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Dec 2014 · 19.3k
me truck
me truck
me truck is where i get my luck
good luck, bad luck, nice luck
me truck stunk like a skunk
that seems like bad luck
but it was the good skunk
the wan that gets u bunked

me cat has a bad case of lice
no more chasing ***** mice
the stupid thing only eats rice
the ganga it smokes is so nice
it somkes great out of me pipe

my truck makes me lots of money
me honey likes me money
me brain aint very funny
i also aint a big smarty
so me truck is me only option
i like it, its so very nice
almost as good as mariwawa
otherwise known as de ganga
good bye
tank u truck
for me money and me food
to feed me fam
and me ganga addiction
Dec 2014 · 2.4k
christmas for a reggae mon
ere body ere where
christmas lights erewhere
but for a reggae mon like me,
not a care in de world

erey body watchin Christmas movies
me in de basement smokin doobies
erey yungin mailin santas ouse
de only ting we want from santa
is a sled full of jamacan ganga
trees in ere bodys windows
me smoke me tree for christmas
no fancy decoration required
me gettin tired of christmas already
me just guna smoke till me lungs feel heavy

ereybody wants it to snow
me hopin for some good smoke
de christmas spirit is in de air
me listenin to reggae comin me hair
dis is christmas for a reggae mon
just a quick little rant not much though put in, tank u to all me followers
me guna be putin out some fine quality work soon me ave notin else to do dis time of year. haha, a reggae mon at christmas
Dec 2014 · 856
why is it red
why is my car red
i think to my self in bed
i cant get the thought out of my head
why is my car red

why is the pipe so light
who designed it this way
a million dollars i would pay
for a pipe that is not so light

why is the ganga so sticky
smoking it makes me feel nifty
i cant wait untill i turn fifty
because i like boxes
and when im fifty il be able to afford so many boxes
oops that line was too long
Dec 2014 · 1.7k
me turd dick
me **** **** is soo big
me rasta ****
me love chick peas
rasta blasta
Dec 2014 · 730
the stick
why did i lick the stick
sometimes i act like a *****
da stick was covered in ****
i should die in a pit
i just ate some fukin deek
oo want da regge stick
yes, you can **** in the pit
dont spit your avocado pit
even though its covered in ****
put the letter in the slit
before you send it give it a lick
nick, what are you doing here
im writing a poem leave me alone
go play your stupid trombone
Dec 2014 · 2.8k
de bud me found on de ground
de bud me found on de ground
twas as strong as smokin a pound
after me smoked it me rosted a hound
wait not a hound, it was a  pizza
me called up me friend shakisha
me asked if she as some good reefa

but why, why must my bike rust
de andlebars is about to bust
ow me guna catch de bus
me ave to bust me piggy bank
me crying, me loved me piggy bank
me drank me a bottle of coke
me accidentally drank a bottle of soap
me trow up and den shakisha show up
me say me drank me some soap
she say me love soap

Dec 2014 · 2.3k
I believe nothing happens by mistake. You know, the universe has a divine plan. dats why i take dumps in da reggae forest and use it fo da compost for me ganga plantation. top quality.
Dec 2014 · 705
not a poem
just a tip for all ja reefers our dere
great to smoke and **** to on a beautiful day on de island
just a little love from ya reggae uncle from another parent
from de island
who knows
who rows
a boat
is in my throat
i think its a boat
il just use the best medication around
oo is makin dat sound???????????
o wait, me just high as de sky
my could fly to Janice meri's ouse
but me wont because me to lazy
relax, it aint halifax
its remax
max get out of here mon
and take your stupid wax candle
me dont like wax candles
dis be a big scandle?
no mon its just me, raldal
sorry randal
dis tin look like a guitar
Dec 2014 · 7.9k
old smell
i found a bag of dog **** in an old winter coat
and remembered that it belonged to me
i mushed it in my fingers and remembered the food i had
it was brown like the ground

this **** hadn't been seen in years
it made me want to play some hoops
i call up my homie snoop
he said one sec im taking a ****
i say...
how ironic
Dec 2014 · 2.6k
me walls
oo put dis paintin on me walls
me gona find out eider way
me gona drive to niagra falls
to find out who ruined me walls

rip bing bing pop, ****** come in on line 1
no not extension 1, line 1, no wonder they call u

ey ***** me say to me wife
dis be yor stupid paintin,
no steve it aint (read double life)
******* dis be ugly anyways
sorry steve, shush *****,
u no i turned reggae
me name aint steve anymor
call me steve one more time
and il shove a lawnmor up ur ***,
its reggae mon not steve  

rip bing bing pop, ****** come in on line 1
no not extension 1, line 1, no wonder they call u

johny johny, "yes papa"?
did u put dis tin on me walls?
"no papa", telling alie?
"no papa", close your eyes
smack! dont put any tin
on me walls *******!
sorry papa it wasn't me
shut up, smoke a splif *******

rip bing bing pop, ****** come in on line 1
no not extension 1, line 1, no wonder they call u

hoo could ave put dis ting on me walls?
maby is me smoke me a splif
me will remember if me did it or not
but me out of rolling papers
and me left me ganga in me rig

rip bing bing pop, ****** come in on line 1
no not extension 1, line 1, no wonder they call u

me left me rig at me work
me boss dont no ow to twerk
me boss tink she no ow to twerk
no wan wants to break da news
me just a shy island boy
still confused bout de paintin

rip bing bing pop, ****** come in on line 1
no not extension 1, line 1, no wonder they call u

love reggae
love ganga
love art
love poetry
reggae love ganga trucker family
Dec 2014 · 7.2k
me didnt no
bout tree years ago
me planted me seed in me wife
me wife looked like a a tird babylon
had grown on er tomach
bout a year ago
she **** out a rastafarian mon
and de babylon disapeared
me say me tink es ugly
how should me give em away
me tink me give em back to jah
me gona leave im in da cah
and bake em like da ganga
ee almost went back to jah
me wife say wat was u tinkin
me say me didnt no
she say how me be so dum
me say me smoke a ton
she say ow much is dat
me say it be alot
she say ow much is alot
"like, dis much"
(me old out me hands to show)
Dec 2014 · 11.1k
imagine five undred tousand tampons
imagine ow much moisture dey would absorb
imagine all de bajinas, imagine the smell they would make.
i love me ganga, it makes me imagine
Dec 2014 · 5.7k
Double life
me wish me wasnt a trucker
me wish me had 5 foot dreads
me ave to act like a trucker
and pucker me lips for me wife
me wish me was on de island
where all de noises is silent
we wish me could dig for diamonds
and smoke all de ganga me wish
and eat dead fish of de road
be broke like a true reggae mon
me wish me was never born
because me never gona be a reggae boy
me hart is as torn as me cloth.
me want to love a reggae woman
and implant me reggae seed.
and grow me some reggae children
and show dem da way of de ganga
me wish.
love reggae.
Dec 2014 · 6.7k
me lungs aint pure wit out ganga
me mind aint pure wit out rasta
who be in my basement?
da rasta mon who stole me bank statement.
why he steal me bank statement
only jah will know.
me tird leg ain pure wit out soap
me arm peets aint pure wit out soap
soap is da purest
jah supply us wit soap
tank u jah
we like da soap u supply
we do not deny
here id de reggae household
Nov 2014 · 862
my deepest anguish
why must my mind float,
float so far in to the ocean,
on a boat,
a boat made of strong roach,
growing thoughts
in me brain compartment
that have no rational
like the socks department
of Walmart next to the Starbucks
on exit 15 on the i95
looking back on the poem
that i wrote as high as Ben Bowen
i feel a sensation
that me reputation
is less than Croatian asians
i must say
i would appolagise
all day
if i had the chance
i love you
my followers
live my dream
a very large expanse of sea, in particular, each of the main areas into which the sea is divided geographically.
Nov 2014 · 832
Kwabena Itri Dibra
stick it up your *** *****
Kwabena Itri Dibra keeps
the room warm, I get the
watch fixed. she always
used to say "キャロルはこ
とがない" which translates
to Carol has never waited
for Treva's reply. What
an *******.Those plumbers
grant him his wish, Reggae
******* shouted last night
******* didn't cook next to
the police station. i need
reggae. reggae is a life style
This is kim's large dish.
This isn't my analy *******
****'s mediocre pencil.
please, pass the spiff mon
Nov 2014 · 1.9k
me turd leg
takin the load down the dirt road,
thinkin about the reggae girl me once loved,
boy did i like the way she rubbed,
i notice me rasta themed pants had a little bump,
me third leg was feelin a little stiff,
i decided to light me a little splif,
me started to rub thee bumb in me pant,
no way i was bout to stop, no way, no chance,
i feel a sensation, me son is Croatian,
me lost control of me rig and next ting ya kno,
me in the ditch wit at sticky hand,
me **** leg cost me 1900.00 annually in
insurance. me learned dat me dont
have much indurance. da lesson to be
learned is if your feeling an itch on ya
**** leg, pullover because if ya dont
you be broke as a reggae boy lost at sea

— The End —