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 Nov 2019 T R S
No one
It's been a while, hasn't it?

I sometimes wonder
If you remember me at all,
Beneath your stressful days
And endless nights.

Do you remember me?

I have hidden here,
Just for you.

Because I am you.

You are not the girl I used to know,
Not the one you used to be.
But that's okay,
I have changed too.

Have we both grown by leaps and bounds?

I wish you all the best,
But please
I beg of you.

Do not forsake me.
Has time truly healed all wounds?
 Oct 2019 T R S
 Oct 2019 T R S
rare quiet inside
peace brought by flickering flames
writing by their heat
 Oct 2019 T R S
 Oct 2019 T R S
You stare me up and down and
send sweet smiles my way.
You whisper in my ear
how you think about me all day.

You grab me from behind then
tug on my hair too,
give me kisses on my neck then
take me home with you.

I need you to touch me
now undress me nice and slow.
Slip my ******* right off and
get me ready to go.

Lie me down on your bed
spread my legs open wide,
slide your fingers right in
then bury your head between my thighs.
 Sep 2019 T R S
At first glance, I had already known what I wanted. My first look into your dull, wide-set brown eyes. I felt something I had never felt before, desire. The instant urge to be around you, giving only knowing you for nearly 60 seconds, was almost irresistible. After that night I never saw you again. Needless to say, I knew that was going to happen. Texts and calls didn't fulfill my constant cravings of you. Unfortunately, texts and calls are the only contacts we get to have. And for the meantime, it's going to have to work.
1/3 part series about my journey of me falling in love after years of being in an abyss. I hope you enjoy these, I'm genuinely putting my heart into it.
 Jul 2019 T R S
zelda rangel
mother, i'll be home—
am i going to make it
with blood dripping down?

do witches fall in love at witching hour?

song: baby don't cut (acoustic) - bmike
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