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Your words are a fine line dispenser harnessing the power of life and death,
Ave Maria you are the one,
Solid tone splits through lost great heart,
We have reached the holy place,
We had to learn to love again,
Now we reminisce upon the stars in the sky we can have serenity,
I give you my attention, my must,
I give you my all,
God gave his life for you, I will not waste a moment of your precious life anymore,
You are Divine.
Today we live about and be about it, we jump across planets,
To see, stargaze and be free about it,
Me and my ******* a spaceship to planet heart,
We create love as we realize lust is just stardust let's bust away from the dirt and Earth crust as we must fly through space with infinite interconnected grace to a place we never feel each others disgrace and never have to change face,
We need to fuel up now, just a second, a moment as I breathe deep, as my spirit slows my heart grows, as my fear slows my love shows, as my woman smiles my content never finds it way trapped in 8 mile but in every human being stuck in the hard loop of denial, lemme take it back since I'm still holding my baby as I hope and live to see her smile, you know it, I said it in the other verse, as I leave for work I drop a hundred dollars in my baby's purse so when she's feeling down I lift her up away from the evil curse spitting the patronus charm as a Registered nurse to keep her mind, body and spirit away from harm, her eyes are on Orions belt, her Aphrodite strength makes my soul melt as we sit on the bumper the gas fills up, there's water at the bottom of my solo red cup but I ain't solo no more, I stepped through a different door into folklore and saw what magic truly had in store to never be bored or scared we have paired together in the here and now so hear my vow, in this moment let's get back in, let's kick back sin, let's **** talk skin and hit up kin, let's say byee sin, eat some din, you're my friend, I'm your him, let's go to the next show,
Ok, so put on your 5d glasses and it's that booth there, the way I stare as you walk in front as the bounce in your hair goes to boys like an ounce of dare, here I'm about to pounce with care, ground with share, let's take a seat hold my hand, this is real rap so delete that **** you found with Stan and stand and deliver, be the radiant light pusher and violet flame river, it's ok baby you are warm now no need to shiver, no need to Shiva, no need to leeva, no need to kiva, no need to be a monk, priest, God or believa, just believe in the most high, don't let your mouth go dry, don't let your hand go high, say what you gotta say, pray when you gotta pray, lay when you gotta lay but men listen up close, if you're gonna do it right best have a scented candle and a **** rose, no pimps, hoes or midnight *** shows, put on some modest clothes and we can come where we are tonight and feel what it's really like to be woke in grown up clothes and feel close.
The movies bout to end really soon, for a bumbling baboon perhaps the truth has come too soon, but it ain't too late, now please take off your ***** *** sneakers when you walk into the house because your sanction truly is here and your front door is heaven's gate, don't degrade what you have made, **** the raid, **** the hate, you wanna move and control my mind but here on andromeda we sit together and invite you in but you stuck on Earth so I'll end this date with an I love you, go home and have hope now checkmate.
I flow on a lotus atop a sky-like reflection called the world's end, to our long lost ancestors,
We now consume the world's end in cups, in hope, we don't become the long lost the way they have,
So we float on flowers, we embrace Rosicrucian to escape the liquors, bitters, and sours,
We hold onto all of our hours,
There's only an hour in a glass, where each moment flakes down like dead skin cells until you feel whole again,
There is nothing wrong with feeling wholesome,
Please my child, come, the masters love you as you're the child set apart, as Heartmaster command yourself and reprimand the contraband that is holding your head hostage,
You're not alone, we have all felt unloved and prone to a blameworthy ego-throne but you have shone,
Courage, remember the brightest star shown all of us life, not the toughest, meanest, cruelest, smartest, best-looking, no, the brightest, so shine and everything will be fine,
Time doesn't heal all wounds, forgiveness and light does,
There is no silver lining anymore.
The worst thing about life is when you forget how to love yourself,
Why are you so forgetful,
I love it. You love nothing if you cannot love yourself.
Tea, satire, comfortably numb,
Dumb, sweets, om Mani padme hum ***,
Give me incense no ***, it's bad, you are bad, but you can apologize to yourself,
Your child cries, and you know someone who knows what to do,
You give him tea, they are comfortable,
You cry dry tears for the fears of what comes next,
I die inside for his mother's love, now it must be understood,
Remember me, I am your true heart, the one who loved itself.
I'm sorry I fell in love with a psychiatrist,
Yesterday walking around the cold rainy block dreaming of a warm honey baklava and how it would make my worries go away, I look down at my clean stitched shoes, reminiscing when they were falling apart caked with ***** fun and ripped along the cheap seams, life was much simpler back then, now all I have to keep the hands in my pocket are a watch and your number on a damp napkin in my pocket, the metal is brass, but it's cold against my tender finger pads of what time is it going to be when I realize I need to see you again, must I make my way to you, my sweet sweet honey, I can taste you on my lips, I can feel your warm press on my palms, so I sit here, no parka, no umbrella, and let my sweet heart suitcase get drenched as my sealed up tears flow out into the stream to join the rest of them, we make our way back home, where we only know how to reap the benefits of what we had before, take me there, and let my bed be dry with warm covers, take my hand.
Symphony across the strings of your dimensional analysis tactics to reach the edge of your moon howling flamenco to your soft skin wrists,

Up to a slender rose wrist, a mist of intuition to test the best of Maria as eyes intoxicate the pulsations of time to react to the sound you create for the world instead of the world making a sound for a digitation infestation investion instead of fresh food digestion,

The world is here for you now, as you are for him, the twin flame name is thank you, yours is my love to me.
Tactically tact my heart is my sack,
I'll never look back, now,
I'll always look forward to my hand in your hand,
The beats metronome, the one only band,
For how they rhythm as my voice and talent flies through disguise,
Authentic surge of lighting courage to ask you to spend every day with me,
Making tarot houses instead of glass ones,
She has a say and day not just he,
In this home a heart becomes free,
To swell and to transcend up and through hell across the tall stone stairs,
As the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, I give you love instead of bus fares,
The crew my soul, heart, and mind determine what it wants to do with you,
It dares, it spares the rest of my body,
I thank you angel of light for performing your acts of everlasting love and precise stares,
Never look away from me,
My brain is puzzled and buzzing like a bumblebee,
To always love my Bundle of Redwood Tree,
Yours eyes into mine is the reflection of the world from the beginning of time and it's called a quantum everlasting notion of history,
What we make of the rest of the world together no longer has to be a mystery,
You just be mine.
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