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1.6k · Dec 2013
Luhan Xi
Cute, talented, romantic, adorable
I am one of his biggest fans
He loves his girl fans, loves singing, loves horror films
Afraid of losing exo and losing his one and only girl
He wants to lean on Sehun’s shoulder
Resident of my mind and heart
A persona poem.
1.3k · Dec 2013
Series of Lies
I wish I were not so genius
It’s hard for me to talk to jerks
I’m tired of teaching teachers
One time I answered my teacher’s question,
She died
When I’m wrong I’ll know it
Since all my grades in card are 100
1.1k · Dec 2013
I am
I am self-reliant and optimistic
I wonder if I can travel through the clouds
I hear the whisper of the cold air
I see things I don’t wanna see
I want to meet people I look up to
I am self-reliant and optimistic

I pretend that I’m a happy person
I feel like I’m walking on the moon
I touch all our midnight memories
I worry ‘cause I might get used to it
I cry because I've been strong for too long
I am self-reliant and optimistic

I understand the truest sense of perfection
I say that I’m perfect in an imperfect way
I dream about being queen
I try hard to be pretty
I hope these feelings get better
I am self-reliant and optimistic
1.0k · Dec 2013
Lovable and supportive
Caring, willing, alarming
Companion and inspiration, important and gentle
Amazing, fulfilling, amusing
Dauntless and protective
A diamante poem.
609 · Dec 2013
sultry, calm
dazzling, shimmering, guiding
where the birds are freely flying
A cinquain poem.
every day i pay for my mistakes
every day i feel my heartaches
if only i could turn back the time
i will follow the sign

im tired of being fooled
i was once ruled
but i didn't listen
now im bitten

eaten by my conscience
causing me so much tense
causing me so much pain
now i has nothing to gain

i should've think first
but we all have thirst
im a product of a sad past,
a prisoner, when will it last?

every day i pay for my mistakes
every day i feel my heartaches
till one morning i woke up paid
and my heartaches faded

i looked up to the sky
smiled and sigh
it is more than just a day
thank You, that's all i can say
528 · Dec 2013
After my vacation
I miss the sun glow
    coming from the window of my room
I miss enjoying the breeze
    that saves me from a painful doom
I miss those nights
    when I'm fascinated by the stars
I miss riding on my bike
    and be passed by the cars
I miss those mornings
    that I don't have to worry
I miss not plaguing my life by works
    but just think of a never ending story
A poem about my sembreak.
397 · Dec 2013
Nobody's there
I cheer them up when they’re sad
I give solace during times of sorrow
They can count on me through triumphs and defeats
But when I’m needed of someone,
nobody’s there to be by my side.

I laugh at their jokes even they aren’t funny
I listen to their never ending stories
I celebrate with them through their successes
But when I’m needed of someone,
nobody’s there to be by my side.

Sometimes you have to let go what makes you sad
Or sometimes you don’t have to let go what makes you happy?
This friendship is just like the wind – just passes me by
Because when I’m needed of someone,
nobody’s there to be by my side.
Final poem.
282 · Dec 2013
A pieces of writings
Expression of ideas and feelings
There lies a lot of findings
Deep within its meanings

Derived from the fine of our imagination
We make poems, our own creation
If it’s made by hope and inspiration
It deserves a remarkable attention

— The End —