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Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Who cares?
Trisha Aug 2014
"I'm afraid of the dark. There's no one to guide me anymore"

"I think it's time you should be your own guardian, because in this wonderful world, my friend, no one cares. No one will ever care either. You should be independent. You must learn to survive, independently. The world is a deep sea, full of sharks. If you don't survive, you're not given a second chance. Because in the end, no one ever cares, my friend. No one cares."
My own saying, original **
Jun 2014 · 778
Trisha Jun 2014
You make me smile,
    like the sun.

You make me forget;
   all my worries.

You make me love;
   you even more everyday.

You taught me how;
  to live every moment.

You are the reason;
  behind me being happy.

You make me skip;  
  a heart beat.

Oh, you make me smile.
That's a poem I found on tumblr, relatable shizz. :) **
Jun 2014 · 976
Trisha Jun 2014

Please go through these. It's wonderful, you won't regret.
Lyrical Inspirations.
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Trisha Jun 2014
"It was rather beautiful;
The way she put her insecurities to sleep,
And the way he dove into her eyes and starved
All the fears and tasted all the dreams,
She kept beneath her bones."
This quote is beautiful ansjajakallal;
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Trisha Jun 2014
She was as delicate,
as a flower.

                                   But with time, all her beautiful petals,
                                   had fallen off because of her sadness.

He left, her bestfriend left,
All her leaves, weren't green,

                                  She broke a little inside;
                                  Slowly, with time,
                                  The delicate, beautiful,
                                  flower, died.

She was Orphic.
May 2014 · 1.1k
The day has come
Trisha May 2014
In that moment, everything seemed so perfect,
Things were in place, like never before,
All the people were invited, and everything was set,
After all this, I couldn't have asked for more.

I've dreamt of this day, since I was little child,
The day I'll leave my parents, the day I'll be a,
Wife and soon a mother, being a daughter side by side,
I was excited but scared at the same time, you see.

It is a special day, a very special day of my life,
I would always want it to be perfect, just the way I want,  
They said, at first, for a few days, it's going to be tough,
But I was ready, I thought, I was, finally.

He was standing on the other side,
I walked through the aisle, with my father,
It felt like a dream, well it wasn't, or maybe it was,
Rose petals, and flowers everywhere, it felt perfect.

".....and now the groom may kiss the bride."
That day, was unforgettable, and ofcourse,
It was the best and perfect kiss ever,
It was exactly like I dreamt of, exactly.

I couldn't thank my mum and dad enough,
For making this day so special, so very special,
And ofcourse my beloved husband, who's promised,
To never leave me, I did too, forever.

My wedding day.
It couldn't have been better,
I couldn't have asked for more.
May 2014 · 984
Trisha May 2014
I realised that, you weren't the one who wrecked me,
Or detroyed me, or ruined me, or broke me.
I destroyed myself,
by loving you.
I know that I don't own you,
all I do is attract lost souls.
All the pain is hidden,
some under my long sleeves,
some under my baggy sweatshirts,
behind bloodshot eyes,
and inside my heart.
Broken petals fall from flowers,
in the same way as tears fall from,
I probably wasn't able,
to make a little place for,
myself inside your heart.
I hate the nights when I miss you,
when I feel so hollow inside,
I feel so empty and out of place,
My mind wanders to the unknown,
and returns with just sadness,
I hate counting the tears that rush,
down my cheeks and collect upon my pillow,
The only thing to comfort me is,
The only thing I am surrounded by is,
You were my cup of tea,
But now I just drink coffee.
And now I am just engaged in a,
Meh. Random stuff.
May 2014 · 1.0k
Trisha May 2014
The rain taps
on my window.

                             It asks me
                             if it can
                             sing in my ear.

Until I
fell asleep.

                                                               ­           I wish the rain,
                                                                ­          was you.
Not my own, found this on tumblr, thought of sharing because it is wonderful!
May 2014 · 957
Trisha May 2014
I just feel so alone,
and it's not that I need someone,
well, it is
but not someone certain,
just someone who will,
give me that love,
I crave,
But I haven't been loved,
for a very long time,
and I realize that I now,
I have shut everybody out,
until there was nobody left,
to love me,
I know now, that I am a human.
that I, too, need a lovers touch,
and kind words,
that I am no different,
that I crave affection.

I don't like being human,
I don't like destroying myself,
I don't know why.
Tumblr inspiration.
May 2014 · 1.5k
Trisha May 2014
you say that
I ain't fat
but the mirror says differently

you say that
I am lovely
but my mind says differently

you say that
I am beautiful
but the depression says differently

My biggest fear is that
eventually you will
see me the way I
see myself.
Tumblr inspiration.
May 2014 · 1.1k
May 2014 · 2.0k
May 2014 · 1.6k
Trisha May 2014
she wrote lonely
on her body
because that's what she was

she wrote ugly
on the mirror
because that's what she saw

she wrote broken
on her heart
because she was hurt

but in the end she was a human
drunk on the idea that love
only love
could heal her
Tumblr Inspiration.
Apr 2014 · 1.7k
Trisha Apr 2014
from strangers to friends
from friends to good friends
from good friends to best friends
from best friends,
they started liking each other
they got along very well
they got bored of each other
he started ignoring her
and they fell apart
back to being strangers again
somehow got the thing from Tumblr, but it's true hahah.
Apr 2014 · 758
Trisha Apr 2014
Unfulfilled dreams
lost without at trace
crying all day
tired of faking
both a smile
and happiness
humiliated by
everyone everywhere
she loses all hope
sits on the window pane
cries her heart out
she feels helpless
finds no reason to live
grabs a knife
cuts her wrist
red all over
her last tear drop
last red
she thought all her
pain and sorrow
is all gone
but there was no one
to call her beautiful
every morning
no one to make her
feel special and happy

**Dont cut people, your skin is not paper, you're beautiful. Trust me, you are
I don't know.
Apr 2014 · 15.7k
Trisha Apr 2014

-Because I got called a ***** for wearing a short plaid skirt when I was 10

-and because when Nujood Ali from Yemen was 10 she got divorced

-Because black girls’ names became my classmates’ favorite “joke” when I was 11

-and because when an 11-year-old girl in Texas was ***** by 18 men the New York Times wrote of how the girl “dressed older than her age”

-Because I started counting calories when I was 14

-and because when Malala Yousafzai was 14 she was shot in the head for trying to go to school

-Because I heard a boy greet a girl with “hey ****” today at age 16
-and because when a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio was filmed being ***** by two boys at a party while unconscious the CNN reporters talked about how tragic it was because the rapists had such bright futures as athletes

-Because I will have to watch my drink at all bars and parties when I am 22

-and because when CeCe McDonald was 22 she was sentenced to 41 months in prison for defending herself against a man who screamed transphobic, racist insults at her and then slashed her face with a bottle

-Because no matter what age I am the biggest threat to men will still be heart disease, and the biggest threat to women will still be men.

-Because it is not just about me, because it is not just about anger, because it is not just a JOKE, because it is not just about “hating men,” because it is not just about girls with vaginas, because it is not just about ending “****”, because it is not just about white straight girls in Rookie magazine, because it is not just about writing on backs, because it is not just about the fact that gay men are “****” but lesbians are “hot,” because it is not just about pictures of thin white girls being the only google image results for the search phrase “beautiful women”, because it is not just about writing signs, because it is not just about what she was wearing or how many times she said yes before she changed her answer to no, because misogyny is not just about one thing and feminism is not just about one thing and it is not just “a trend” and it will not “happen” in just one way.

-And because yes. It is about equality for EVERYONE, but first and foremost it needs to be about equality for girls, because they are not treated equally to men, in every single sense, and you are not going to take feminism away from me and call me bossy/hostile/aggressive and make this about yourself or make it into a joke, because truth be told, I’m not joking and I’m tired of explaining. If you want to call yourself a feminist, you work hard to spread feminism, you do not turn this into a contest of whose struggle is greater and constantly demand to know what you can get out of feminism personally. Feminism is not just about you, or me, it is about everyone. If you’re male and you’re tired of men being stereotyped as hyper-masculine, soulless, sexist, inherent leader-tyrant creatures, then go out and prove the patriarchy wrong and fight for girls, like someone with a soul who believes in equality would. Then, yes, feminism will be about everyone.

- -
Again it is not a poem. I found this on Tumblr and I felt like sharing because it is wonderfully written.
Mar 2014 · 578
Society's Idea:
Trisha Mar 2014
You're a **** if you, wear a small dress,
Love the company of guys over girls.
You're a social reject, if you haven't yet had a boyfried,
And you're a ***** if you have five ex's.

That is the society's idea,
But we keep forgetting that,
The society is **Us
I don't have a blog but this is the way most people think and so I just had to put down my opinion too, not a poem though, but just my piece of opinion.
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
Trisha Mar 2014
I'm tired;
Of being sad,
Of being called bad,
Of being judged,
Of being scared.

I'm tired of being tired.

*Why can't people just be theirselves, instead of being the society's idea of perfect?
Random thought
Mar 2014 · 853
Mar 2014 · 921
What if?
Trisha Mar 2014
What if I die?
will anyone cry?
will you feel sad?
or will you say I was bad?
will you feel my pain?
or will you assume I was insane?

*I just wonder all the time
random wondering all the time yeah
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
S a d n e s s
Trisha Mar 2014
Faking happiness is an impossible task,
I was tired of wearing a mask,
faking a smile wasn't easy,
even if I feel sick and dizzy,
no one understood the pain I had,
or why was I always sad,
all they did was make fun,
and it's then when I thought I'm done,
unfulfilled dreams and a broken heart,
I thought I should've ended it from the start,
I burried all the pain deep inside my soul,
but yeah that's how I roll,
Crying all day and night,
and picking up a fight,
with almost everyone everyday,
I hope one day I'll be okay,
and lately I've been falling a little out of place,
thinking about my dreams lost without a trace,
Will they realize my importance when I'm dead,
Ahh my eyes were red and the pain in my head,
I didn't want to live like this anymore,
because the pain everyday was more,
heart full of pain and sorrow,
I wish there was a brighter day tomorrow,
Cutting or self harm was all I thought about,
but I always had some or the other doubt,
I've gone through a lot, seen a lot of things I wasn't supposed to see,
and the only person who ever knew was me,
the pain kills me,
I wanted someone to set me free,
A little love is what I need,
But no one ever paid heed,
the hurt, the pain,
was driving me insane,
If I ever truly showed you what's inside,
you'd say I should've died,
Instead of living like this,
no good food, no love, no goodnight kiss,
just tears, headaches, and lots of pain,
but I wanted to keep cool, that's what I told my brain,
Will this pain ever go away?
**Maybe tomorrow, but not today.
Just a little sad these days, going through a bad phase, so this poem.
Mar 2014 · 898
Trisha Mar 2014
It was spring time,
And she was my partner in crime.

No one knew why she left us,
Neither did we know where she was.

But one fine day it occured to me,
So I went everywhere she could be.

And finally I did find where she lived,
I hope she survived.

She lived somewhere on the hills,
Surrounded by lovely daffodils.

Just when I saw her I couldn't stop,
She was holding a mop.

I smiled, waited for her smile back,
She smiled too, and offered me some snack.

She asked me how I found,
Because she was astound.

She refused to come home,
We lived in Rome.

She said she didn't like that place,
I offered to stay back, just in case.

She said she'd loved me to stay,
I promised to make her smile everyday.

I finally said, I love you,
She said she loved me too.
Just random it's same like the previous ones the words and all but still
Mar 2014 · 983
Trisha Mar 2014
Love is knowing each other,
Love is going though good and bad times together,
Love is when you mean everything,
Love is when there is no cheating,
Love is when I love you the most,
Love is when we're really close,
Love is all about trust,
Love is when you're ready to adjust,
Love is not letting your feelings fade away,
Love is when he makes you smile everyday,
Love is staying together forever,
Love is....................whatever.
Love is you and me,
Love is when we always agree,
Love is Just You,
I hope you love me too.
Short love poem yeah
Mar 2014 · 992
Come back.
Trisha Mar 2014
I want you to come back,
Miss me like I miss you,
I wish everything falls in place,
Like it was earlier,
Those memories we've had,
Are the best ever,
I keep thinking about,
The days we were together,  
All the gifts you gave me,
The cute letters you wrote,
I want you by my side,
I miss the times we spent,
The long phone calls,
Exchanging cute smiles,
I want you to hold my hand,
Kiss my forehead,
And tell me you'll be there,
Forever and Always,
But I just keep hoping,
Even though I know,
We're never getting back.
I read a similar poem over the internet and so I gave it a try to write a similar one
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Trisha Mar 2014
Something kills me,
I wonder if it's pain,
Set me free,
So that I don't feel this again.

All I want,
Is not something more,
A little breeze,
And let the rain pour.

I stare at the sky,
See the birds fly,
It seems so high,
And wonder, why.

I tell myself not to cry,
But all I want to tell the world,
Is my last goodbye.
pain lonely goodbye

— The End —