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T'yana Thomas Nov 2019
Deep sense of affection devoured her cold heart
Running warm blood through her veins
Feelings of comfort as Love starts

He takes her hand and they romanced across the floor
Mistakes are made because she’s so use to being in control
Bright lights are watching so he genuinely ask to switch roles

One step at a time they learn from each other
Didn’t allow those bright flashing lights to distract them
They grew to be eternal lovers

The root of any relationship is UNDERSTANDING because their precious love is demanding

As he tossed her up with a firm grip on her waist
She through her hands up while he slowly spun an a circle
It appears signs of happiness and freedom from pain; cheering had gained as the lights dimmed purple...
T'yana Thomas Nov 2019
There’s something troubling about me
Why must I remind myself how much I love you
Am I scarred deeper then my eyes see

Silent foot steps while your sleep
Just to make sure your still breathing
Anxiety; maybe these feelings are far more extreme

Has life thus far took a toll and is eating away within
All The torture
      The abandonment
       The failures and descent on my part and supervision
Am I afraid of ME

I see you and I see my world
Something no one will destroy or tamper with
I see you and wonder how was I so wonderfully blessed
I see you and the reflection mirrors me
And reality kicks in
Life will throw stones at you unexpectedly and I can’t save you from everything

And that’s where I find myself locked in a stronghold with loud thunder and hard cold rain
T'yana Thomas Oct 2018
If only you knew how much you make my day from a text message or the gentleness of your voice
How foolish would I be if you weren’t my choice

First time we chilled in your room we sung and dance with one another
So I thought **** it I’ll take one step further

Two conflicting mindsets whom seek perfection
We can’t away from each other
Infatuated with our reflection

Because of you I Laugh a little harder Cry a little less and Smile a little more
Ooohhh how I despise to see you walk out the door

I like you because your you.
And that’s all that matters to me.
I choose to love you because it’s a choice
In my actions you’ll see
Hopefully not a day late because by then that’ll cease

Wait Wait
I know that last line appeared harsh but time truly waits for no one
My love unmeasurable and unconditional if you’ll open your eyes and see me in front of you
You’ll notice you’ve already won
T'yana Thomas Jun 2018
When you were just a  little person what did you want to be ?
We’re you motivated to strive for what you see?
Doctor Lawyer  Business owner or Actor ; take your pick
But as you gotten older you realize it’s not that easy to get
Ambitious you are you’ll do what it takes
You close your eyes and Dream cause you’ll be there one day
  Jun 2018 T'yana Thomas
Dr Peter Lim
Should or should not
so many precious lessons they taught.
  Jun 2018 T'yana Thomas
Will you remember me
long after this day has passed..
Long after twilight of your life had last
in a time where your future became your past

Will you recall me
when your day ends
As for once,
We were friends
now we're just known strangers
moving towards different ends

It started
when we did a consensual crime
I took a part of you
You took a part of mine
Letting our fates intertwine

We shared our secrets
We shared our sorrow
We lived and laughed
like there was no tomorrow

but tomorrow came
and it tore us apart
showed us the Misfits
we really are

Till this day I regret
Of that Lie I spoke
your trust that I broke
for it was you who was hurt
but it was I who bled
For every tear you shed
you never turned back
I never did what I must
We just let our bond rust

I thought
what we had was one in many
oh! It was just a perfect irony

We were just chemicals
of an experiment that went wrong
strangers who just happen to come along

With tomorrow's dawn
I will be gone
I wish you to forget me
but if you don't
I just wish to know
How will you remember me?
T'yana Thomas Jun 2018
Fighting that person in the mirror
Flashbacks of your future is what’s feared most
Why couldn’t you standup
Why are you so silent


No one can hear you
Are you really going to allow this to happen
I guess so cause like a coward you’ll crawl back into that bottle
Drink away the Shame caused by pain
Knowing this is temporary satisifation

Here’s your chance to seek help
Although it’s tough and heart felt
As you begin to think to speak
Your drowning in water with stones tied to your feet

Because you truly need this help
Too embarrassed to say
I stood up walked out because I didn’t want you to find out this way
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