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 Oct 2015 T'yana Thomas
 Oct 2015 T'yana Thomas
My heart is not a product
to be rejected by you
just because
its seal is broken
I told her that she would love it, because I knew that she would. Was it selfish of me to hope that she wouldn't love it more than she loved me?
I hear couples say "No I love you more"
Back and forth
Like its the cutest thing,
But it's so heartbreaking.

I love you enough to let you treat me poorly because you don't love me more.
Acknowledging that some has to "love you more" means that person loses.
Because you'll give what you will but they're all in on this.
"I love you more" means the same as
"You love me less"
Isn't that horrible?

You show me no sympathy,
But still you love me.
In your way you do-
Not the same as I love you.

I'd give you anything.
I love you more-
So you can hurt me.
Maybe I want more from you.

I stay up all night to hold you because you shake from the nightmares in your sleep.
But you look bored when I'm sitting here crying.
"I love you more" isn't romantic- it's a tragedy.

You don't look at me the way I look at you.
Your eyes say "affection"
And mine say "I'm devoted to you".
Love always seems to hurt more for one person.
 Oct 2015 T'yana Thomas
I think the hardest part
of losing someone, isn't having
to say goodbye, but rather
learning to live without them.
Always trying to fill the void,
the emptiness that's left inside
your heart when they go.
 Oct 2015 T'yana Thomas
Jax levii
Never trust a mirror
For a mirror always lies,
It makes you think that all your worth
Can be seen from outside
Never trust a mirror
It only shows you what's skin deep
You can't see how your eye lids flutter
When you're drifting off to sleep
It doesn't show you what the world sees
When you're only being you,
Or how your eyes light up
When you're loving what you do
It doesn't capture when you're smiling
Where no one else can see
And your reflection can not tell you
Everything you mean to me
Never trust a mirror
For it only shows your skin
And if you think that dictates your worth
It's time you looked within
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