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Trisha Gullo Apr 2019
the moment
i started breathing
everything was about you
you were my oxygen

your touch is electrifying my body
radiating upon the layers of my skin
sending tingles in my nerves
making my palms sweat
but also shattering and shocking me in every way but it hurts

i am so desperate to love and be loved
but i wonder why
i am here
lying in a cold empty ground
feeling numb
Trisha Gullo Apr 2019
the air breathes
upon my fingertips
waiting for it
to be held

the sea watches me
as if it wanted
to wrap its waves
around my body

I looked down
the eartch ready
to swallow and
absorb me

I staggered consciously
I’ve been floating
I’ve been drowning
I’ve been falling

But I percieved
It was only the
blue sky that loved me

It’s slowly drifting away
turning into gray
until its gone
and its too late

If only I was there for you, Mom

— The End —