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Tactically tact my heart is my sack,
I'll never look back, now,
I'll always look forward to my hand in your hand,
The beats metronome, the one only band,
For how they rhythm as my voice and talent flies through disguise,
Authentic surge of lighting courage to ask you to spend every day with me,
Making tarot houses instead of glass ones,
She has a say and day not just he,
In this home a heart becomes free,
To swell and to transcend up and through **** across the tall stone stairs,
As the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, I give you love instead of bus fares,
The crew my soul, heart, and mind determine what it wants to do with you,
It dares, it spares the rest of my body,
I thank you angel of light for performing your acts of everlasting love and precise stares,
Never look away from me,
My brain is puzzled and buzzing like a bumblebee,
To always love my Bundle of Redwood Tree,
Yours eyes into mine is the reflection of the world from the beginning of time and it's called a quantum everlasting notion of history,
What we make of the rest of the world together no longer has to be a mystery,
You just be mine.
I will spank, indulge in you and dank, never ****, never crank, when you opened your heart to me, the devil in me sank, it's ok love my heart is a tank, refill it if you must, wipe off any cobbweb crust or dust, fill it with your potion you gathered from the oils of the trees and water from the ocean, let's jump start my heart back into motion, forget the commotion, let's embrace our devotion

Wow said the surfboard as the violent aggressive ocean crashed into its beak and body, I didn't know you could be so grand and also so graceful, may we ride up towards the sun together, may we tornado into oblivion as we swell with a warm violet chest, filled with sea water, you are the one my sea, as we reach the sun, you are the one to bare me a daughter
That's my cue, even if she wants a hundred shoe, I'll give her two, for my boo, ooh, flats and cats, sneakers and birds with their squeakers, clogs and dogs, converse and Bible verse, nothing worse than heels, try walking on banana peels, no thanks, give me more green love tokens for my honey bank, I love you
I'll keep my oyster cool and fresh to grow into a lovely pearl, as her shine increases her heart a-twirl, her hair a- curl, my shell will keep her safe and clean, to the finest prestine, I mean to say, I love you
The sky wore lip gloss today and when it rained I felt the sea kissing my eyelids shut, I opened my mouth and relaxed my tongue, relaxed my lung, and sung,
What resulted was the oceans waves in cursive as they hugged your slender wet curves, my nerves swelled, my mom yelled, keep her
As my heart sits here in my hands, let an orb of white light form between our soft flesh palms, let our wars be solved with our Psalms, let's manifest joy, angel, I am thankful for you and for your love and care, I cleanse myself with this light, I love you, you are my might, my eyesight, washed, pure, erasing all impurities from our day and night. I see the most beautiful person in the world. Amen.
It captures the colors of your soul and how they all have deep enrichment as they collectively form into a beam of white light where it becomes a crown and the light molds into your head with tiny roots but ever so strong the bond of miraculous song from the thump thump thundering of your heart, as you see through heart frames, no lames, no games, no shame, no blame, through heart eye glasses were all the same,
I see you, I free you, I coffee and tea brew, invest in two, broken hearts come together again after they were broken, held by an arrow from Cupid I won't be lustful and ******, I want you too kid, my heart never hid, I never covered it up with a lid, take my hand and beaton your heart must drum, your art must come, hum with my mum, no um, ohm, we are home.

You are the angel of my desire, fire fire fire, hip hup sire be my Squire, no more tight rope knight running from a dragon on a castle highwire, ire, Ireland, irie, pink sand, your smile on demand, my heart packed in olive oil canned, keep it in your pocket, add some rocket and cherry tomatoes to be able to gulp it and pulp it for your vitamin science, take two Tyler hearts and Krishna's patience with Ganeshas hand of civil fruitfulness to entropy indulgence, indulge this, take a bite.

Take a bite of my wicked master soul might, fainting tainting side-by-side eyesight, why fight, the mind is a kite, my skin is no longer white, I must go on to lands far away to stay in the Redwood Inn, my kin is your spin, toe touch, let's begin,
Hi there, I'm Ty, I'm kind, who might thy, be thou, in front of me, it's you, my interest in you starts with your absolute pure beauty of a heart, low to the ground drop top wireless star start, Honey infused go cart up that golden stairway to heaven, my birthday is seven eleven, I'm part wood elf, I think your top shelf, look at sun in your skin and son and cute messy hair bun, stunned by the great heat and brightness of the stairs and Big Bear's, time shares and ice cream snow glares, we go in pairs there, no University fare take care and make it one day, or come to Redwood forests as I climb to be even closer to the sun, which is where the universe begun, now each moment I have with you is never a bad or sad moment wished it was undone,
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