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A new day means distance is not a boundary but a disturbance in the balance of happiness.
minnesota    Look for the helpers
Austin B
Canada    02-02-1994
Anubis the Philosomancer
29/We're all a bit mad here.    To each One's own, but I'm keping mine. Everyone has a piece of the divide, but some motha'fucka's really oughtta just give it back. Blessings ...
NC    Life provides the contours, poets provide the shading and color ~ r All rights reserved.
Fadi Sem
Palestine    I write the words I fail to speak. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go ...
United States    Personal note: When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So once when I was six I ...
59/M/Traverse City Mi.    Description are but endeavours of one’s ego to shine forth a grand illusion! We are but faces of god in a state of confusion!
Rebecca Shain
Cape Town, South Africa    A huge thank you for 11.7K views on my poetry! An urge for the insane and the reckless, to leave the menial behind, to run ...
Humboldt County Ca.    Life on the Mad River. Through lines: poetry. I went into psychology with two questions: how do people work and what is the source of ...
Shaded Lamp
Sweden    Here to undress my mind and parade it in public.
Egypt    Drunk on poetry. I write to free my soul. Poetry is the only way out of this labyrinth.
Ivy Haegan
Austin, TX    There is hurt here, that can't always be fixed by bandaids or poetry
Ruzica Matic
Ryan Jakes
Dorset    Ex surfer, ex lover, ex scholar widower, father. Jesus doesn't love me, no one ever carried my load I'm too young to feel this old.
Of These Oceans
Give me a shot. I write for expression, hope for change. J. R. Salley - All Rights Reserved.
I am The Architect.
calpurnia mockingbird
Cardiff    I work in mental health which is pretty stressful sometimes so my outpourings are my release. Please note that all works posted by me are ...
Tom Leveille
VA USA    twitter: @avxlanche YouTube: booking inquiries: my book "down with the ship" is now availible:

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