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And art
Passion flowers
Fierce surrender
Holding on tight
Taking hold of the darkening night
Turning Twisting
On a friend's vacant bed
Kalidiscope colors
Exploding into sound

Peaceful sleep
Entangled in arms sweet embrace

Memorable nights
in life
in memory
are played out
more than twice

from time to time
through out one's life.
You have left so suddenly and now
I can hardly bring myself to move.
All I can do is stare at your photographs
with tears in my eyes,
trying to imagine you are beside me,
a vision I cannot make myself have.
I fear that if I take my eyes off of your beloved face
for too long I will forget what made you so beautiful to me,
and if I go too long without speaking to you
I will forget how your voice and your well-spoken words
made me fall in love with you.
But for now this doesn't seem to be the problem,
for I remember all too well.
I fell in love with his mind
Even though it was not romantic
But rather raw and unforgiving
There was nothing sweet in his eyes
Or in the way he looked at me
They weren't filled with honey
But with something rather deep
That kind of resembled whiskey
I could never decide
If it was god on his lips
Or the devil in his smile
I just know I craved it
His fingertips across my skin
His lips against my neck
And the heart shaped bruises
He left there
Were almost a toxic combination
Like raging fire
Only non consuming

But rather devouring
lord have mercy
on my free and easy ways

I'm going to go with the flow
where ever it takes me,
When I find the music inside
I'm gonna dance

lord have mercy
on my free and easy ways

You know my words
they sometimes sting
I never mean to do you any harm
when the music moves me
I'm going to sing

lord have mercy
on my free and easy ways

I know sometimes
I'm gonna get used
I'm going to make you happy
if I can
I get down on my knees
lord have mercy
on my free and easy ways

Sometimes a boy
he's gotta
be free
people are going to be
what they gotta be
I'm a lover
not a fighter

lord have mercy
on my free and easy ways.
Inspired by the band The Head and The Heart, the song: "Down in the Valley"
The line:
"Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways", 2010.
She was only a child, the summer of '15
she had the world on a string, her heart
so enclosed in a boys hands, she could never
touch it.
She had dreams, flailing around at the seams,
when it was time to follow a new endeavor
her string seemed to tear, along the middle.

She had insecurities, tall enough to
reach out and choke her dead.
She had no idea,
her heart would have scurried at the first
sight of lust,
and forget the first
one she had.

She had insecurities, enough to crack her
porcelain skin.
She showed them off, like a new
depressing outfit, like a filthy rag.
But when she did, you told her,
"You're a *****".

She had insecurities, enough to **** you off.
Luckily, enough to **** her off too.

My insecurities aren't something
to determine my charisma by,
try again.
I've lost my mind,
when I awoke
It wasn't there to find.

The last time I used it,
We were playing
"tenuous tides"
Move in
Move out
We couldn't decide.

I've looked for it
under the couch,
behind the stove,
out in the shed,
in the cat's bowl,
I even looked in all the drawers
where we used to store
the important scores.

I went down the block
putting up
on every telephone pole.

Now I sit on this porch,
waiting patiently
for my phone to sing,
watching hummingbirds
******* or fighting
hard to figure out

waiting and waiting
for my mind
on its little
to come down the lane,
running on home
it comes in waves
more so than any
thing i've put in my system

a brutal break
terrible kick
incapacitated by addiction

time went by
fooling myself
you went your way i went mine

but life don't let
you off so easy
fighting that tingle in the spine

counting down
pending relapse
thought myself further than i am

i'll avoid meeting
end hiatus greetings
but i'm only humbly a man

stronger now than ever
mind and soul
in confidences i now stand

you'll float on in
just like i've dreamt
but it's me who'll have the upper hand
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