dude, you're alone.
Jun 2018 · 146
Speak Please
Flowing speeches through stuttering tongues,
Flickering sponges absorbing motivating funds,
That pay our tuition, our pride, and pave our greetings,
Gratuity lies in hidden eyes.
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