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 Jan 2016 leonardo
Thomas EG
I notice the symmetry in your face
You look in every direction but mine
We rush and crash through the night
Across traintracks, through tunnels

I admire the strong structures
Glowing beneath these festive lights
You are hiding insecurities behind
A temporary mask of excitement

Could-have-been tragedies
Become appreciative victories
We are mere trembling bodies
Amongst a crowd of confidence

Relief pours over us, flowing fast
Reducing our uncertainties
Reusing forgotten identities
Recycling mistreated potential

Relaxing, finally in tact...
 Sep 2015 leonardo
Thomas EG
Our sun-kissed smiles
From the summer time
Wave goodbye, wave away
The rest of the sunshine

We accept their departures
And trudge on, to arrive
On depression's doorstep
In this sweater weather

The rain pours down
The curtains are closed
The windows steam up
Either way

We pull up our covers
Pull closer our lovers
And make our own kisses
We can make our own smiles
Autumn has arrived :-)
 Sep 2015 leonardo
Thomas EG
Flash flash
Surround me with your body, your soul
Let's rest here, right here
Tell me more
My lips are sealed, I swear
Only you have the power
To unlock my lips
To unlock my mind
You amaze me
You are a maze to me
I simply can not figure you out
I don't get it
I don't get you
But I still love this
I really, really do
It's casual
Perhaps not quite so mutual
But so what!
I'm happy, you're happy
We're not hurting anyone
(No one important anyway)
We try and we succeed
Well, I'd consider this a success
But that's just me
You're so ******* beautiful
I love your lips
I love your lips so much
Let's just stay here
I love here so much
Spending time with you
Spending time outside
If only we could run
Then we'd be okay
We'd both be okay
But I guess for now we shall survive
And survival is key
Let's just let go
I guess I do like you
But I know that I must love you
As a friend, above all
Only I adore your passionate lips
I mean come on
I really want you
We really need to figure this out
I need to figure you out
I will figure you out...
Yeah man alright alright

Just found this in my drafts... I was definitely drunk when I wrote it.
 Sep 2015 leonardo
Thomas EG
You are... Vinegar
Rather strong, for some
Not always in a good way
But I like you
I mean, I'm salt
I know that too much of me
Is just no good
But you and I, together
Oh, we are the dream team
For some, anyway
I wouldn't call us a cup of tea
In front of some friends
But I know that I love us
And maybe I don't want you
Every single time
But I will always come back
Because I need you
And we do make a good team
In the end
Another one from my drafts
I don't love it, but I may as well post it
 Sep 2015 leonardo
Thomas EG
 Sep 2015 leonardo
Thomas EG
And after all you've gone through
To obtain respect from your roots
You must tell your younger branches
That this is just the way it is...

You have to mislead the youth
And continue to hide the truth
For you cannot blossom just yet
You need to wait for the sun to set

Now now, empty your watering can
Do not nourish the flowers' minds
Thoughts of drowning scare the man
So you should let them droop behind

And when they ask you why
The tree's vocal chords have changed
You will lie to their green eyes
And say *"it is only a nickname."
(Family tree)
 Sep 2015 leonardo
Thomas EG
The poems that I used to scribble
Were fickle, were fictional
I had no raw words to write
Until I fell in love with you

Until I fell in love with your dimples
Including the ones on your back
Until I fell in love with your heart
And how you fell in love with me

Your brown eyes
Your hands poking out
Of my oversized hoody
And your hand in my hand

Your small *******
How they felt in my hands
And in my mouth
How I felt when your ******* went hard

The way you felt in my mouth
When we would kiss each other
And our lips would not fully meet
But our tongues would still play

I would bite your sensitive lip
And you'd give out to me
Until I would kiss it better again
And you would kiss my neck

And my chest
And my stomach
And all over my thighs
Oh, how we teased each other

We would share our mints
Through kisses
We'd sent ***** texts
***** pictures

We were only fifteen
We had a lot of ***
And now I'm seventeen
And you are my ex

And I don't miss you
But I wonder about you
I wonder about your dad
I wonder about your wrists

I wonder about your lungs
I wonder about your music
I wonder about whether
You wonder about me or not

I feel your stare burning me
More often than not
But my anxiety forbids me
From checking if it is true

Your laugh is ******* adorable
But your muttering makes me want to
Throw a table at your face
Leaving it as raw as this poem
Eight months together, twenty months apart.
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