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Apr 2019 · 130
Your Face
TS Apr 2019
A smile that lights up any room
Eyes that see through with burning desire
Touch that melts thoughts on contact
They hide a world full of deceit and pain
So use your powers wisely as you hold your own twisted fate
When the right person becomes the wrong person.
Apr 2019 · 469
TS Apr 2019
Relentless thoughts of emotion and self hate

Product of years of constant deception

I love you, an over used expression

Never truly meant but often spoken

Actions that follow the phrase

Are truly what matters but are often led astray

Effortless feelings destroyed by selfish ways

Forever sounds great until that last day.
Apr 2019 · 2.0k
TS Apr 2019
You wanted freedom and now you have it
As I sit here and wonder what happened?
Our love so deep it held us together
Until the time came that we had to ask
Are we better?
Are you happy?
I hope you’re happy.
Going through a divorce, we thought we found our soulmate and something changed. I guess that’s life.
Nov 2017 · 338
TS Nov 2017
You talk about wanting to be successful,
but your actions are only regretful.
Empty the contents of your bottle,
just to still be there tomorrow.
Just wake up early to achieve,
even though you truly don't believe,
that you can be successful,
put your head down and be grateful.

An excuse is what you all use,
instead of changing your world views.
Become what you want,
by believing you are enough.
In the words of a great man,
think and grow rich you can.
Apr 2017 · 1.5k
TS Apr 2017
Finding yourself in life is an amazing feat. Not all people find themselves in their early twenties, most go to the grave without finding themselves. It is a disgusting reaction of hatred, jealousy, and arrogance that people show when you find yourself. To think that I am the happiest I can be and yet society continues to tell me what's wrong with me. What's wrong with me is YOU.
Apr 2017 · 742
A healthy burden
TS Apr 2017
To be healthy and care free is a burden to most folk, but to some being healthy and able to achieve and live is but life's greatest gift. Struggles come and go, but declining health at a young age is a sad ultimatum. Through this strength is found, but pain is always around.
Mar 2017 · 647
TS Mar 2017
I stay humble, I work hard, I don't complain.
I do my absolute best. I take the worse and give people the best. Even when I haven't slept I'm happy to do anything for anyone. Then it happens. I'm forgotten, alone to be used by any and all. I want to be a common thought, something that happens right away, at what cost do I have to give to receive it? I've followed my own path but have picked up so many strays that do not replenish what they use. I am forgotten forever to be abused.
Mar 2017 · 518
TS Mar 2017
Life's greatest gift,
Is not one of physical nature.
But one that touches you deeper.
Deeper then you ever thought was possible.
Life's greatest gift makes people do strange things.
But it also makes us feel a way that isn't matched by any other force in the universe. What's life's greatest gift to you?
Mar 2017 · 342
TS Mar 2017
Today is but a day, for yesterday was a day, as tomorrow is another day, so what for today?
Today is now, in the moment.
Today is in real time, no wondering, and no remembering.
It is happening as you read this.
So today is not life, nor death, but it is everything you think it can be, or it is but just another day, we call today.
Mar 2017 · 504
TS Mar 2017
It's the coward way out, it's a mind set. It's not that we aren't strong it's everything around us has come against us. The light in our eyes and heart has faded into a small glimmer from time to time. A once smiling, giggling, worry free kid is now frowned upon for thoughts that aren't "normal". It's not normal because the situation doesn't happen to all of us, that does not make sense. We are all snowflakes made the same but so very different, we acknowledge that we don't look the same, why can't we acknowledge we all do not think the same.
Equality for all humans and animals alike. We are the world.
Jan 2017 · 839
New Year
TS Jan 2017
It's a new year a new me,
Is not what I believe,
It's a new day it's a new me,
Is what I strive to achieve!
Dec 2016 · 436
TS Dec 2016
she clutches my aRm making the skin turn white, there's fire in hEr eyes she's yelling, i can't help but stAre like i just been stabbed the helpless Look in my eye, what is she saying, the sound comes back she's In tears now, asking Why? Why? Why? The answer is but, merelY one simple word that we often forget.
Dec 2016 · 272
Forever Loved
TS Dec 2016
I did not see her eyes,
I felt them,
My Heart dropped,
Like a free falling bullet,
I'm hit,
I'm in love.
Forever wounded,
Forever loved.

— The End —